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Pinnacle Mountain is a day-use park dedicated to environmental education, recreation, and preservation. Located just west of Little Rock, this natural environment was set aside in 1977 as Arkansas's first state park adjoining a major metropolitan area. Operating as a day-use only park, Pinnacle Mountain is dedicated to preservation, recreation, and environmental education. Park interpreters and volunteers help visitors and students understand man's relationship to the environment in the 2,000-acre park that offers a rich diversity of natural habitat.

Great trail, LOTS of rock climbing

If you like using your hands, this is the trail for you!

We did the whole trail. It is very difficult, but even two seniors made it. Just take it slow and be sure you have good hiking shoes. Lovely view!

Bring a lot of water but the hike is worth the view and a great place to enjoy lunch below the summit.

I really enjoyed this trail. Great for an evening hike and plenty challenging for an Okie who isn't used to rocks and hills. Will definitely be back.

My son wanted to go on a hike, so we chose Pinnacle Mountain as it was about 45 minutes away. We didn't realize there were two entrances to two different hikes. Turns out the entrance we went in (East Summit) was the one less traveled. We lost the trail, and ended up climbing versus hiking. When it was obvious we were not on the trail, I told my son "we can turn around if you want". Jake said, "no Dad, let's keep climbing". We knew if we just kept climbing up we would eventually hit the summit. We made it to the top - the views at 1,000+ feet were worth it. As my son said “this is so satisfying”.

There were two ways down - we decided to take the easier route this time. We were sweating and tired by the time we made it down, only to find ourselves in a much larger and unfamiliar parking lot - with my phone GPS telling me we were a mile and a half from where we parked our car! We ended the climb with a nice 1.5 mile walk back to the car. A great day my son (and I) will remember...

The kids really loved this one.