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Comprised of impressive rocks, caves, cliffs, and peaks, Pinnacles National Park showcases the results of ancient volcanic activity on landscape. The park provides spectacular heights that attract many rock climbers. The park has an abundance of hiking, in fact, the two sides of the park are only connected by foot; there is no road connecting the two sides. Please note the park is often very hot in the summer months. Fees: Vehicle Entrance Fee - $30.00 Motorcycle Entrance Fee - $25.00 Walk-in or Bicycle Entrance Fee - $15.00 Passes are good for seven days from the time of purchase. Vehicle and motorcycle fees include all passengers. Non-commercial Groups - Per Person - $15.00 Per-person fee charged to non-commercial groups entering in a vehicle with a capacity of 16 passengers or more. Annual and Lifetime Passes Pinnacles National Park Annual Pass - $55.00 This pass is valid for 12 months from the month of purchase. It covers the entrance fee to Pinnacles National Park for the pass signee and accompanying passengers entering in a single, non-commercial vehicle. Pinnacles Annual Passes are available at park entrance stations and visitor centers.

1 day ago

Completed this trail with my fiancé today 3/28, the first day that they instituted the new rule that only people with campground reservations can enter. To start, it was a major pain because we had to drive 30min back to King city to get signal to purchase a campsite (which we didn’t even use). Once we get into the park, we found out that there is no parking allowed at the trailheads, so we had to start our hike from the campground into the trail. What started with a hassle ended up being a blessing in disguise as the closure turned away most casuals leaving most of the park completely deserted. During our hike we counted only 6 different groups of people on the trail, and this was even with a late start in the afternoon! What an incredible treat we had with large sections of the trail with nobody but ourselves. The scenery was amazing and I kept turning corners with my jaw dropped at the geologic formations that were ahead. The weather was also perfect with moody clouds that never produced more than a light sprinkle but kept the weather cool and lighting perfect. I can’t wait to plan my next trip to my new favorite NP, hopefully during a time that will be as deserted as when we went. Only bummer was that all of the cave sections were closed due to Covid-19. 10/10 will definitely go again.

2 days ago

Closed- Bear gulch caves and High peaks trail (see my posted pics) 03.21.20- I came early morning (7.30 am) for much awaited full upper+lower bear gulch caves experience but sadly the caves are closed to access. No worries. I took the detour and did the hike to the top in rain. Let me tell you Pinnacles is best in rain (and then spring for wildflowers). At the top, I found the high peaks trail is also closed (with penalty for fine and jail time if breached). took the juniper canyon trail and came back. All the time it was misty to rainy to misty to rainy again. Very good experience on my 3rd yearly (March) trip to Pinnacles.

Views and solitude

10 days ago

The views are amazing. I must have taken 2 dozen panoramic pictures. The caves at the start are a little difficult but a short distance. If you are not comfortable with heights the loop us probably not for you. Trail get pretty narrow but luckily the railings are sturdy! You definitely rely in them. I took about 150 pictures and stopped to enjoy all of the views. The Ranger said it was about three hours...I took me 4 1/2.

14 days ago

Fantastic trail with amazing views and narrow spots along the cliffs (with guardrails). This is one of my favorite loop trails now. Make sure to take a small detour to the reservoir and hike through the cave. Pro tip take the shuttle from Bear Gulch back to the parking lot if you had to park far away. Parking is limited and fills up quick before 10am!

Went on a Saturday that had a high chance or rain. We had a light drizzle in the morning but the next 6 hours after there wasn’t a drop. The air was cool and the sun wasn’t harsh. We went counter clockwise due to recommendation and it was definitely the way to go. On our way down we found the Bear Gulch Caves and took them up into the lake. We then hit the Moses trail on our way back and it was perfect. If you arrive on a busy day note that Parking may be full which will lead to you having to take the Bear Gulch trail to the start of the trail(like we did)

The cut through should be told that service dogs cannot do that route. My service dog was able to but not other dogs would be able to climb the ladders made in the rocks. It was very scary at some points. Other than that we made it! We had to do some back tracking & added a mile since I forgot my trekking poles. Then back track to take off his pack & lead him through the difficult ladder part.

Nothing to spectacular given you’re following the road most of the time

Bring a headlamp as you are going to need it when you come down or up the caves!! It was such a beautiful day here! The winds were a bit strong but other than that it was really nice! I would suggest two layers.

Went clock wise and it was a beautiful day where it wasn’t too hot for the steep hike!! Loved the caves! Will go back!

Very green from recent rain. The trail was in great condition. On high peaks trail saw 4-6 condors. Wildflowers in bloom. Lavender juniper. The stairs and ledges were doable and quite fun. Will definitely do this trail again if I’m ever back in the area.

private property
29 days ago

1 month ago

The first section of this trail is pretty easy. Once you get to the Y in the trial, you can head up to the Cliffs or take a right and go into the cave. We went to the cave first, but most hikers seemed to be coming from the other direction. Either way you go, the cliffs have a bit of a steep incline. You dont see much from there, except some good views of rock climbers if they are out. Glad we went that way, but if you're just interested in the caves and want to make it a less strenuous hike, take the right in the Y of the road, go to thru the caves and turn around and come out the same way.

Fun trail that gives you a good introduction to Pinnacles. Pretty steady uphill after you get past the first 3/4 of a mile. Once we got to the first fork, we chose to go left to the Tunnel first. Not sure I'd go that way again, felt more steep than coming down from the High Peaks side. Either way, fun trek though the tight areas along the ridge. We caught the sun coming down and definitely made the hike up seem well worth it. Condors were very active as well!

Started at the bear gulch to condor gulch! Beautiful views. We went through high peaks trail and come down to the bear gulch caves and the rim trail.

Hiked this trail on 2-22-2020 while camping in Pinnacles Campground. We went counterclockwise and I think it was the best for me. Going on steep downhill climbs really hurts my right knee but it didnt bother me at all on this route. We saw some condors up close flying over head as well as perched on rocks all around. February is definitely the time to go. It was warm and sunny even during the winter. Great Trail!

Great trail. Well kept with just a couple of trees across but easily bypassed. Elevation at the beginning and end but flat for most of the hike.

First 7 miles on North Wilderness trail passed on 2 people on a holiday weekend! Ranger told us we might not see anyone. The last 2.3 miles was on the popular trail through the Balconies caves so there were more people and families, but not bad. North Wilderness trail is single track and they portion along the river bed uses cairns as guides to stay on the trial, but they were easy to follow and plentiful. Once you get over the first climb and decent very flat and easy walking. The stream was dry even in February so no need for any kind of water shoes. The bonus fun of getting to do the caves at the end adds something to look forward to. Bring a small flashlight.

Hiked the entire Trail today, 02/17/20. weather was perfect and trail maintained. there was a constant supply of California Condors overhead. Made the hike loop clockwise.

Did this counter-clockwise. Beautiful views at the top with soaring condors. Excellent hiking weather in mid-February.

Amazing view. Not too crowded.

Nice loop out of the campground. Bring a light for the cave sections near the reservoir

Awesome trail, definitely can’t do that anywhere else. We started around 9:00 and saw half a dozen condors flying overhead. One of the rangers was about 2 miles up the trail watching a new condor nest, and let us look through her glass. Super cool. Also, the trail is more like 4.5 miles, the app shortchanged it. For anyone with kids or babies...not easy. I carried our girl in back carrier for all but the first half mile. There are several right and narrow spots. At the high peaks portion I had to lean out over the rail to get her around the rocks, and there’s a little tunnel that I had to get on hands and knees for as well. For any kid actually walking it, it will be exhausting. I would not recommend backpacking your kid through it unless both of you are comfortable in the backpack and have done it before. The high peaks portion has very few trees, which means almost no shade. I would recommend starting no later than 9 to avoid the heat A great hike, thank you to the boys of the CCC for making this trail almost 100 years ago!

1 month ago

Arrived at 8:30 Sunday morning. 2/16/20. Headed to Juniper/High Peaks:Tunnel Trail, then on to Steep and Narrow as advised by ranger at Visitor Center check in. It was a great trail with lots to see. Very cool start, but warmed up quickly due to climb. (We’ve done Upper Yosemite Falls, and this trail is much easier, but a great mid range moderate). Not easy for those with young children or baby carriers. The Steep and Narrow looks daunting, but was easier than I first thought. Went backwards on parts of descent which helps. After a quick lunch we completed the Balconies Cave Cliffs Loop before entering the cave. We were ready with headlamps, and found we didn’t get wet at all, as many had stated. Loved the thrill of spelunking. Done by 12:30 p.m.

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