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At 2,753-feet, Mount Magazine is Arkansas's highest mountain, rising dramatically above the broad valleys of the Petit Jean River to the south and the Arkansas River to its north. Graced with timeless natural beauty, this plateaua remnant of an ancient sea floorruns east to west stretching six miles long and up to a mile across. Rugged, isolated, and rich in natural resources including rare and endangered species, Mount Magazine has long lured explorers, adventurers, scientists, naturalists, and vacationers.

6 days ago

So when i walked this trail today, I renamed this trail "Mudback Ridge Trail" in my mind. The moss is dried up, so when trodded on it turned the ground easily into muddy and not mossy. If you like feeling like you are in the middle of the woods this is a good trail for that. Since you are in the middle of the woods there was no scenic views.

The North Rim trail was a good hike. The trail had a lot of big rocks in it. I'm glad that i was wearing my hiking boots because I could have had a few possible ankle rolls. From the cliff side I could see the forrest floor really well because it is winter time and there is no tree foliage. Unfortunatley, there was no critters for me to spy on from above.

Nice easy trail. No views from the top- it is a clearing in the forest. The stone patio in the shape of Arkansas with the river and different geographic areas represented by different stones was neat to see but you may not appreciate it unless you look to see it. My kids got excited about the geography representation in the patio there.

on Bear Hollow Trail

10 days ago

This is by far, the best trail at Mount Magazine State Park. Get out there and get moving!

11 days ago

Great short hike, but bummed that there is no view at the top.

attempted the full hike yesterday(12/30) and was a little disappointed. trail marking in some places were scarce and because of the time of year the trail would kind of "run out" in some places leaving you wondering if you were on the trail anymore or not.
at one point around mile 5-5.5 there was what looked to supposedly be a bridge for a water crossing that was missing so I had to wade through the water (roughly 10 feet across). and then around mile 6.25 the trail ended on a road with no indication of how to finish the hike so I had to turn back prematurely.
Decent hike but I'd be okay not doing it again.

Nice hike with some length. Had a nice wet weather waterfall. Several creek crossings, some were dicey because water was up. A few views but mostly a simple walk through the woods.

17 days ago

Did it to say I stood on the state's highpoint. Nothing spectacular.

17 days ago

Expected more scenic overlooks, their was only one. Just a simple walk through the woods.

Some of the best views in the State of Arkansas. Trail is easy enough for most people and the drive up the mountain is great too. Do this trail during fall if possible.

Had a great time with great views! Not a difficult trail. Few places to do some rock climbing if you’re into that. Over all a great trail

awesome trail really fun.

We attempted this trail again this past weekend. No rattlesnakes this time!! The trail was wonderful. We had no trouble navigating it. It is definitely recommend it in the fall/winter because the views are so much better! It’s amazing how different it looks from season to season. Can’t wait to come back!

1 month ago

Little jog up to the highpoint. No view of course, but plenty of views from the roadside parking area.

2 months ago

It was cool realizing I was at the highest elevation in my home state Arkansas. To bad there was not an amazing view to go along with the amazing feeling.

Beautiful trail with SO many scenic offshoots. Stop at the visitor center for a printed explanation on how to get to the scenery off the trail since most aren't marked. If going after a good rain wear waterproof boots to get through the flooded bits of trail or long pants to get around through the light brush.

I absolutely loved this trail. This trail has many side trails connected to it. It is totally worth it to go down every side trail. If you never get off the main trail you will never see anything scenic.

Loved the trail and all the little side trails! Took us a while to find (and get to) the Needles Eye, but we never found the Window. We'll try again after the leaves fall. Highly recommend... get a map from the visitors center that shows all the different points on the trail ☺ Enjoy!

This is actually a collection of three trails to make it the loop as described here: Conventional clockwise loop: North Rim from the Visitors’ Center connects with Mossback Ridge, which connects with Greenfield, back to VC. But we did it backwards, clockwise, to get most of the climb in early while we were fresher. Enjoyed it. Trail varies from wide & easy to narrow and rocky. Got off trail once on Mossback section. Places could’ve marked better, especially Dill Point (rock outcropping) (but that may be skewed because we hiked the loop backwards). Map recommended. On North Rim section, if in doubt take fork toward the mountain, not toward valley, except to seek view from overlook.

We fit this nice n easy, wide trail in between rain storms. Shared the trail with maybe a dozen deer. With this trail, it’s easy to walk to the highest point in Arkansas.

Soo...we attempted this trail last weekend. Got about a mile in and saw the biggest rattlesnake I have ever seen. It was on a narrow curve in the trail. It was unhappy and it had no intention of sharing the road with us. Unfortunately we decided it was safer to turn around. Hopefully we can attempt it again someday. But Rattlesnake food is not something I want to be. I suggest keeping a watchful eye on this one for now!

Enjoyed the trail though it was a little disappointing to not have any views from the top. I would have a map as their are multiple entry points for this trail. Enjoyed the self guided tour of the trail. Still trying to figure out why there is a water meter in the middle of the woods on the trail....the things that make you go hmmm. Overall nice easy trail.

beautiful hike especially during mid spring. If you plan to complete the entire trail dont forget water and possibly energy bars or snacks. Its a great hike and a great accomplishment

By far my favorite state park and mountain. This is a beautiful hike with amazing views and plenty of wildlife to see. I suggest taking plenty of water and protein snacks if you plan to complete the entire 18 miles. Some may find areas a bit strenuous but over all a easy day long hike. Enjoy

A keeper, but with caveats. First, I suggest reversing the trail, starting at Cove Lake. (The trailhead is almost directly across from the Cove Lake entrance. If you do not want to pay the $5 fee for parking at the lake, there is room for two cars to park next to the trailhead.) Reasons to reverse the trail: its becomes up-down and you end up at the lake. The trail is 12+ miles one way. (I hiked only 4+ miles in.) Not a spectacular trail (at least the first 4 miles), but enjoyable.

7 months ago

Short, easy hike but almost felt like I had to do it just to hit the highest elevation point in Arkansas. Was disappointed that there was no view from the top.

Would love to give this a higher rating, as it is the high point in Arkansas, but so disappointed in the amount of poison ivy found in and along the trail. More care for this beautiful trail is necessary. At times, it was so overgrown that we struggled to move through the overgrowth. We completed the hike in September.

I guess you would consider the swimming area pretty big. If you’re a flea. The place was full of weird rednecks that were running around stealing things and a Sad&Angsty™️ worker that even helped one couple. RIP my donut raft (2018-2018). Gone but never forgotten.

Beautiful day, moderate difficulty.

7 months ago

Walked this a couple years ago while visiting for a wedding. Makes for a very easy walk from the lodge to the peak mainly just to say you’ve done it. Saw some wild life along the way.

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