The day-use area restroom and dump station are temporarily closed. Washburne is located on the east side of Highway 101 with a buffer of native plants between you and the highway. The campsites are spacious. There are several trails of varying difficulty leading from the campsites to the beach, wildlife viewing areas, and second-growth forests. A walking trail leads you under the highway to a five-mile sandy beach and a day-use area, where you'll find space to watch whales, hunt agates, beachcomb, and picnic. Another trail connects you to the Heceta Head trail, which you can use to reach the historic Heceta Head lighthouse (check the Heceta Head Lighthouse web page for information on tours). In the campground at night, you can hear the pounding surf. There is a creek running through the campground, and elk have been known to wander through. Wild rhododendrons bloom in spring.

Fell in love with the China loop part

The Hobbit trail was by far the best part of this hike. It's a tiny trail but leads to a great beach with awesome views. If taking the China Creek loop be prepared for a pretty steep trek.

Great hike with forest and beach. They are still working on replacing the bridge but it was usable.

This trail is magical! You hike through beautiful forest and suddenly come out onto a private beach. I have never seen this area crowded. The hike is very short and easy but it still makes you feel like you have moved a little. Simple but sweet! As a side note, the trailhead can be hard to spot on the highway. It's on the left side going northbound and slightly set back. Hopefully there is another car parked to help!

I made this hike a few weeks ago, Took the Hobbit trail to the beach, walked the beach to Washburne, then crossed the highway preparing to take the Valley trail back but found a sign telling me that portion was closed. So, I did the only thing I thought I could do and hiked the mile and a half back to my car along the 101. A truck tried to change lanes, almost hit me, and knocked me down and embankment where I twisted my ankle.

I went back yesterday and hiked the 1/4 mile to the barricade from the Hobbit trail head parking area.... and the "barricade" is simply a little sign hung over a fully functional bridge. After watching hikers and volunteers cross it with no issue, I did too. Afterward, I spoke with a Ranger who told me the hillside is slowly eroding so they closed the bridge as a precautionary measure.

Word to the wise: If you find yourself in the same position, TAKE THE VALLEY TRAIL ANYWAY! Crossing a six foot long bridge that may collapse in a year or two is far less dangerous than taking your life in your hands to take the 101 back!

P.S. The hike is peaceful and beautiful :)

Unfortunately, the China Creek trail is still closed. But the trail from the HWY down to Hobbit Beach was beautiful. Can' wait to go back and do the full loop.

I first hiked this trail in 1986, and it's where I fell in love with OR and decided to live here someday. Hiked it again shortly after moving to Eugene 10 years later. And since then of course. Always magical and quite popular especially in good weather.

Can't wait to go back when the bridge is in commission. Awesome hike, especially, if you include the stretch behind the lighthouse!

Unfortunately, the bridge is barricaded halfway through, so I had to turn around and go back. But the China creek loop is beautiful!

Beautiful forest hike with great views of the beach! You can access the trail from the lighthouse or from around the Carl G Washburne Memorial Campground.