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18 hours ago

Completed this hike on 6-16-2018. The trail has consistent up climbing for the first 3 miles. It’s not too bad until the elevation gets to you. The trail was easy to follow and we only crossed a hand full of hikers. The hike itself is not done for the views but once you arrive at the lakes, you won’t regret it. The bugs aren’t too bad but if you stop for any length of time on any part of the trail, you will have a swarm of mosquitos around you. Make sure you bring bug spray and sun screen.

We hiked in with a lunch and about 1 gallon of water and the hike took a total of 8 hours. That time included exploration at the lakes, a hike around the lake and plenty of picture breaks. If you are going to do the hike in a day, I would suggest following the trail to the 10k mark of elevation to see the lake from above. We hiked in the rocks to the east of the lake as high as we could but it would have been nice to make it to the top of the rock rim.

The trail is not as steep as the summit lake hike out of shake camp in the sequoia national park. The trail does not have any surprises but the main river crossing at least around this time may be difficult for those who don’t want to get wet. I’m sure later on it will dry up a bit to stop that issue.

Lastly, I completed a 4 mile hike 7 months prior and had very little preparation for this hike. I was able to complete it with energy to spare but I did need a few days to recuperate. Anyone with any amount of experience can complete this hike.

This trail is great for beginners to test their skills and see if hiking is meant for them. The trail is easy to complete but has everything you would see on moderate trails in a short package.

We enjoyed this hike on Father’s day. It’s very maintained and a good portion was in the shade. We had two eight year old girls who didn’t complain once. I think the hike was about an hour and my Apple Watch clocked it as 2.5 miles.


muy bien

23 hours ago

bee rock is a fun hike but can be hard to climb if you dint take the trail.

23 hours ago

I wouldnt say this hike is 7 miles long. we parked in the parking lot right in front of the old park. it takes under 5 minutes to get too and 20 minutes to look through. there is a look out point up on the hill,which is a lot of fun to get too.

There is no waterfall on this trail; that is the OTHER Whitney Canyon trail. This one follows the Santa Clara Truck Trail up to the summit of Los Pinetos, which is mainly occupied by radio towers. By all means hit the summit, but I would suggest going just past the spur to the summit, to Wilson Saddle. There are picnic benches and toilets there, a much more pleasant place to stop and rest.

We hiked it, but it is probably more fun as a MTB route. Long, steady ascent on an old road grade, with views that change slowly. No shade on this route, so plan accordingly.

Not much of a hike but it was an interesting walk. the rocks where salt and cool to see.

Loved Bodie! Awesome ghost town with lots to see!

This hike was short and sweet. It was a beautiful hike .

23 hours ago

my husband and I took our four kids to this water fall and loved it. we climbed the rocks as far as we can and got some beautiful pictures.
be prepared to get wet.
also expect a lot of people!!

1 day ago

This hike was so rewarding, but you definitely work for it! 100% uphill, and not a gradual incline! Lots of switchbacks. Started in the Valley at the trailhead about 11:30, made it to Glacier point by about 2, then continued on go Sentinel Dome. Arrived @Sentinal Dome around 3, and hiked all the way back down to the Valley and finished by about 5:30. I parked at the Sentinel Beach parking lot. Really close to trailhead and has a bathroom. All around loved this hike and recommend it to those who are active.

I have done this one several times and really enjoy it. It's more a family trail in my opinion than anything. Nothing too too strenuous but there are some parts of it that will get your blood flow going. A few friends and I decided we would run this about a month ago and while the young buck did the entire thing no sweat, the rest of us had to walk certain points. It's a great way to stay in shape though with just enough uphill and down. The views are great the entire time and the gazebo at the top makes for a good little resting spot.
I recommend taking the first left. Its a little more uphill at first but the last mile or two is easier and you'll get shade later on in the hike. Bring plenty of water!
Weekends are filled up so I recommend getting there early and there is a small fee for parking as well.
If you're bringing the pups, they are welcomed but make sure they are on a leash or the rangers will issue a ticket.

Hope you enjoy!

Did it my friend and were in all wrap coz of little shade. It was a nice area and hilly.

A Boy Scouts MUST - Baden Powell, the founder!!! Monument at the summit!!

All Trails®:
Total Distance: 8mi.
Elevation Gain: 2,759ft.

We got to the trail head at 7:55am and by 8:05 the entire parking lot was filled up. There were lots of large groups gettin ready to take off so we quickly used the restroom and were on our way. According to my All Trails® map, the first mile took us 25 minutes and was 656 ft elevation gain. The second mile we did in 26 minutes and was 732 ft elevation gain. Third was 27 minutes and 696 ft elevation gain. And lastly, our fourth mile was 35 minutes and 679 ft elevation gain. The last mile was definitely the hardest and I could feel my legs gettin heavier and fingers pulsing from the elevation by the 4th mile. There is a great stopping point near the 1500 year old tree that will give you a glimpse of what the summit looks like. I personally thought that was it. It was so gorgeous. But, only a few more minutes and you'll be at the summit. And you will be so happy. Its a panoramic view that will take your breath away. We got to the top and dropped our gear and just relaxed a little. There were a good amount of folks at the top and they were all super friendly. We ran into some PCT'ers that have been hiking for roughly a month with 4-5 more months ahead of them. Unbelievable!!

So after we took our pics, we made our way down and that was fairly quick. It can be a little dangerous when trying to get out of the way for folks coming up so I caution you to be very careful of where your feet are. But for the most part, you'll get down quick and its not so steep to hurt your knees. I will suggest, dry, tight shoes to keep from rubbing the bottoms on the way down. That was my mistake and my soles were pretty sore by the bottom.

We saw kids on the hike who were doing great. I'd say any kid over the age of 12 would be good if you were going to bring them along. And I had my to pups as well so as long as yours are in good shape and can handle other pups, they would love this hike. My heelers absolutely enjoyed it but were exhausted by the end so keep that in mind when debating the furry friends.

This was my first of the Six Pack of Peaks and very well could one of my all time favorites. It was a beautiful hike all the way up and down. Go early and you'll enjoy the wonderful weather. If not, I fear that It may be too hot, especially to a beginner.

See ya on the trail!

Rocky but fun!

1 day ago

nice trail. rocky at points but moderate
72 degrees at 10am took me 1hr 42 mins up and about 15 minutes faster coming down

Lots of poison oak on the return route. AllTrails suggests parking at the trail entrance but to shave off a mile or two you can continue to drive the paved road until it dead ends and start the hike from there.

Started at the bottom near swingbridge parking lot. Hiked up and decided that I wasn’t excited to go back down so I waited for one of the shuttles that aren’t free or on a schedule to ride down. Note there are not free or scheduled shuttles. Awesome hike if you can just do the hike up and find a ride down to save your toes from 4 .4 miles of downhill

Not going to lie.. thankful to the hikers that made the stone trail markers climb up was hard but doable.. you’ll feel proud after! Beautiful waterfalls and areas to soak your feet and relax

Great hike for an easy to moderate workout!

its was a nice hike, not nearly as hard as I thought. Its a cake walk compared to potato chip rock

One of the best hikes Yosemite has to offer. Bernal falls is the first waterfall and right away you will have some incline. No intense switchbacks until after vernal falls. Be prepared to get wet! As you are walking next to the falls. After vernal falls you can make the decision to head back. Depending on your crew and your fitness level I recommend going to the top of Nevada Falls it’s worth the accomplishment. Here is where the trails becomes hard. Incline with switchbacks. Once you reach the top most people are relaxing and eating before they head back down. Bring waterproof hiking shoes, lunch and 2-3L of water. Have fun!!

great trail for those with little ones! we did the trail with a 5 and a 2 year old. fun for everyone. also liked easy access to Port a potty.

on Mill Creek Trail

1 day ago

I'm a beginning hiker but my son told me the first couple miles of this trail would be easy. I'm so glad I went for it! I walked in a little less than 2 miles and loved every step of it before it got steeper and I decided to turn back. There were a couple of low stream crossings, beautiful views, and we got to see it coyote run across the trail close in front of us with a squirrel in his mouth. I can't wait to go back and challenge myself to go further uphill.

Perfect hike with kids. My 10, 6 and 3 year old boys all handled it like a champ. Definitely some steep points and with the washed out trail in many places it was a little tricky for the youngest. But he did it and we enjoyed the peak!

Various terrain but nothing too challenging. At one point it actually looks like the trail is closed but there’s a marked detour. I just followed along with the map and it was pretty accurate. Loved the views and the different scenery

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