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etit Jean Mountain is a special place an unforgettable place known for the legend of Petit Jean, the story of a French girl who disguised herself as a boy and secretly accompanied her sweetheart, an early explorer, to the New World and to this mountain. Petit Jean State Park, Arkansass first state park, enhances this 300yearold legend with windswept views, enchanting woodlands laced with streams and wildflowers, and a spectacular waterfall calledCedar Falls. This park is a place where nature over time has formed sheer bluffs, Cedar Creek Canyon and the Seven Hollows, such distinctive features as Bear Cave, the Grotto and Natural Bridge, and whimsical formations we call Turtle Rocks and Carpet Rocks. Its a place where the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps endures in facilities mirroring the mountains rugged natural beauty. Come discover this legendary Arkansas state park called Petit Jean.

1 day ago

Love this place


When reaching the break in the trail near Mather lodge if you are hiking counter clockwise (which is suggested as others have stated) cross the parking lot and to the right of the first cabin is where the trail continues. Due to the amount of cars in the parking lot this was hard to spot, had to ask the workers at the lodge who did not know

7 days ago

7 days ago

Beautiful and a must if in the area; however, large amounts of trash from the crowds. Go early / during a weekday to avoid this.

7 days ago

Awesome trail. Beautiful too! Tough for toddlers, though, unless you are able to carry them.

Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to go back! My family loved it!

Cedar Creek Trail is a great short easy hike for beginners or the experienced.

Beautiful scenery on this trail! Was a little hard at some points going down on the rocks but worth it!

Great little trail for family hiking. Our girls enjoyed the walk, seeing the sights, turtle rocks, and cave drawings!

28 days ago

Great quick trail with some amazing views and fun rocks to climb around on.