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Pinnacle Mountain is a day-use park dedicated to environmental education, recreation, and preservation. Located just west of Little Rock, this natural environment was set aside in 1977 as Arkansas's first state park adjoining a major metropolitan area. Operating as a day-use only park, Pinnacle Mountain is dedicated to preservation, recreation, and environmental education. Park interpreters and volunteers help visitors and students understand man's relationship to the environment in the 2,000-acre park that offers a rich diversity of natural habitat.

Loved this trail. I hadn't hiked in a while and I was able to manage it with my German shepherd. Near the end it gets very rocky, if you don't have shoes with good tread you will probably slide a lot on the way down (happened to me).

The view was beautiful!

My only complaint is that there were many other hikers, including someone with a dog off a leash that wouldn't leave mine alone, so I would suggest to go early in the morning (I went around 10 and their was already a lot of people).

great views difficult in spots dogs are welcome but small dogs will have to be carried in spots small children will have some trouble at the last quarter of the trail

nice trail not pet friendly unless you want to carry them up an down the last half. very good hike must be sure footed

Great trail! Hard climb to the top! Worth the view at the top! Very busy trail.

Well marked trail. Definitely wouldn't recommend for a first time hike. The climb is moderately tough but its so worth it, the view is pretty great.

Great trail for climbing. I am 22 and my girlfriend and I did it under and hour, granted it was a cool fall day. I highly recommend going down the west side it was far easier to manage.

Fantastic climb. I can speak first-hand when they say this is not recommended for first time hikers /climbers. This was my first climb and it is tough but it is definitely worth it.

great Trail for a slow easy walk did get to see a baby cottonmouth. as I approach the little guy stood his ground did not back down until I walked away