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well marked, good distance for a day hike, fun scenery

so pretty during sunset

Fun little trail. Very quiet and peaceful on the way back to the falls.

Simply amazing!

The goat trail is one of my favorite hikes in this area. Easy but rocky downhill hike on the way in and a little challenging coming back out. The amazing views from the bluffs are well worth the effort!

Some steep parts of the trail make this a nice challenge to an easy trail

23 days ago

Great hike! I went last year after a week of heavy rain. I went with my Grandpa who has had both knees replaced, we were also with a family friend who had been to the eye before. It was in the 50° with the creek moving so fast in some places that we had to go off the trail. We had no problem finding the trail until we tried to come back a different way. there is a trail that is very steep and can take you up to the top of the eye without going through it, and it keeps going up to the Buffalo River Trail. The BRT was overgrown and we could not find the trail. We made it back to the parking lot at dusk, we saw a black bear with her two cubs, they stayed in the woods and we walked slowly away. None of us had any problems wading the water, I'm 5'4 and the water was up to my mid thigh, the ropes and the cliffs didn't bother us. We knew what we were getting into, but we also knew that we had done all of it before. All of us had been caving before, in some farly difficult caves, that had more challenges than Indian Creek. Would deffently recommend going after a heavy rain to catch water flowing through the eye, but be careful the rocks will be slicker, the water higher, and faster. If you make a wrong step it is possible to end up in the Buffalo River. This is only if the creek is flooded. If there hasn't been a heavy rain. then there probably won't be any water coming out of the eye, but it is still a wonderful hike.

23 days ago

Well marked, pretty simple. There are absolutely no hot springs on this trail.

23 days ago

First 2/3 of the trail is great and well marked. It gets increasingly more confusing as you near the end. You will walk through downtown so be prepared for that... everyone looks at ya funny if ur sweaty, but it’s kinda a right of passage. Balanced rock (done on this recording) is easy to miss. The summit wasn’t that impressive, but worth the small additional hike. I didn’t do the goat overlook because

24 days ago

This was a great hike! We went clockwise and close to the end of the loop there was a hikers sign with an arrow pointing left. We followed it for a few minutes when I began to think we were going in the wrong direction. I opened this app to this trail and it clearly showed that we were not where we should have been. We turned around and went the right direction, which would have been straight ahead instead of that left. Thank AllTrails!

29 days ago

This is a breathtaking hike with beautiful overlooks, waterfalls, and lots of wildflowers. If you have the option, take a vehicle with four wheel drive as the drive down to kyles landing is gravel and quite steep. You’ll start the trek at the edge of kyles landing campground to take the BRT trail. You’ll come to a split, but take a left to go on BRT Steele Creek, then you’ll come to another fork in the road for BRT and ORT and you’ll want to take a left for BRT. Finally, you’ll come to the last fork and you’ll want to go on the primitive trail (should also have a white marker on the sign for Indian Creek trail), which you will stay on for the remainder of the hike. Throughout the rest of the trail there will usually be a dirt trail alongside the rock bed creek and at times the creek itself is easier to stay on and follow as the dirt trail can get very steep and narrow. Once you get to the falls, you have the option to climb up with the help of ropes to get up to the eye of the needle. It is an incredible view and worth the climb, but not for the faint of heart. I’d be careful to go during a time with lots of recent rain as even during dry seasons it can be quite muddy and slick. Overall a great hike with incredibly beautiful views all along the way!

Loved the trail however short it was. Plenty of water at the falls. Would love to see this after a good rain

Easy trail, would love to see this after a big rain. Plenty of water at the falls

A friend and I backpacked this trail (Buffalo River Trail with connecting trails to the Old River Trail) earlier this week. We actually began at the trail’s beginning at the Boxley trailhead, which is 11 miles southwest of the Ponca trailhead, and we hiked to the trail’s conclusion at Pruitt, some 37 miles from Boxley; we took four days to hike and camped three nights. Past Steel Creek, we took a connecting trail (marked “Primitive Trail”) down from the BRT in the mountains to the ORT along the river. We followed the ORT to Jim’s Bluff, where we spent our second of three nights. The next day, we followed this old and poorly-marked horse trail to Hemmed-In Hollow, which is a box canyon containing the tallest waterfall between the Appalachians and Rockies; from there, we trekked along the ORT for three more miles in our water shoes to reconnect with the BRT at Kyle’s Landing.

We fell in love with this trail—what a wild, beautiful and unforgiving terrain with incredible views, ozark glades, waterfalls, wildlife and homestead ruins around every bend. Something to consider, though: while we found many backcountry campsites with water sources toward the beginning of the trail, we found very few toward the end. Past Kyle’s Landing, the trail stayed high above the river, and with little remaining light, we were forced to stealth-camp past Erbie at one of the only sections of trail with river access. (We could have camped at Erbie campground if we’d carried more cash and less pride.)

1 month ago

Great trail! Tough but worth it.

1 month ago

Did this back in 1979. Visited Hemmed in Hollow. Beautiful scenery !

I’d say “moderate” is a fairly conservative rating. Pretty rocky in places and the uphill hike back is no joke. My legs are gonna be worthless in the morning. However, the views were worth every step. Absolutely incredible!

Short trail down to the bluffs and the waterfall. Another trail that is several miles down the dirt road and not heavily trafficked. We didn’t scramble down below the waterfall but we did find the spot mentioned in other reviews.

Beautiful spot away from the crowds with cascades, waterfalls and the creek carving the canyon. It’s a short hike where you can spend a lot of time scrambling on the boulders and exploring around the next bend. The gravel road is in rough shape and 4wd is recommended.

One of the best sections of the Buffalo River Trail, due to access to river bank, view of historic railroad bridge piers and Red Bluff. Thanks to local citizens who adopt this trail and keep in good shape.

Pretty, yet very short hike. Would be nice to see when there is a lot of water moving. Would not recommend making the trip down the dirt road with anything less than a 4x4.

We hiked this trail the other day. It was a little over 6.5 miles roundtrip taking the Goat Trail to the Big Bluff with around a 1000 ft. descent going in and a 1000 ft. ascent coming back. The trail is an old logging trail and can be rocky at times. The views are definitely worth the hike. The goat trail is narrow, but is not dangerous if you are paying attention. Bringing a lunch and having a picnic at the Bluff is a memory that we will cherish.

Beautiful in the fall!

This is one of my favorite hikes in the Buffalo. It’s view is stunning. The hike is difficult but so worth the effort! You can continue the trail down to the river but sometimes it’s closed so beware!

trail running
1 month ago

Coming from West Monroe Louisiana, this is as good as it gets in my book. About 4 hours from home, solid climbs, rocky descents, and the perfect distance to refuel back at the car for another loop. Well marked in most places but has a few trails that come together close to the Gorge, just adds a little variety!!
My favorite training spot so far when I can make the trip!

Awesome hike! Lots of water to tred through along the way, beautiful sights, and good swimming hole spots!

Down the entire way to the goat trail and bluff so be prepared for that! Some of the descents (and eventually ascents) are steep and the rainy weather makes them all that much more difficult but not bad at all and very doable! I’m not in shape and I only had to take a break once at the very end.

The scenery is nice on the way to the goat trail, but the goat trail is gorgeous and makes the whole trip worth while and then some! Highly recommend. We stopped and spent a good amount of time at the end and still got back to the car in 3.5 hours.

1 month ago

This was a beautiful trail with lots of bluffs/overlooks and a great waterfall at the end. If you're really adventurous (and careful) you can go across the top of the waterfall then climb down. It is a big drop off and pretty dangerous, so be cautious. It's a fairly easy trail, we set up camp overnight and had no issues. A little bit difficult to find the trail head but well worth it!

Good float for our experienced Boy Scouts (in Spring! )

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