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California Map
no shade
21 hours ago

Super fun trail! I took the lower section into the Palisades Trail, but unfortunately got lost halfway through and found myself back at the Oat Hill Mine Trail. I continued up to the top, but instead of continuing to the road i turned right at the last mile and continued up the hill to some gorgeous sights. Certainly a fantastic hike that will kick your butt if you are not in shape, but quite tough on the descent due to the rocks- my pace had to slow quite a bit during certain sections to ensure i didn’t twist an ankle. Overall i will take friends here to show the incredible Palisades as the hike is not overly strenuous.

23 hours ago

Large tree crashed down onto trail along with bouncing boulders. Water logged hillside. Very scary. Had to run to avoid being crushed

Any snow here?

1 day ago

Did this on February 20. Lots of wildflowers. Fun geology...slots, uplifting. Great views.

trail running
1 day ago

A ton of trees and brush down on the trail since the snow. Still passable on foot.

on Antelope Loop Trail

1 day ago

Difficulty: 6/10 (intermediate)

Duration: 2hrs

Distance: ~4 miles (didn’t do west loop)

Parking: Parking lot (no rangers when empty) side of the road (when open)

Views: 7/10; southern views of Angeles Forest and San Andreas Fault, east Antelope Valley, west Gorman, north Tehachapi mountains

Incline: flat to steep in spots

Technical: dirt path

Equipment: hiking shoes (Merrill mesh), sweat pants, layered with windbreaker, Underarmor T-shirt

Weather: 30s-40s

Shade: none

Environment: desert vegetation and wildflowers (poppies)

Wildlife: birds

Bugs: none

Details: dirt paths through poppy preserve

TIPs: top of hills have nice views

PROS: good workout and great views

CONS: none

Scott H (aka Swiper)

Amazing hike. Went the wrong direction bc we follow the dipsea trail which took us to a lot more stairs. so we took a longer route but we had lots of fun. We hike earlier in the day so by the time we finish, we got to watched the sunset and picnic at the beach. Beautiful day too.

washed out
1 day ago

Difficulty: 6/10 (intermediate)

Duration: 3hrs up, 2.75 hrs down

Distance: ~14 miles

Parking: side of the road (no pass signs)

Views: 7/10; southern views of Castaic Lake and Canyon Country, east Angeles Forest, west Los Padres

Incline: intermediate to somewhat steep in spots

Technical: dirt fire road (washed out but passable in a few spots at the bottom)

Equipment: hiking shoes (Merrill mesh), sweat pants, layered with windbreaker, Underarmor T-shirt

Weather: 30s-40s

Shade: very little

Environment: creek and desert vegetation, few pines near the top

Wildlife: birds

Bugs: none

Details: washed out fire road but passable. Had snow, rain, sleet, and hail. Some great views on top and on the way up.

TIPs: cooler weather makes this hike easier and more pleasant, is pretty hot in summer, cool abandoned fire lookout on top (use extreme caution if you climb up it).

PROS: good workout and great views on the way up and at the top

CONS: fire road, no single track

Scott H (aka Swiper)

1 day ago

Great trail for exploring with kids

Went hiking here on Wednesday. And on my decent, 6 longhorn sheep surrounded me 10 ft away. They were protecting their female sheep. I didn’t move and kept my head down. They stared me down for a nervous few minutes and then left. They circled around the area. Otherwise, hike was beautiful and neat to get to the oasis.

We finished the whole loop. It is windy sunny and muddy to the end. We walk clockwise to the loop, everything is cool. But the horse heaven trail is so muddy and few people walked on it. More importantly, it is much longer than I expected. So bring food, water, sunblock with you. Hats are not very helpful as the wind constantly wants to take them.

with all the rain it's a bit challenging to cross the first river if you don't have good balance, but the waterfall at the end is great! plus the several you see on the way in made this a ton of fun to hike.

Great shady trail, you might need the map at the beginning, as there are a lot of Y’s, but’s a great trail for a conversational hike - easy elevation change.

Totally uphill . Be prepared to walk up .... then down. That’s it. Beautiful little views. Very green with a small creek in the late winter/spring.

1 day ago

I like this trail.
Ps, drove around the Conejo Valley after it snowed today and saw all kinds of snow on sandstone.

Great trail for families. did the full loop with my nine year old daughter. The coastline is jaw dropping with the turquoise sea at points. Saw lots of seals and otters. Also enjoyed the whale museum and the helpers along the way with telescopes spotting seals and sharing a view. Had to knock off a star due to so many people and so highly structured, lots of rules. Understand why it has to be this way but takes away from the overall experience of escaping to nature

1 day ago

The road to arrive at the trail head is closed.

Very busy trail once you get away from the shopping area you wind around the mountains and get some good views

Very cool. Pretty interesting hike.

1 day ago

Nice trail and views. Stop at the visitor center across the road, very educational.

super fun

Bad trails markers. Disappointing humans don’t pick up after their four legged animals.

Spring is in the air! Buckeyes getting their leaves! Great hiking trail.

off trail
1 day ago

This is a great easy trail to do with kids.

I love this trail but in a whole year of trying to complete it I always get confronted by the cattle, I go slow, talk calmly and back off when needed but with the last 20 or so hikes i have taken this way over the year I cant pass the cattle. They seem to be getting more and more territorial as each time I hike they are closer and closer to the start of the trail, dont get me wrong I love the cattle but these guys have been getting hostile, I have a few videos from a few different days of almost 50 or more cattle charging towards me, it was terrifying! Maybe a fence along parts of the trail would help becuase if I cant even walk along these trails without fear of the cattle getting angry again. (Before you ask, no I dont have a dog, I walk slow and always keep my distance. I never try and approach them, just walk past)

1 day ago

Great trail to spend the day hiking during the week. Not very many people hiking. 5 miles to the waterfall and back. Had to cross a creek over logs and then use a rope to descend down to the waterfall. It started snowing halfway up the trail. What an adventure!

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