8 hours ago

There’s nothing particularly special about this trail, but it is a decent trail. The coolest and most unique thing to me was that this trail goes through town and then back into the woods. This trail is way more about the challenging terrain and distance than anything else. We felt highly accomplished that we completed a trail of this distance and it was certainly exhausting. The trail is very rocky in many parts so it can slow progress. There are also many steep climbs. This combined with the distance is what rightfully gives it a ‘hard’ rating. Be sure to have plenty of water, good footwear, and a compass. The trail is mostly easy to follow, but there were a few spots where the trail wasn’t marked properly and we had to check the map/compass to make sure we were going in the right direction. Overall, there are probably more scenic trails in AR, but this one was also conveniently close to town and our camp.