Gorgeous. A must do for anyone. The fact that a 12-14,000’ peak once dominated is incredible.

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11 days ago

Garfield Peak is not the highest point in the park, by my opinion is it provides the best high view of the bluest of lakes, as it is upfront and personal. For my full trip report including photos, video and story see my blog which will have links to other great hikes: https://nationalparkshikingpursuingbalancethruadventure.wordpress.com/2020/02/18/garfield-peak-trail/

Can it get better?! Great hike, good exercise, outstanding views in every direction, but of course the sight of the bluest of lakes from the highest point in the park is one you won’t forget. For my full trip report with video, photos and story, as well as links to other great hikes see my blog: https://nationalparkshikingpursuingbalancethruadventure.wordpress.com/2020/02/04/back-country-camping/

I cannot speak to the entire trail, and after reading another review I wish I had bc the Peak sounded really nice. But I only had three days in Crater Lake National Park at the end of summer and I did a bunch of hikes all relating to the bluest of lakes. I did about half of the Union Peak Trail as I backcountry camped at about the half way point where the PCT and the Union Peak Trl intersect. It is a beautiful place with tall old trees, a really splendid peaceful forest. For my full trip report with pictures, video and story including find bear poop next to my tent please visit my blog which will also have other great hikes I recommend for Crater Lake: https://nationalparkshikingpursuingbalancethruadventure.wordpress.com/2020/02/04/back-country-camping/

Beautiful area is one of my top 10 favorite destinations in the whole US. Breath taking.

This trail is all about the carving, and the history of it. Marvelous

Crater Lake is an enchanting experience. This drive will let you view the ‘Crater Lake Blue’ from everyone direction. For my full trip report with pics and story go to: https://nationalparkshikingpursuingbalancethruadventure.wordpress.com/2020/01/26/scenic-rim-drive/

A dip in Crater Lake, some of the purist water on earth, is in my opinion a must do while at Crater Lake. The ‘Crater Lake Blue’ is something you won’t forget. For my full trip review including story, pics, and cliff jumping videos go to https://nationalparkshikingpursuingbalancethruadventure.wordpress.com/2020/01/28/cleetwood-cove-trail/

2 months ago

Excellent trail to enjoy Crater Lake. We hiked up on New Years Eve, couldn’t make it to the peak because the snow cover was to deep along the ridge. Well worth the views half way up though. Road was open all the way to the village. Micro-spikes or snow shoes are recommended.

Did this one in July and it was amazing! Busy during the summer but great views!

I did this hike today. We didn’t have snowshoes and couldn’t go further than a mile. The view of Wizard island and Crater lake was amazing from the view points. You may check the avalanche hazard before doing this hike. You can rent snowshoes from Rim village cafe for 20$.

October 2019

This is an extremely easy and pretty short trail. It’s more of a walk but the waterfall is beautiful!

This was a pretty easy hike for a spectacular view. It’s a must when visiting crater lake. I saw a lot of people bring their dogs... which definitely isn’t cool. They have no dog rules for a reason— to preserve plants and habitats in and around the trail. Please respect these rules!

A pretty short hike but it leads you down to the water which is cool! I didn’t know they did boat tours until I got down there.

Mostly just a way to get down to the water. Cool if that is what you are trying to do.

This trail gives you alright views of the canyon although i wish there was an easier way to get a good view of the canyon. Obviously its great that this is a loop. good trail to stop by on your way out of Crater Lake.

Great trail if you want to some good views of crater lake. Well kept as well, usually doesn't melt out until June, sometimes not even until July.

Went last year, early July. Easy trail—expect lots of foot traffic. Beautiful wildflowers. Breeding grounds for butterflies. Park Ranger had asked that we watch our footing so as to not harm them. Gorgeous “Blues”. Found some reviews/info here: http://hipsterbirders.blogspot.com/2015/11/butterflies-of-crater-lake-national-park.html?m=1

Breath taking trail. This is an official alternate for the PCT so we had to do it. Fantastic awe inspiring views. We did this in September 2019 on Friday morning so it wasn’t too crowded. Camped in the national park campground the night before then started on the rim trail the next morning. Ended the day at Grouse Hill campsite

the NPS website says dogs are allowed on this trail.

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