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Ecola State Park has historical significance, as Captain William Clark and twelve members of the Corps of Discovery bushwhacked their way through this part of the Oregon Coast in 1806. For the modern adventurer, a winding road from Cannon Beach guides the way under majestic Sitka spruce trees until you come upon a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoying lunch at the many picnic tables, enjoying Indian Beach, watching the surfers from a vista, hitting the extensive hiking trails and taking in the beautiful scenery, exploring the tide pools, looking out for great views of gray whales (they migrate through the area in spring and winter), the Clatsop Loop Trail that gives you the chance to walk in the footsteps of Capt. Clark and his men, or camping in the primitive cabins at Tillamook Head (a 1.5 mile hike from the Indian Beach trailhead) are just some of your options.

1 day ago

A great home with a number of awesome view points. The trail is in great shape with only a couple muddy seas that are easy to walk around. We saw some people hiking in flip flops.
The hardest part of the hike is the last .3 mile.

13 days ago

Easy, quick, beautiful hike. We went there on Mother's Day, it was a bit muddy but well worth it!

The trail is closed (5/12/18) at about a mile in. We're pretty bummed and will hopefully try again in the future!

The first part of the trail has large fallen trees and the trail is CLOSED! We ended up walking towards the beach and climbing down. We walked on the beach to Indian beach and connected to the trail there. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginner hikers!!! You are better off to start at Indian beach. The trail was nice and dry though.

Another recommendation to follow this trail as far as you can. You'll get stunning views of steep cliffs and sea stacks. Watch your footing!

This hike was awesome! Very beautiful and fun. No one was at the beach when I was there which was incredible. Very muddy though.

This is a great forested trail with a few views of the ocean. Can get muddy and slick with rain but remains one of my all time favorite hikes.

Fun little hike, rain was coming down hard and made the trails muddy, but still a worthwhile trail, and the camping shelters kept us warm and dry. Don't miss the WWII bunkers!

on Crescent Beach Trail

1 month ago

Full value day hike.

One of my favorites hikes in Oregon so far! Went on a beautiful sunny day about a week ago, and it wasn’t super busy. Long line of cars backed up at Ecola park entrance though. Muddy trail but overall easy to navigate and follow. The beach is gorgeous and make sure you climb up to see the waterfall(s)!!! Will be back for sure.

1 month ago

Hiked this on Easter Sunday on a cold, rainy day. Due to those two factors there was almost no one else on the hike or on the beach. Both the forest and the beach are insanely beautiful! Sweet little waterfall on the beach too. I'd say it was moderate difficulty - a few parts are a bit tricky or slippery. Very very muddy, hiking boots are an absolute must. There are a couple unavoidable giant mud puddles and your boots will get dirty! Unfortunately it was almost high tide when we got to the beach, so we were unable to simply walk around Chapman or Ecola points, but we did manage to scramble up the rocks to get to the northern beach. I don't recommend doing that unless you are in really good shape haha.

Overall, a really fun hike in so-called "bad" weather!

My best gal pal and her two kids did this hike no problem last weekend 3/11 and the weather was absolutely perfect, the trail is beautiful but some very muddy spots I advise you to wear hiking boots.

2 months ago

Amazing trail. Loved it. We loved the cove at the far end of the beach. Definitely coming back. It is muddy and can get very slippery.

If elves exist, they live here.

Amazing views on an easy hike. Lots of other people and plenty of mud, but a must see if you arent familiar with the area.

2 months ago

HIKE: Late February, on a sunny day.

BEST PART: A dozen huge deer gathered in form for several minutes of our hike, just to eat and stare from the tree ridge about 1.2 miles in or so. This is before the wrap around of one of the creeks, where the elevation changes the most. It was beautiful to watch them move with the hills, and wait on each other.

It was muddy, but gorgeously armed with a amazing forest. Quite passable trail for even probably an ameteur. We went on a sunny day. Moderate does describe this hike RT though. The trail runs down the last few thousand feet on a very easy descent to the beach, all of it is worth it!

Aim for a full hour long hike of 2.1 miles, so you can get out there BEFORE high tide. The trail begins to the left of the upper parking lot restrooms, clearly labeled "Crescent Beach Trailhead," however its not 1.25 miles. There are 2 creeks/waterfalls, and the correct trail brings you out in the beach in between both of them.

The caves are accessible at low tide, play safe, drink plenty of fluids. I personally take B-Vitamins, Vitamin Water and Herbal Kratom 2 hours before a hike. Energy plus electrolytes plus pain-free.

who's doing a 12 mi loop?? drop a car in Ecola and rally at pelican then get your car in seaside later.

Awesome hike! There are plenty of stops along the way to look out at the ocean. Way less muddy than we thought it’d be considering the rain this past month. If you can time your hike to be at the beach during low tide it’s really nice to look in the tide pools. Lots of starfish and other creatures.

great views, easy hiking, big trees!

It would of been amazing but was SOOOO muddy! Regardless amazing views.

Trail is washed out about a mile in or so but it has some amazing views up and down the coast.

So even though the trail is closed, I advise you go anyways and just go as far as the trail leads you. It is closed due to erosion but if you go past the closed signs, It is breathtakingly beautiful AND dangerous so be smart. One of my favorite hikes now and I definitely recommend it.

half way. then erosion has closed the path.

Trail full of of great views. It also in heavy need of maintenance. Jaydon and Trevor OCT

4 months ago

Wonderful day for a nice hike, trail was a little rough in various spots. But to be honest you have to expect this while hiking along the Oregon Coast in January.

The view was up close and personal. Loved it. Also, met the nicest people on this beach!

Such a great park with awesome trails and views! Muddy in some spots so wear decent shoes:)

We did parts of this trail over two days, December 26 and 27, 2017. On day one, we started at the Seaside trail head, not knowing what to expect. It was awesome. We were not in hiking boots, only tennis, but we still managed to navigate the places with lots of mud and fallen trees. We were dressed for all kinds of weather, but stayed very warm in the canopy. Lots of switchbacks, no real views, but cool trees and vegetation. We hit the top and came back down. On day two, we started from Indian beach. We selected the long upward road to the right of the restrooms. We got a great workout: steady incline! The logging cabins and bunker were awesome; we continued another mile under the canopy and mud and then returned; going back down closer to the ocean. We plan to do the entire 6 miles in mid March knowing what to expect.

Short easy hike that spits you out on the beach. Very muddy on some parts off the path.

4 months ago

Such a great hike!

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