Guy Webster Talbot and his family used this property as a summer estate until 1929 when they donated it to the state. Today, it's a beautiful picnic park. A modern picnic shelter is available for rent (and is reservable).While the park is terrific for a group or family picnic, the park is often uncrowded even on the best days because of its seclusion. A gently sloping grassy hill dotted with Port Orford cedars, Douglas firs, alders and maples invites frisbee tossing and quiet relaxation. The tiny town of Latourell (pop. 12) borders the north side of the park. Homeowners ask that visitors please respect their privacy. A trail underneath the Historic Columbia River Highway bridge leads directly to Latourelle Falls (250' tall), only a few minutes away by foot.

Nice hike. Cold and sunny. A bit icy near upper falls.

11 days ago

Good hike, we took our 5 month old son in the front carrier. Definitely will be back this summer.

Awesome!!! Trail was easy and you get up close and personal with the waterfalls. Truly beautiful trail. Some spots are pretty muddy and have wet rocks, be careful and wear shoes with good traction. Overall, totally recommend.

perfect rainy day hike

Beautiful moderate hike with kids and dogs. Stunning views! Love coming here! excited for more trails in the gorge to open back up!

Perfect little Saturday hike with the pups. Misty and a little muddy but absolutely breathtaking. Started to get busier as we got back to our vehicle at noon. Beautiful views!

on Latourell Falls Loop Trail

1 month ago

It’s so nice to get back into the Gorge again! This was a great loop trail with two beautiful falls. Can’t wait for the other trails to reopen!

Great option to see the natural area while many other local trails are still closed due to the fires. A bit confusing to follow the loop, as the trail seemed to double back and there were a few unmarked river crossings.

Reopened in December 2017 after that season’s Eagle Creek Fire. Most of the trail seems unaffected by the event. As winter moves in, there is mounting wind damage as several very large trees have fallen along the trail as you progress. Did this right at dusk on the evening of 12/20/17 and caught nice glimpses of the higher seasonal flows of the falls along the route.
Have fun. Be safe, and if you bring it in, take it back out with you. Respect this place that we have been given to the fullest.

This trail is easy and well maintained. I went hiking here with my puppy last weekend. This was my puppy's first waterfall hike and he loved it.

Nice quick loop with very few people, despite how busy the base of the falls were. The upper falls is worth the hike. Saw a banana slug on the trail and had fun watching for other critters.

Awesome hike! Both falls were very cool and the upper falls were definitely worth the hike. Not as steep as Multnomah but the trail was a bit more rugged.

Cool hike with nice lush trail. There is a lower and upper falls. There is a good climb in the beginning but worth going to the upper falls.

5 months ago

Warm day, but well shaded. Moderate traffic but not crammed. Waterfalls still gorgeous, trails are very dry obviously. Always a favorite hike with the kids.

This was my first time on this trail, I brought my 6 year old with me. the trail was easy to follow, very beautiful, and not terribly crowded. We stopped a lot to take in the views, climb a little higher, and play around the falls.

Beautiful hike on a Sunday. Crowded at the lower viewing area. Hike to the back falls had a handful of people. Would def go again, maybe not the weekend of the eclipse.

Great length for kids. 6yo and 4yo had a blast.

We enjoyed this trail very much... it was beautiful. we went to the lower loop part which has a bridge and you can get really close to the waterfall... We took alot of great pics... there is parking and bathrooms available too... the trail is more smooth not too many rocks... My son said it was the best day ever.

Amazing waterfalls you can walk behind or even walk right under! Totally worth the hike to both the upper and lower falls, each one is very unique.

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