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John Muir considered Kings Canyon as a rival to Yosemite Valley. The view of the canyon is breathtaking and a portal to extensive hiking opportunities. Home to granite peaks and wild rivers, giant sequoia groves and the General Grant Tree (the world's second largest), Kings Canyon National Park should be on every hikers "to do" list.

This was such a beautiful hike!!!!!

2 days ago

First backpacking trip was amazing at this loop. Spectacular views, river crossings, and suspension bridges. just be prepared for any weather at any time!

4 days ago

This hike kicked my butt! I tried to make it a Day Hike and wasn't ready for it! I would make it a 2day trip. Ran into a few Deers! Good weather, and trail is easy to stay on. I definitely plan to take another run at it when I'm in better shape.

5 days ago

I'm not sure if they were flies or mosquitoes (they weren't biting), but not even they could prevent this from being a great hike.

Bring a face net to keep all flies out of your face, but otherwise it's a beautiful hike!

A great relatively flat-leveled trail. A little short but, still has a great view and river access! Also, access to additional THs nearby! Definitely recommend.

Decent amount of parking available and restroom access before TH.

8 days ago

It's beautiful! It's a short little hike with little to no elevation change and great for families. You are plopped right down in the middle of a meadow with these huge granite mountains surrounding you. When we were there (late August), the bugs were unbearable. It's worth noting because without spray and long sleeved light weight hiking clothes that we wore we won't have been able to do the hike.

11 days ago

Walk-up permits available starting the day before at 1pm. Get them at Road's End permit station. But seems like only 5 available per day.

Allocate 3-4 days to complete the loop. Bear canisters are required, as this is an active black bear area, even though we didn't encounter any. Mosquito headnets are highly recommended as there are miles of trail thru swarms of gnats and mosquitos. Water sources abound, so no need to carry more than 2 liters at a time; bring a water filter, though.

Going clockwise along the loop is recommended, and pretty much what everyone does. First night in Upper Paradise Valley. Second night at Middle Rae Lakes. Third night at Junction Meadow.

Still some snow around Glen Pass, but there's none of the trail. Temperatures were mild. +40 degree sleeping back was enough for me.

Wildlife we encountered: Deer, marmots, chipmunks, rattlesnake.

11 days ago

A great, short day hike that is too many visitors miss out on. Perhaps it is so lightly trekked due to its steepness. Despite the rating here, this trail is NOT easy. It's short, but very steep and strenuous, rising 1500 feet over 2 miles of switchbacks. That workout is rewarded with sweeping views of the canyon and the Monarch Divide to the north. You also pass thru a wide extent of forest that was burned in 2015.

Our Labor Day weekend hike took 3 hours and we saw only 1 other hiker (heading down as we ascended) the entire time.

12 days ago

The Roaring River Falls is a short easy walk, well worth it.

The hike to the falls was scenic and well worth the trip. A must do if you are in the Cedar Grove area. As others have mentioned there are a lot of flies in the area. They do not bite, but an occasional mosquito will sneak in with the swarm. I HIGHLY recommend that you pick up a head net if planning to do this hike. The swarm of flies were heavy in the morning and relatively lite in the afternoon. Repellents do not work on these flies.