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The only National Park in an urban area, this smallest National Park is based around the natural hot springs that have been managed for public use. Bathhouse Row preserves 47 of these with many beneficial minerals.

Beautiful views along the trail. The trail can get a little confusing a one point due to the lack of markings, but overall marked well. Many good hills!

7 days ago

Definitely a good mountain trail for Arkansas. The trail is very clean and well kept by Hot Springs!

This trail is about 1.7 miles. Driving up to the mountain, you will head towards the tower (you will see this). Before you get to the tower, you will see a parking lot with bathrooms. Across the road from the bathrooms is where the trail starts. We had a hard time finding it, but once we found it, it is an extremely easy trail. You’ll cross over the road twice before you finish the trail. When the trail clears, there is a gazebo at the top of the hill with a big rock. Once you walk up to this (or you can drive to the gazebo once you finish the trail), you can see the lookout. Make sure to continue the trail after the gazebo, because it is a loop trail. It only took us about 30 minutes to complete the trail. You don’t actually see a hot spring during this hike. As you are driving down the mountain, there is a place where you can fill up your water bottles with cold water at the foot of the mountain on the right hand side.

14 days ago

Great trail for a quick 45 minute hike with good views of the city. Easily accessible and worth your time. Some light elevation will get your heart rate up enough to consider it a good workout.

1 month ago

Combined this guy with the Gulpha Gorge Trail!

1 month ago

Did this hike in Hot Springs, Arkansas for Christmas 2015. Great hike, shady, and scenic! Hiked to the observatory at to the top of the mountain.

2 months ago

Beautiful!! Especially in the fall!

I really enjoyed this trail. It’s short, but steep. From there I went to Goat Rock trail and enjoyed the view. I parked at the amphitheater at Gulpha Gorge campground. Will definitely come back to HotSprings when I have more time to do a longer loop. This was a stop off on my way back to Dallas. Definitely worth it

3 months ago

This is a very nice trail, and a long one at that.

Nice hike that I always like to travel. It's a good incline that doesn't seem too strenuous, and the views as you're getting to the top of the mountain are beautiful. I usually detour onto this trail from Hot Springs Mountain trail to add a little more to my hike.

Beautiful scenery of downtown Hot Springs. You are also able to access many other hiking trails off of the Grand Promenade.

A great easy, well-kept trail. A tiny bit of it was closed, but that part was easy to get around .

My GF and I did this trail after having a light meal in town. offers a great view of the city.

My favorite trail in hot springs.

Please remove mountain biking from use options. I rode here and got yelled at by some trail nazi.

4 months ago

Great start beautiful Arkansas. Ends in town so last part car noises etc. Great hike!

The part of the trail I walked on was pretty. But all the traffic noise rose up from the town. I think there are quieter hikes in Audubon Park and City Park in New Orleans. Second I didn't finish the hike because the signs confused me. I was probably just confusing myself, so that might not be a problem for anyone else.

6 months ago

From the campground it was a moderate climb up to Goat Rock Trail overlook. Beautiful view & easy walk back down. Not too bad for senior citizens.

I loved this trail, you have awesome views of the city and beautiful scenery to walk through. We hiked it with four kids aged 5-15 and they all had a great time. Some of the signs were spray painted black so you couldn't see the trail markers but common sense is all you need. It took us about an hour with a few breaks on the benchs the park had throughout the trail.

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