Can it get better?! Great hike, good exercise, outstanding views in every direction, but of course the sight of the bluest of lakes from the highest point in the park is one you won’t forget. For my full trip report with video, photos and story, as well as links to other great hikes see my blog:

A dip in Crater Lake, some of the purist water on earth, is in my opinion a must do while at Crater Lake. The ‘Crater Lake Blue’ is something you won’t forget. For my full trip review including story, pics, and cliff jumping videos go to

October 2019

A pretty short hike but it leads you down to the water which is cool! I didn’t know they did boat tours until I got down there.

Mostly just a way to get down to the water. Cool if that is what you are trying to do.

I don't know if I would consider this a trail as much as a way to get from the ridge/road down to the waters edge and boat dock. This trail is the only way to get to the water for everyone. It is pretty easy going down, but coming back up is strenuous. It is all steep incline. I would totally recommended it though to go to the waters edge and take a dip, and if you are there in season, totally do the lake boat tour! So worth it!

Great trail, shaded in some parts but majority of it will be in the open. You will find the occasional tree to get some shade and rest. Hike is challenging but not crazy difficult. The view at the top is spectacular but it is very crowded and there is no place to really enjoy the view or grab a quick lunch with the crater lake view. Be sure to go on a moderately sunny day!

short hike, but still challenging! Steady downhill (then back uphill) the full trail. Small cliff at the bottom... if you're feeling up to it and the weather is nice enough, it is a fun leap to take :)

Not a long hike but a good one. It’s no joke though-the down hill assent is hard on the knees so not for those with bad knees or canes. The uphill while steep isn’t too bad once your about half way up again. We did it with 6 kids all 11 and under so it’s doable.

Steep but pay you back with the awesome view down to the water

Ring your suit for a quick little dip

Great views of The Pinnacles from a very short and level trail.

Perfect grade trail and perhaps enough to deter the weekend warriors? Crater lake describes it as ‘difficult’ but everything in life is relative. Great views and a wee bit of a workout to boot!

Can’t imagine how much traffic it sees in summer?! Bring a rod: no license, no limits and a ton of fish! Trail is stiff, but consistent and well groomed.

6 months ago

Great trail, steep during majority of trail along Mount Scott. Hiked around 7a and arrived on the top about 9a, plenty of panoramic views from Klamath, Crater Lake and to Diamond Lake.

Recommended highly, good trail, easy going 2 mile up to get just shy of 9 grand. Loved it!

This was a very easy nice walk in the forest. We walked to the PCT and to Dutton Creek trail and campground. There were dead trees everywhere. I wouldn't hike here during a strong wind.

Not much of a hike at all, just takes you out to a view point to see the pinnacles which are super cool. We almost didn’t go down the road after we saw the falls up the road, but we are so glad we did.

Can’t beat the reward at the bottom! Just as others have said, easy down, tough up.

Short hike to get down to the lake. Ate lunch on the rocks and took a quick swim, but the water was really cold and the waves were a bit rough from the wind. The lake was beautiful and so blue! Steep going back up, but it was pretty short and didn’t take us more than 30 minutes to get back up.

Short hike, gentle elevation gain and great reward at the peak!

Great views. Crowded. Easy to follow.

Tough up hill hike but so worth the struggle!!!

Fun little side trip, easy effort down, not so easy up.

6 months ago

Absolutely breathtaking. The walk down was fine. It was beautiful and quick. The walk back up...not so much. I thought I was in decent cardio shape, but I was wrong. It’s steep and strenuous. But honestly the views were amazing and now I can say I was inside of a volcano.

Love this trail! Bring a swimsuit for a dip at the end. You can wade in if cliff jumping isn’t your thing. If you’re older like us you might enjoy trekking poles to avoid sliding on scree on the way down. The climb up is not difficult if you hike quite a bit.

Just do came all the way out here! The hike is as many state: east down slightly difficult up. We’re 35+ in fairly good shape, didn’t have to stop on the way up but had to pace ourselves a bit. The views are stunning, fun scene toward the bottom and at the end. The chippies will crawl in your bag for snacks, and the water is chilly but refreshing. Bring your bathing suit because the rock jump is super fun!

I hiked this trail last September (2018). Loved it! Started at Grouse hill and hiked along the rim to Lightning Springs to camp with a stop at Watchman Tower. Hiked from Lightning Springs back to the Rim to Rim Village, then took Dutton Creek to the PCT and hiked back up to Grouse Hill. Saw elk and deer. Saw bear and cougar tracks, but didn’t see any actual bears nor cougars. Total of 40 miles after all the side trails and wanderings I did.

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