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Pinnacle Mountain is a day-use park dedicated to environmental education, recreation, and preservation. Located just west of Little Rock, this natural environment was set aside in 1977 as Arkansas's first state park adjoining a major metropolitan area. Operating as a day-use only park, Pinnacle Mountain is dedicated to preservation, recreation, and environmental education. Park interpreters and volunteers help visitors and students understand man's relationship to the environment in the 2,000-acre park that offers a rich diversity of natural habitat.


Great trail! We hiked from Horsetheif Picnic Area to Lake Wilhelmina Vista, stayed in a couple of shelters, and set up camp in the woods 1 night. The trail is generally well maintained and easy to follow, though a little overgrown in some areas. Water availability was not an issue on this portion of the trail but I'm sure it could be in the summer.

in the area that the trail hits the Kimichi River there are 7 different crossings for which water shoes are recommended. I'm sure water levels vary seasonally but in March it was just high enough to require taking your shoes off to cross, kinda a pain to do 7 different times. Would've been great if I had my water sandals to wear through that whole portion of the trail. It's a beautiful part of the trail.

The shelters on this path are pretty awesome. I recommend staying at one if it fits your schedule. On the Ok side of the portion of the trail there were primitive campsites set up on level ground with sitting rocks and rock fire rings every couple of miles.

All and all, this is a great long dostance trail and I will definetly be back!

I thought this was a great trail! We started at the baseline trail and then headed up the West Summit trail, which lead up to the mountain. The difficulty comes from climbing the rocks up to the peak but other than that it's a great hike.

Chased two six year olds up to the top then back down, fun afternoon hike. Quite rocky and steep in places.

This relatively quick hike ends with beautiful views of the Arkansas River valley. Our 10- year-old traversed the rocks at the top like it was nothing. Our teen girls, however, chose to wait at the 7 with our dog. It is a favorite with the locals, so expect lots of traffic during the weekends or holidays, but it is a fantastic hike regardless.

Arkansas is gorgeous! The trail is well maintained and very friendly. There is a section with rocks and boulders to "climb" that can be difficult for kids or small dogs. I carried my 8 month old Samoyed in a couple spots. Top overlooks Arkansas River!

Beautiful view at the Vista today.

great hike