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Devil's Den State Park is nestled deep in Lee Creek Valley, a picturesque setting in northwest Arkansas's Ozarks Mountains, ancient sedimentary mountains renowned for their natural beauty and lush oak-hickory forest. This Ozark valley was selected as a park site in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC used native materials to craft the parks rustic-style wood and stone structures. This work includes an impressive native stone dam that spans Lee Creek in the heart of the park forming peaceful eight-acre Lake Devil. Rental canoes, tandem kayaks, pedal boats, and water bikes are available at the park.

2 days ago

We had a great time at Fossil Flats today. It was filled with nature sightings! We saw a black snake (species unknown), a lizard, several butterflies, and two caterpillars. During a brief detour down one of the creek beds, we observed some small fishes and a Whitetail doe. Overall, it was a great hike and a fun time to explore one of our nearby parks!

it's a very pretty hike

4 days ago

Short, but moderately strenuous loop with well-prepared, hewn-rock climbs/descents. Picturesque sandstone outcroppings and impressive crevices. Short section by creek. Recommend doing it clockwise to climb, rather than descend steep sections.

4 days ago

Very enjoyable. Scenic. Good variety of hiking: short, rocky, steep section; high, fairly flat open forest; scenic overlooks; long, level bluff overlook. Mostly well-trod hard dirt. A few rocky sections. Good exercise, but not technical.

6 days ago

7 days ago

mountain biking
8 days ago

I attempted this trail with my border collie, she loved it but the rocky trail tore up her feet a little. I did this trail in the middle of the summer so water became hard to find at times, so make sure you filter as much as you can when it's available. The Butterfield kicked my butt at times, it asked a lot of me and I even got lost at one point! So read your map carefully guys! This trail requires you to check in at the visitor's center and get a backcountry permit before you do it. This way if you go missing on the trail there will be a designated search party that deploys 6 or so hours after you fail to report back. Overall a beautiful and challenging trail. There's even a swimming hole halfway on the trail!

This was an awesome trail! Unfortunately I thought I was going to the moonshiner cave trail and ended up on butterfield.. less than a quarter mile from another on the road. I would definitely suggest attempting this trail in early spring or even later fall before the bugs get hectic, it's quite rugged terrain at the moment with many spots that need some help to the path. Overall this trail was challenging with absolutely beautiful views. Considering I packed for a 5 mile hike.. I was in for a little surprise when it came to butterfield. I certainly want to go back for a backpacking trip and stay the night out there!

20 days ago