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Pinnacle Mountain State Park is dedicated to environmental education, recreation, and preservation. Located just west of Little Rock, off of Pinnacle Valley Road, this natural environment with its diverse natural habitat was declared Arkansas's first state park adjoining a major metropolitan area in 1977. The 2,356 acre park operates as a day-use park only. Park interpreters and volunteers help visitors and students understand our relationship to the environment in the park. The parks most popular attraction is Pinnacle Mountain, a cone-shaped peak that sits above the Big Maumelle and Little Maumelle Rivers. The park offers features a variety of great hiking trails. The east side of the park allows mountain biking and has 8.5 miles of singletrack trails. There are two main parking areas and trailheads, the West Summit and the East Summit. Trails that start from the West Summit trailhead include the Kingfisher Trail and the West Summit Trail, which summits Pinnacle Mountain. Trails that start at the East Summit Trailhead include the base trail, which loops around the base of Pinnacle Mountain, and the East Summit Trail, which also leads to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain. There is also a short trail near the center of Pinnacle Mountain State Park within the Arkansas Arboretum called the Arkansas Trail. The park is the starting point for the Ouachita National Recreation Trail. The park also offers picnic sites and a visitor center with breathtaking views of the Arkansas River. Autumn is a great time to visit the park, as it has a wonderful display of fall foliage.

Tough but doable.

A super nice workout!! The view is amazing. Was so much more than I expected. I’ll be coming back for sure

So I did this trail last year and to say it’s a rewarding hike is an understatement! I’m a big gal and it took me some time to get to the top (like 2 hrs) but it was such a rewarding view! It’s a bucket list hike and still so proud of myself. It’s mostly climbing btw not hiking.

Great trail for a newer hiker. Took the family on this one. They got a little hot but did great. Will probably hike this one again. .

Awesome hike! View from the top is totally worth it!!

Loved it, very fun and exciting in the rain! Wear proper shoes!

Toughest climb I've done - rock scrambling, heart pumping, gorgeous views. can't wait to do the west side!

it was a tough climb, but definitely worth it!

Fun trail for running with a lot of rock and root hopping. A single loop, as measured by the GPS on my Garmin Fenix 3 is 2.6 miles.

I used to hike this trail all the time growing up. There is a part you are going over large boulders so this isn't a trail for the elderly or those that aren't nimble. Bring water. It's a beautiful overlook at the top.

Amazing every time I go! Clean , mean, and ready to be conquered

Beautiful easy to moderate hike. Actually is more like 3.5 miles. Shady all the way around and opportunity to see some wildlife.

This little mountain is an attention grabber! Becomes a boulder scramble about 3/4 way up. Awesome hike though!

Went up East Summit and came down West Summit. Very nice trail, no rock scaling and seems to be more dog friendly than East Summit. Majority of the trail is through the Forrest with a great view at the top.

Absolutely amazing. We wanted a tougher hike and this delivered! A lot of rock scaling and the view at the top is amazing. Highly suggest going up East Summit and going down West Summit.

1 month ago

My 7 year old had not problems and my 3 year old made it up the first 1/3 and was carried the rest of the way up and 2/3 of the way back down :) beautiful views at the top though, worth it

I like to park on the west side by the restrooms and playground area, but there is parking on the east side as well. I’ve done this trail for many years and it’s a personal favorite. I like to walk from the west side to the east side via the base trail, up the east side (more difficult side) and down the west side (easier side). East side has a steep rocky environment to climb over and is guaranteed to make you sweat. Beautiful views at the top are of the Arkansas river and Lake Maumelle.

A fine, challenging hike very easy to get to and with great views and beautiful forests all the way up! I'm a 26 year old man in average shape, and I was able to summit from the trailhead in about 30 minutes at a moderate pace, but you could easily take an hour if you go slow and soak in all the scenery.

Very popular trail. I was out on a Thursday evening, and there were kids as young as 10 up there with families, and dogs too. At the summit, don't expect peaceful silence; lots of teenagers hanging out and a few people on their phones. Still, the sights are amazing and the mountains roll on for miles from the top. If you're lucky you can easily spot rainbows!

Excelent. Quite easy..!

2 months ago

Worth checking out if you’re at pinnacle state park!

I really enjoying doing this trail as a alternative to climbing up Pinnacle.

Loved this hike! Definitely very rocky (most of the hiking is scaling up the mounting) and not pet friendly. Will require shoes with good tred!

Nice trial, very crowded however. Still steeper than I had thought. Rocks are pretty slippery due to all the foot traffic...beautiful view at the top!

I took the base loop around the North side of the mountain. Very fun, do bring ample water in hotter weather.

Great hike, taxing but rewarding!

Great trail and rocks to scale.

Lightly trafficked, good trail running. Can stay wet after some decent rain. Description says 4.9 mi but it’s logged at 6.5 +

Pretty easy hike. Beautiful views:)

Perfect trail for beautiful views of Pinnacle Mountain. I highly recommend taking this trail all the way to the east quarry trail.

I had hiked up the East side and descended the West. It was a little easier descending the West but way more people to navigate around. I loved every minute and am glad I went. This was a bucket list hike but not for the out of shape.

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