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etit Jean Mountain is a special place an unforgettable place known for the legend of Petit Jean, the story of a French girl who disguised herself as a boy and secretly accompanied her sweetheart, an early explorer, to the New World and to this mountain. Petit Jean State Park, Arkansass first state park, enhances this 300yearold legend with windswept views, enchanting woodlands laced with streams and wildflowers, and a spectacular waterfall calledCedar Falls. This park is a place where nature over time has formed sheer bluffs, Cedar Creek Canyon and the Seven Hollows, such distinctive features as Bear Cave, the Grotto and Natural Bridge, and whimsical formations we call Turtle Rocks and Carpet Rocks. Its a place where the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps endures in facilities mirroring the mountains rugged natural beauty. Come discover this legendary Arkansas state park called Petit Jean.

Lots of cool sites along this trail. Grotto is a must, really nice area.

Fun hike, can get behind the waterfall if careful

10 days ago

Really nice trail. The half mile round trip spur to the grotto is worth it. Signage is good enough to follow. Lots to look at on the trail, although the rocks can be a little treacherous when they get wet. Probably great colors in fall. Parking is limited, but wasn't an issue on a Saturday morning in December.

12 days ago

Great trail, the stones were like a maze in and out here and there. It was fun.

You can drive up red bluff road and go park right above the cave if you aren’t up to hiking all the way around. You will be about 10 minutes from the cave. It is a beautiful sight to see and walk around

13 days ago

Took the .5 mile trail from Mathers Lodge to Bear Cave Trail. Easy to navigate. Interesting rock formations
that you can scurry up on if your relatively nimble. Good easy trail for kids and adults alike.

on Cedar Falls Trail

16 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! The fall leaves just added to the beauty, but also made the trail a little slick! Fun adventure during training.

17 days ago

We did this hike in the August heat. It was crowded, but still a great hike! The waterfall was well worth it!

Loved it.

21 days ago

Hiked this today with my wife and our 5-year-old granddaughter. Pretty tough 5 mile hike (4.5 if you don't take the Grotto spur, but you gotta take that spur!) for a little one. She was fine the first half, but then got pretty cranky. I ended up carrying her about a mile and that made it far more difficult for me. We took lunch and found a nice spot to eat just off the trail. Saw several such places. No really steep climbs, just a lot of up and down over not-so-easy footing. Still really enjoyable. The natural bridge was beautiful, and the waterfall at the Grotto was too. We'll definitely be back.

Crowded but still very pleasant short hike.

24 days ago

No blue hole :(

25 days ago

My wife and I along with our dog hiked this trail following hiking the Seven Hollows Trail. We were so glad we decided to continue onto this trail - lots of beautiful views and crossings of cedar creek. This trail was short in distance but was more rigorous than the Seven Hollows Trail. Don’t miss Stouts Point scenic overlook on your way out of the park.

25 days ago

Great intermediate trail

We hiked this with our dog and enjoyed the diverse landscapes, views, and creek crossings. We hiked the Cedar Creek Trail afterwards and I would highly recommend that shorter (slightly more rigorous) trail for more water crossings and views. Also, don’t miss the scenic overlook towards the entrance of Petit Jean State Park (Stouts Point)

1 month ago

This trail has several things to see. There is the natural land bridge, the grotto, and some turtle formed rocks. All in all, this trail should be on everyone's bucket list.

We did this trail during the fall and it was great. There are a lot of cool trails and views to see in Petit Jean State Park and this goes by many of them. I definitely wouldn't consider this trail hard, there were only a couple small sections that were difficult.

This trail was very busy, lots of leashed dogs, but totally worth it and all very courteous hikers.

1 month ago

The trail was rewarding especially when you get to see a beautiful waterfall. It was a lot of fun!

Very nice, short easy trail. Good alternative to Cedar Falls trail. Very little foot traffic. A few interesting rock formations and nice river streams. A hidden gem at Petit Jean.

Nice trail. Better after a heavy rain.

The trails are well blazed and cleared for trekkers. During rainy seasons keep in mind the trails are on a incline into a hallow so the paths could be flowing with water.

Very very nice place

1 month ago

Absolutely stunning , crisp morning air a perfect day for hiking Nov. 3 2018

Was definitely a good workout. Brought my two dogs as well and they seemed to enjoy it.

The trail offers 4 scenic hollows that make up for the 3 missing ones. Highlights include ‘Natural Bridge’ and ‘Grotto’. Terrain is variable: groomed/rough, dry/wet, level/steep with lots of natural rocks integrated into the trail. The creek was flowing freely with large rocks well placed to cross over. Poles are helpful to navigate unsteady/steep surfaces. Overall, a wonderful hike.

Will definitely be back to do this trail again

1 month ago

Cedar Creek Trail self guiding trail. very nice easy trail to walk along multiple small water falls and 2 bridge crossings. Me, my wife and daughter and 3 dogs walked this Oct 20th. nice day.

Nice loop, not too difficult. Great scenery and creek along majority of the trail with multiple crossings. Grotto and Natural bridge are nice to see.

1 month ago

My wife and both dogs started out from campsite with the thought of walking around campground. We saw the paved ccc/bike trail and struck on a morning walk. Stopped at Cedar Falls overlook with a quick look at falls running. Easy smooth hike to end and back to campground making a our short walk about 4 miles. Great place to be in cool weather.

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