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Hottest, Driest, Lowest: A superlative desert of streaming sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, multicolored rock layers, water-fluted canyons and 3 million acres of wilderness. Full of nature and history, there are endless activities in the park. About the size of the state of Connecticut, one can spend weeks exploring Death Valley and only scratch the surface of what there is to see and do.

Worth it mostly because it's the lowest point in the US. You can walk out to the middle, but the scenery doesn't change.

Views for miles! The best way to see Death Valley is from above.

Nice, paved road up to a viewpoint. Beautiful views, but it feels like you're in an oven!

off road driving
5 days ago

West Side Road allows you to drive right through the salt flats, it's a pretty cool experience. But please, STAY ON THE ROAD. Please be respectful of the natural beauty of the flats and don't be that guy and drive off the designated road.

The road transitions between sand and rock with a few washouts. While 4wd is recommended, it is not required. I would say high clearance is mandatory, and I recommend airing down your tires, going with a group, and bringing plenty of water. It was around 120 degrees when we went and we didn't see a single person out there, or a park ranger for that matter.

off road driving
5 days ago

Air down those tires 'cause Harry Wade is a rough ride. It's not technical by any means and it switches between rocky and soft sand. We went during the summer and there were a few washouts but nothing too bad, but didn't see anyone else on the trail so please go as a group and bring lots of water. High clearance vehicles are highly recommended, and 4wd recommended but not necessarily mandatory.

10 days ago

Fun hike. Great view from the top just remember to start early before the extreme heat. Not much of a trail to follow the first 3/4s but being desert it's easy to figure out where to go. You'll have the trail to yourself as tourists will stick to the main lookouts.

Incredibly beautiful hike with gorgeous views. Challenging, but it's nice because the hike is broken up into 3 sections. First section has 1500 ft of gain over 2 miles. Then it's relatively flat for 2 miles. The last part is the steepest but not much worse than the first section. Camping at Mahogany Flats was super easy. No reservations required. The dirt road going up is a little dicey for the last mile but we made it just fine in a 2wd SUV. We saw a few cars up there too. One thing that was pretty rough was the BUGS!! Nobody warned us on here! There were flies everywhere at the campground and they swarmed around us. It was the worst in the morning and afternoon, they died down at night. At one point we decided to hang out in our cars because they were so annoying, so bring big spray!
The weather was perfect. 75-80 at the campground and in the 60s at the summit. Bring lots of water for the hike, at least 3 liters per person. The campground doesn't have any water either so if you plan on cooking or rinsing off after the hike plan for that too. Overall this hike is awesome, highly recommend!

20 days ago

My favorite view point of all my stops in Death Valley.

This is your chance to say you've been at the lowest point in the US! You don't have to walk all the way to the center, if you don't want to, to get the gist. Take some close-up photos of the salt honeycomb surface; they turn out really cool! Be sure to look up at the cliff on your return to see the "Sea Level" sign -- that's when you really realize how far below sea level you are.