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Devil's Den State Park is nestled deep in Lee Creek Valley, a picturesque setting in northwest Arkansas's Ozarks Mountains, ancient sedimentary mountains renowned for their natural beauty and lush oak-hickory forest. This Ozark valley was selected as a park site in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC used native materials to craft the parks rustic-style wood and stone structures. This work includes an impressive native stone dam that spans Lee Creek in the heart of the park forming peaceful eight-acre Lake Devil. Rental canoes, tandem kayaks, pedal boats, and water bikes are available at the park.

5 days ago

great views and great hike. i highly recommend going during the off season unless you don't mind lots of people, very busy place.

Despite Devil's Den being packed, we had this trail all to ourselves on a beautiful Saturday morning. It's extremely short and easy, and the destination is pretty neat. We were fortunate to have some water trickling off the falls as well.

We did this trail as a family today and would do it again a very good trail good for children

Liked it a lot but as a fairly new hiker of about 5 months this is the busiest trail I've ever been on. Overlook is beautiful!

Liked it a lot except by the crevices. A lot of people!

10 days ago

I solo the Butterfield and had a great time. Only saw one small group that was heading home.
For me it was a trail with several hard sections but also several flat sections to relax on.
Junction Camp was very pretty with both creeks flowing well.
A thunderstorm and 35 degree was my five mike hike out .
I was worried about climbing the 'Falls' but it was really easy even with the rain.
The last five miles (CW) where a lot of up and down. Even after Hells' Half Mile the elevation changes where enough to make this 54 year old a bit tired at the end of the trail.
Am I glad I did it, heck yea.
Would I do it again, no. There are too many other hike waiting for me.

short easy little trail

19 days ago

20 days ago

24 days ago

Good hike. Very peaceful and quiet. Waterfall was running a little. Will go back.

26 days ago

Great trail! I hiked it with my 11 year old brother and he made it so I'd say it's fairly easy. I started from the bottom/lowest part of the trail where there are some pretty awesome rock formations but the climb up is pretty steep. It's not treacherous just steep. Very pretty in the winter as you can see all across the valley from just this point but not so well in summer time. But the yellow rock area is gorgeous in the summer. Great trail and is wide, well kept, and easy enough for most beginners and great for casual day hikes. Arkansas at its best!

27 days ago

beautiful trail!

Easy trail some nice creek and rock formations.

29 days ago

I loved this trail. It's a moderate trail with lots of rock steps, incline and decline. There is a closed cave and waterfall on this trail. Beautiful!

1 month ago