The park and campground are dominated by Humbug Mountain (elevation 1,756 feet) and surrounded by forested hills. The campground enjoys some of the warmest weather on the Oregon coast as the surrounding mountains offer protection from cool ocean breezes. Many visitors enjoy windsurfing and scuba diving. Hiking to the top of Humbug Mountain is a major activity.

Beautiful scenery all the way up the mountain.

A small but beautiful beach that is connected to the campgrounds located at the park. It has a fresh water stream running into it with rock cliffs on the north and south edges of the beach.

Nice hike! Bring your trekking poles and water. It's a little more challenging than you would think. There are a few benches on the trail. I would recommend the East Trail up and the West down due to the grading.

This is a fun trail! It is definitely a climb.

Some pretty views of the coast.

Some pretty views of the coast.

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3 months ago

The trees, lower vegetation, running water, and steep inclines on either side of the trail are great on the way up. The summit is a bummer honestly, but just before it, you get some nice views through some openings in the trees.

Beautiful trail! Great views throughout the hike - the ocean and forest peek through the trees. There's not much to see at the summit, but it's still worth it. I would recommend going the west side at the fork for the best views.

4 months ago

Great moderate trail. The elevation gain made it a great workout, especially with my multi-day pack on. I took the west loop up around to the east side down. There were a few trees in the middle of the trail, but they're easy to navigate over. There was a bench on both sides, which made it nice to sit for a minute. Great scenery! Luscious landscape! I love the southern Oregon coast trails! Very rugged, lots to see!

Beautiful hike!

Good trail. Well maintained and a few pretty ocean views. There are a few spots with downed trees blocking the trail, so you have to do a bit of a muddy scramble. The view at the top wasn't much of a view, but it was nice to lay in the grass and rest a bit before the descent.

Great hike anytime of year . Lots of uphill lots of views ..awesome forests and cool little creeks ..suggest the east summit route ,get more uphill ,can then continue on to the west view and back dwn for a nice little loop ..go check it out !!

10 months ago

If you're not use to doing hills this isn't the hike for you. If you enjoy seeing beautiful panoramic views of the PNW this hike isn't for you. There are less than a handful of anything close to a view on this one. I have been driving by here for a few years now and the road around it is beautiful so it was in today's plans along with a couple more shorter hikes. It's a nice hike with a nice long hill for some exercise but overall for one of the highest mountains on the Oregon coastline I was disappointed. It definitely seems that the first mile is the steepest part. I've probably done 20 hikes from Prairie Creek Redwoods to Humbug that are far better. I have a couple of friends that want to do this one and if we do it'll be the last time for me.....#278

Great little beach in the shadow of Humbug.