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Pinnacle Mountain State Park is dedicated to environmental education, recreation, and preservation. Located just west of Little Rock, off of Pinnacle Valley Road, this natural environment with its diverse natural habitat was declared Arkansas's first state park adjoining a major metropolitan area in 1977. The 2,356 acre park operates as a day-use park only. Park interpreters and volunteers help visitors and students understand our relationship to the environment in the park. The parks most popular attraction is Pinnacle Mountain, a cone-shaped peak that sits above the Big Maumelle and Little Maumelle Rivers. The park offers features a variety of great hiking trails. The east side of the park allows mountain biking and has 8.5 miles of singletrack trails. There are two main parking areas and trailheads, the West Summit and the East Summit. Trails that start from the West Summit trailhead include the Kingfisher Trail and the West Summit Trail, which summits Pinnacle Mountain. Trails that start at the East Summit Trailhead include the base trail, which loops around the base of Pinnacle Mountain, and the East Summit Trail, which also leads to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain. There is also a short trail near the center of Pinnacle Mountain State Park within the Arkansas Arboretum called the Arkansas Trail. The park is the starting point for the Ouachita National Recreation Trail. The park also offers picnic sites and a visitor center with breathtaking views of the Arkansas River. Autumn is a great time to visit the park, as it has a wonderful display of fall foliage.

8 days ago

This was pretty difficult for a “moderate” trail. Gorgeous views but very challenging.

Decent hike, the majority was a boulder scramble to reach the top. Once at the summit, the views are ok but at only being around 1000ft its about what you would expect. Recommend going up the east, down the west then taking the base trail back to your car.

Easy hike, not much elevation gain or scenery to view. Not recommended for anyone looking for anything strenuous or scenic.

Nice views. Good workout coming back from summit. Need to upgrade my shoes.

I was a first timer. It was a great hike. And amazing views at the top! Plan your time to relax at the top for a little bit if you can.

I saw all ages there today and lots and lots of dogs.

Love this trail. Just enough for a quick sweat! Little rock is humid, i see a lot of people going up without enough water. Hydration is important long or short hike.

great little hike around the base of the mountain beautiful setting lots of shade. Recommend for everyone.

mountain biking
1 month ago

This is a cool trail if you’re looking for a full body workout. Lot of rocks but the rocks are the good kind(planted and don’t roll). It’s a 6+ mile loop and an intermediate rider will average 4-5 mph, so plan accordingly. This is not a fast flowing trail. It’s a good technical trail with an abundance of rocks, but who doesn’t like rocks??

It was my first time in the Little Rock area and I happened upon this park while researching things to do in the area. I hiked to the top with a 40L backpack on (just for the heck of it) and large DSLR in hand... and it was very doable. The heat was definitely the worst part but the views from the top were worth the sweat!

this trail is an absolutely awful mtb trail. I'm sure it's fine for hiking. in fact, it's so bad that I partially chose to go to another state for university instead of Arkansas due to the low quality trails.

I mean, it's aight

it's clearly an mtb trail built by people who have never mountain biked. the lay out doesn't make sense, and even with an excellent hardtail bike, you're going to be jealous of your buddy's full suspension.

real arkansans take this route.

great for a relaxing stroll. heavily under rated

kinda the go to thing to make non natives hike before leaving

Amazing experience! Offers easy and hard side! Incredible views at the peak!

Did this today. I’ve never done a trip quite like this but it was incredible. Challenging and interesting.

A little more than I expected but very nice view from the top!

This was a great loop awesome views was definitely a hard climb up but totally worth it

Never been here before and really loved the trails offered, even for a quick walk around... can’t wait to return!

This trail is paved and shady with interesting signs depicting different trees. At one point there is a nice area at the river to sit and enjoy the different birds calling out.

Moderate-difficult hike. View from the top is excellent. Carry plenty of water especially during summer months.

Tough but doable.

A super nice workout!! The view is amazing. Was so much more than I expected. I’ll be coming back for sure

So I did this trail last year and to say it’s a rewarding hike is an understatement! I’m a big gal and it took me some time to get to the top (like 2 hrs) but it was such a rewarding view! It’s a bucket list hike and still so proud of myself. It’s mostly climbing btw not hiking.

Great trail for a newer hiker. Took the family on this one. They got a little hot but did great. Will probably hike this one again. .

Awesome hike! View from the top is totally worth it!!

Loved it, very fun and exciting in the rain! Wear proper shoes!

Toughest climb I've done - rock scrambling, heart pumping, gorgeous views. can't wait to do the west side!

it was a tough climb, but definitely worth it!

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