If you need an open invitation to go explore a peaceful tree-lined lake in the summertime, consider yourself invited. Go see lower Mayer State Park from the top of Rowena Crest and soak in a view of the most beautiful lake around. Both are actually within Mayer State Park, but few people know that. From the top of Rowena, Mayer can be fully appreciated for its many amenities, including swimming, boating, fishing and picnicking. When the spring wildflowers are in bloom, this is one of the most stunning vistas in the Columbia River Gorge. The timing of the bloom varies, but is normally in March/April.

2 months ago

Stunning view and unique landscape! No one on the trail when we went-- and for good reason, it was about 90 degrees and a rattlesnake cross the trail and surprised us about one mile from the trailhead in the forested oak area-- be vigilent in going slower and looking for sure. Poison oak lined the entire trail and starthistle but we managed to make it through unscathed by going carefully. Wouldn't recommend to everyone, but anyone keen on adventure and proceeding with caution, the views reward! We did not see any ticks and triple-checked ourselves. Not kid-friendly.

2 months ago

Great views! Cute ponds!

awesome views. poison oak on most of trail. close to Lyle Washington not Mayer state park in Oregon.

This is a great hike offering views of the Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Adams. I have seen rattlesnakes on this trail almost every time. Be aware!

there's definitely a few people that need be thank for creating this wonderful Trail. the trail is in extremely good condition and the views are great worth sharing with Friends and doing it over and over

Nice views, be careful of cliffs and poison

Easy trail with great views of the gorge! Be prepared to be exposed to the sun and high winds.

Great views and a great workout.

Descent views.

WARNING: Trail is covered in Poison Oak and Yellow Starthistle