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Arkansas Map
5 hours ago

In my opinion, the most scenic trail in Arkansas. Caves: check, waterfalls: check, a waterfall inside of a cave: check. The traffic keeps it from a 5 star rating IMO. I've hiked it half a dozen times and have yet to see it lightly trafficked.

10 hours ago

This trail is best hiked when there has been some rain and there is plenty of water. Allow for extra time and be ready to explore side paths in order to find extra features. I missed the waterfall because I missed the path that branches off of the main trail. I was hiking too fast and never saw the cemetery. There is a large cave, but again you have to leave the main trail on a side path to find it. None of these features are marked so you really have to look for them. In order to complete the loop you must stay on the main trail until you reach a gravel road, then take a left on the gravel road to return to the trailhead. Check out the large sink hole on your right as you hike the gravel road back.

11 hours ago

13 hours ago

I started my hike around 11:30am covering the Centerpoint Trail to The Goat Trail and beyond. It seemed The Goat Trail continued beyond the distance noted. I did climb through a tree projecting from the face of the cliff to continue further. I also bushwhacked uphill a mile or so before reconnecting with the trail. I covered about 7 miles in 3.5 hours. I was recording my hike however I lost signal a couple of times causing the recording to stall so I deleted them:(

My favorite hike in the region, definitely a must-do in the Ozarks. Plenty of shade as you make your way downhill through the forest, passing a couple magnificent waterfalls on the way. The trail runs parallel to a dry creek bed and a few smaller caves as you near the rock house. As for the rock house itself, it's a pretty stunning geological wonder. A most massive cave structure with a stream of water flowing through it. Bring a flashlight to explore some of the caverns. I climbed up through the chimney to explore the the roof of the structure... not much to see up there, it's completely forested over. As with any Arkansas hike, bring the tick spray! The hike back to the trailhead is uphill and slightly strenuous, but nothing compared to the elevation gains in mountain hiking out west.

There was a lot of work put into this place, even the porta potties at the beginning of the trail were clean. Just wish it was longer. Definitely worth checking out!

so much to see and every time you go you will find something you missed.

1 day ago

Drove up from Austin and did the loop in just over 2 days. Day 1 was all 6 peaks, tough, but rewarding and some great views. Day 2 was much easier and lots of water holes to jump in to and cool off. The road leading to the SW parking location is super rocky and at times I though I might have to turn my Camry around

This guide talks of this is if it's one trail. There are numerous trails in this park. On this map that shows leaving one section of the park and going to another. That other section only has the one loop trail. The first section has several trails and can behind in several different configurations. It can get confusing and you can become lost. However, you can never really be lost here because you just need to listen for the sound of traffic and walk toward the street. Very Beautiful trails!

Really nice trail but like everyone said it is not for the casual hiker. It will kick your butt coming back up the traverse. Leaves are just starting to turn soo 2 weeks from now it should really be nice. Planning on heading back in early November foe some cooler temps.

on Bear Cave Trail

1 day ago

The map on this app doesn't show the connection between the two loops, yes there are TWO loops. You can do only 4.4 miles if you want.

This was my first trip to Arkansas (from KC). Great trail. There's a clean bathroom at the trailhead with running water. Lost cell reception a couple miles out, so make sure you know how to get back out to wherever you're going. The trail was clearly marked & much of it was gravel for easy traveling. Overall, I'd rate the full trail as moderate.

The trail splits maybe a mile in and we headed toward the natural bridge & Eden Falls. The natural bridge was fun to climb up into & through. There were some big bees or wasps, so we didn't stick around too long, but it was a fun little climb.

Up from the natural bridge was Cob Cave, which was a cool sight. It's pretty easy to climb up & is big. Great photo opp. Eden Falls was next & it was mostly dry, but there were tons of butterflies!

The trail goes uphill up stone steps which are well maintained and easy enough to navigate, but a bit challenging. This takes you to Eden Falls Cave. I'd recommend taking headlamps or flashlights to explore, but our phones sufficed. The cave opens into a large room to the left & is worth checking out, just watch your steps - it's a bit slick.

Our hike ended up right around 4 miles and 2 hours overall with all our detours & stops to explore. I'd definitely recommend this trail.