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Hiked this in the rain, it was great seeing all the raging waters of Harris Creek intersect the Cassotot river. excellent vitsa points. whatch your step, some of the uphill trail has loose shale

This was a great little trail! The frequent views of the lake were stunning. For me, it was just the right difficulty level- difficult enough that it didn’t feel like just a walk, but easy enough that I wasn’t completely worn out at the end.

Really liked the trail but it was poorly marked and confusing so I missed a loop.

Outstanding trail! I did this one earlier this month with Memphis Outdoor Adventures. I would definitely do it again!

The trailhead sign says 4 hours. We got out in 4 minutes under that, even with the side trip to the grotto falls and a lunch break, so I would say the time estimate is spot on.

Fun but crowded. Only second half of the hike was fun once off the stone path. The cave was awesome and definitely be best part!

Great trail.

beautiful waterfall!!!!

Expose to nature at It's finest with waterfalls, caves, underground rivers, creeks.

My son and I hiked this trail this weekend after almost 2 inches of rain the night before. The fall creek was high and moving. There was a lot of water on the trail and a few places where we had to cross the creek. Our feet were soaked. It was worth it. Overall an easy hike with great views.

Great trail! Definitely worth the hike.

I've walked this trail 3 times and plan on going back for more! Love seeing the mine and waterfall. I take my 7 yr old daughter with me everytime and plan on taking my 3 yr old son next time. Although I would advise that if you want to see the extended cavern in the rock house, do not go after a heavy rain. The spring fills to the brim making it impossible to pass to get to the inner caverns. Quite disappointing since us my favorite part of the trail. Overall it's an amazing hike full of beautiful views and great memories to make.

Great trail and rocks to scale.

Lightly trafficked, good trail running. Can stay wet after some decent rain. Description says 4.9 mi but it’s logged at 6.5 +

Absolutely loved the trail. The Dogwood trees were in bloom and everywhere. Walked the trail right after a good rainit couldn't get any prettier

Lots of streams flowing now and weather was perfect. A cool trail!

13 days ago

So so beautiful, especially if the falls are going. We went in March after rain and it was rushing. The hike has some climbing in places, and can be slick, but my 5 kids handled it pretty well (the 3 and 4-year-olds needed help). The cave was kinda claustrophobic because so many people were trying to get in and out. I would definitely hike it again, but skip the the cave.

Hiked this trail in early April with my wife and 3 kids (10, 8, and 7 years old). hiked about 6-7 miles a day. The kids carried all their own stuff and had no problems keeping up. Awesome trip. The trail is well marked and plenty of campsites. The creeks are pretty and require getting your feet wet to cross. And the elevation changes aren't too extreme. White Rock is a great place to end a long hike. Beautiful view!

great trail. lots of views and scenery. fairly easy for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

I really love this trail. Traveling from Hot Springs, it is close enough to make a full day out of it! I've completed this trail once, and I am going back Wednesday to do this trail plus some more! Also, this definitely is closer to 13 miles instead of the 8 stated above. The steepest parts are around the 4-5 mile marks!

15 days ago

Seeing this place after a good rain is sooo much better! Liked it before, loved it this time.

Short but we'll kept trail. the trailhead is clearly marked. The bluffs are amazing but keep your dogs on a leash. Being so close to the house we will definitely do it again. Just wish it were longer. Oh, and look for eagles, beautiful if you can spot them.

16 days ago

17 days ago

Pretty easy hike. Beautiful views:)

Great trail along the lake that has a nice loop back to the visitors center at the park.

19 days ago

easy and nice for kids

Nice wildlife viewing platform and nice easy walk.

19 days ago

Didn't know what to expect knowing it was a bike trail... Loved it!! Hiked the west side of Outlaw Loop and the Sawmill Loop where we crossed over at 2.4 miles. The river was up after recent rains so the trail had numerous waterfalls/cascades and little creeks to cross... We put on our water sandals to cross Lee Creek which was about calf high... Had to be careful!! We decided to skip Racer's Hill and start back finishing up on the east side of Sawmill and Outlaw Loop back to Campground A... only there we were unable to cross the white water creek!! We followed the trail along the river which connected to the river side of Devil's Den Trail until we saw the highway bridge we could cross over and walked the road back to Campground A adding about 1.6 miles... total loop was about 6 miles... Looking forward to doing it again!!

19 days ago

nice trail, well marked, solitude!

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