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John Muir considered Kings Canyon as a rival to Yosemite Valley. The view of the canyon is breathtaking and a portal to extensive hiking opportunities. Home to granite peaks and wild rivers, giant sequoia groves and the General Grant Tree (the world's second largest), Kings Canyon National Park should be on every hikers "to do" list.

Wonderful hike. Beautiful Sequoias none of which have the name of a General!?!
End of loop allows for refreshing final burst. Only saw four other hikers on the whole loop. Really beautiful wild flowers.

3 days ago

We're doing counter clockwise starting 7/2. Since the bridge is out, we were planning on doing an out and back to Rae Lakes. Has anyone been over Glen Pass lately? Is it safe?

4 days ago

Headed out from Woods Creek on 7/3, wondering if the river will be passable ?

June 2017: lots of white water, the river is full.

Easy quick hike with great 360 degree views at the top.

6 days ago

Th first .5 miles was somewhat ordinary but then the trail began to narrow and change to a prettier and intresting scenery. I carried 3 litters of water and a filter but it wasn't needed since the trail was in easy access to the river. My 9 year old son almost stepped on a king snake barefoot after soaking his feet in the cool water. We took 3 hours to get there but 1 hour to return since we ran back for fun. Mist Falls was truly its name sake, very misty! Please take caution on the slippery rocks- no joke.

This trail was awesome! Amazing views all over esp at the top. I'm so glad I read the reviews and I'd like to thank the person who said to bring bug spray! You definitely need it! I was bitten through my pants. The bugs are very aggressive. The first few miles were pretty hot so bring a ton of water and I suggest going in the morning. Make sure to hydrate before and also bring sunscreen!

8 days ago

Great hiking with tons of huge trees and amazing views. A must do if you are in Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Park.

9 days ago

This trail is incredible! The views of the mountains and the river are glorious.

If you do clockwise, after baily bridge the trail were washed out by the river and it's impossible to walk over the river, as of June 11,2017. I actually go to mist falls trail and that was a very nice one too!

Nice views. Good easy trail. Watch out for weak trees.

The trail was well maintained and offered a few cool views on the way up. There were only a few other people on the trail, and for the most part my sister and I had it to ourselves. We started at Sentinel campground and worked our way up to lookout peak. For such a long and uphill hike though, I was anticipating a better view. After hiking three and a half hours to get there, I didn't feel properly rewarded for my efforts. There were also quite a few switchbacks, but the creek that they led to was well worth it. Within the park, there are plenty of other hikes with close to or slightly more difficulty that offer greater views.

Really get the full effect of Kings Canyon with this hike.

I enjoyed. I took my younger Boy Scouts and at Mile 5.5 they were tired because the last 1 1/2 mile is uphill. So it was a little rough for them. It is June and today the weather was very cold. Roughly 40 degrees. It rained on us the last mile or so. It was very foggy because clouds had rolled in so we couldn't see much around us. Overall it's a good hike. Definite workout.

13 days ago

061017 Trail update: Bridge is still out at Paradise Valley South Fork of Kings River. However, we did the out and back for this route (20 miles). Stunning views and great hike!!!