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4 hours ago

my family and I had a good time on this small trail.. we seen a few rabbits, and a bat.

6 hours ago

My boyfriend and I took our first backpacking trip on this trail, and it was great for our first time. Not too long and a little elevation change was a good challenge. There were a lot of downed trees on the trail and a little difficult to climb over/under with my pack, but it was good practice. we kept our dogs off leash the whole time and never really saw anyone else. We camped at the site with the picnic table, and it was a gorgeous little spot with big redwoods anchoring the site. One piece of advice, when the trail splits and you have to choose to go up or go down, my advice is to go up. We went down and couldn't figure out how to continue along the creek after we went down. There were so many large rocks and downed trees along the creek, it was too difficult to maneuver with our packs and short legged dog friends were having trouble.

Great hike for backpacking or just a day trek. We did a one night backpacking trip and were in awe the entire time. I would describe the trail as moderate with a pack and easy without one. There were quite a few felled trees which were difficult to navigate under with a full pack. Very moderate elevation gain and beautiful waterfalls almost every mile. Plenty of shade cover and well marked trail. The cascades at the top were well worth it!

6 hours ago

Very difficult uphill battle but absolutely gorgeous along the way. Definitely worth it. Tons of wildflowers, and changes in scenery. Waterfalls, snow, fields of flowers, giant trees and granite peaks surrounding you. There were many switchbacks and intense elevation gain but the trail was well marked.

In answer to Charlie Nunez’s question: yes you can get to the trailhead in a regular car. It is a bumpy five miles and you could drive faster in a truck or 4x4, but my Honda sedan made it and there were several similar cars on the road or in the lot, including a Mini. Take it slow and it is fine.

6 hours ago

Trail is super easy. A straight easy shot to walk, and run. No worries there is no mountain and steep trails to climb. I love it so far. Will definitely do it again.

7 hours ago

I started from Stevens park and the trail takes you all the way to the shooting range..it was a loooooong and grueling walk I wouldn’t recommend this trail for somebody that is going by themselves (like what I did) the first hour was fine then you start having to go uphill for the next hour or so and in some parts the trail cuts off into actually wooded areas where it feels like you are going off the trail but it is the actual trail...it feels like the trail just goes on and on then you get to a point where the trail is blocked by a bunch of bushes where you have to crawl through the bush to get past it...and from that point it took me about an hour to reach the shooting range...overall it took me about 4 hours to get through it but that’s because the trail side tracked me where I had to retrace my steps...but if everything would of went smoothly the hike would take about 3 1/2 hours to complete...my phone died when I was trying to record my journey through this trail but it captured most of it...I definitely recommend this to a group that’s avid hikers this is definitely an expert trail and DO NOT GO ALONE!!!!!

There is still a good amount of snow on this trail, but it’s beautiful and doable without snow shoes right now. We saw some very fresh bear tracks in the snow (!) in the meadows, which made us all a bit on edge for the rest of the hike!

7 hours ago

4/21/2018 Trail is in good condition. No problems as long as you are well conditioned, well prepared.
Trial is well marked with white blazes. Wild flowers in bloom. Saw a few deer.
Summit with scant snow in sections. No special equipment needed today. Water refill at ranger station. Easy 2nd peak bag Miller Peak 10400’ right off the trail near the summit. Look at your maps if you want some more peaks to play on. Great day, great trail, just be prepared.

- From Miwok trail to Muir beach: 3.3 miles. Out and back: 6.6 (parked on Marin drive)
- Intense work out with lots of uphills and downhills
- Views: city/north bay and coastal

This was a very nice trail to hike on. The surrounding area is beautiful and quiet. There were about 10 people fishing the lake and perhaps 10 people we met along the trail walking, otherwise it was very quiet and peaceful.

If you walk clockwise from the parking lot, the first 1/3 to 1/2 is easy hike on flat and fairly wide trails that go along a water canal. The rest of the trail is moderate and very fun. The trail gets narrow and winds itself through trees and shrubs along the side of the lake.

excellent trail especially in spring season..perfect weather and great views with greenery and wildflowers all around

Was really busy but the trail was easy and a nice walk.
I would definately recommend carrying on up the waterfalls to the biggest 1. had the whold place to ourselves for around an hour in the middle of a Sat - was wonderful!

7 hours ago

I just did this hike today. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the top because of all the snow. I kept slipping and sliding and decided I'd have to come back and try again once it melts a little more! But the climb up was an awesome workout, and it's a beautiful trail :)

Initial track within a golf course – arrived at the real trail and a closed gate. At about 2.98 m into the track (32,45.53 N; 116,52.84 W) found two snakes in my way (see 6 photos – all same location). As a Newbie in CA I was unable to identify the danger (poisonous snake?) and decided to return. No other person on the track. Trail marks only from mountain bike tires and myself.

This trail while difficult was beautiful today. Poppies and lupine were alive. Nice to be so close to water too.

Pretty beautiful

You can drive the gravel road from the 38 to the trailhead, which saves you a rather boring stretch of hiking. 4WD in dry conditions not required. And, for as far as we could find out, no permit required to park at the trailhead either.

The rim 10/15 mins before the actual summit gives you the best views to the south (San Gorgonio) and north (Big Bear lake + Mojave desert). All in all a decent hike and we definitely had a good time being away from the crowds (we saw ~10 people in total).

The trail took us 3hrs to the top and 2hrs down.

Although we are currently not in the best shape :)... we are experienced hikers and we felt that this trail was actually quite exhausting. Perhaps this was mainly due to a big part of the trail being groomed with rocks that are precisely the wrong size... rather easy to stumble on them... Too small to jump from rock to rock (alpine style) and too big to provide an even (gravel) surface... We suspect that it would have been a lot better if the trail wasn't groomed at all.

For mountainbikers: there's about 5 fallen trees over the trail, but easy to cross when lifting your bike. Some parts will be rather challenging to climb: steep and a bit loose rocks.

This trail has amazing views of the “9 sisters” or volcanic plugs of San Luis Obispo County and other coastal areas. On a clear day you can see the Five Cities area down south. The parking lot is at the top of the Cuesta Grade and can be easy to miss. When coming from Atascadero, it is on the right just after you reach the top of “the grade” (turn into the brake check area). We always park at the bottom and hike from there, but many people drive further up the road, which results in some light traffic. There is a system of other trails connected to the main trail/road that I have not tried yet, but that look intriguing.

trail running
8 hours ago

This is likely an interesting and pleasant walk for some, but the trail was so sandy that it was just a pain to run. The trail was also a bit confusing.

Fun short hike

Está muy bonito todo

8 hours ago

Beautiful views the whole way up!

Loved this hike, beautiful views, friendly people, and great exercise! I was glad I brought my walking stick as it was quite rocky in places.

super fun and easy, gorgeous right now

EXCELLENT trails - amazing views - and not so difficult.
parking is a bit of an issue.
highly recommended..

Beautiful wildflowers and very peaceful once you climb above the highway. Nice trail with frequent shade. Great spring hike!

Lovely trail, well maintained. We did the loop today in 2hrs 22min.

Chairs at the top were nice, well maintained trail -fairly easy

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