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Pinnacles National Monument is a protected mountainous area located east of central California's Salinas Valley. The Monument's namesakes are the eroded leftovers of half of an extinct volcano.The Monument is divided by the rock formations into East and West Divisions, connected by foot trails; there is no through road that connects the east end west entrances to the park. The east side has shade and water, the west has high walls. The rock formations provide for spectacular pinnacles that attract rock climbers. It is popular with advanced rock climbers due to the many difficult and challenging climbs. The Monument is most often visited in spring or fall because of the intense heat during the summer months.

Did this as a family hike. It was a little tough for my four year old, but he’s a trooper. Carried my two year old on my back in a soft structured carrier, even through the cave portion. Some spots were a little tight (I had to instruct her to keep her head on my back to avoid bumps). It is possible, contrary to what a few people told me exiting the cave. I’m fairly experienced with the carrier, and also on the thin side so it may not be possible for all to go through with a toddler on their back. Head lamp would be useful, as two hands are required at some points in the cave portion. A lot of fun though! I would totally go again.

really fun... great for kids!!

beautiful hike!!

This hike is the best in Pinnacles National Park!! Awesome views and great chance to see Condors!!

most beautiful hike in the park. great chance to see condors!!

Worth the hard incline for the views at the top! Loved the narrow peaks part of the trail with the rocks that had holes for your feet carved in to climb up and around the rocks & the single railing ledges! Definitely for the more adventurous hiker!

Great hike. Due to overcast skies, we didn't see any condors and the Peaks were obscured a bit, but still a nice hike. Will more than likely go again in order to get a true view of everything.

The rock formations are so fascinating and the condors are so majestic if you get to see them! We learned that January and February is when you will see more of them in the park. We got there very early and parked at the Bear Gulch area upper parking lot. We went clockwise and didn't find the Steep and Narrows section to be that difficult going down (all in all, took us about 3.5 hours). It will definitely get your heart rate up, but the views are stunning.

Loved it. Beautiful views. I would say moderate. The cave portion was difficult to navigate, but there are painted arrows to guide you. I’d advise bringing a headlamp. We didn’t and just used a iPhone flashlight so that made it a little more challenging at times.

Beautiful hike! Saw three condors and lots of other birds.

Nice trail with beautiful vistas. Up close to two Condors (236 & 340) warming themselves in the early morning sun; 15 feet off the trail.

Get there early to get parking and on the trail before it gets busy.

Saw a BIG Bobcat just off the road as we left the Chaparral Parking area. Great day.

Lots of other trails to explore next time.

Great hike with nice views and amazing rocks formations. Some stairs and a lake to end it. Great photos to be taken here.

Did not complete trail but made up to the very top and returned. This trail has some challenges if you don't like heights. My wife and i loved it and want to do it again

The steep and narrow part is for real steep and narrow. If you have young children or any mobility issues this hike may not be for you. The views are truly stunning and even though it is only 4 miles it feels like a hearty hike. Highly recommended, bring your cameras.

Such a fun and easy trail for people of all ages! We went on Black Friday and the park was definitely busier than usual but we still had no problem exploring the caves and getting to the reservoir. Can’t wait to go back!

Great hike! It is steep but well worth it!

Loved this trail. Saw 2 condors! It is steep but not bad.

Such a fun trail. We camped at Pinnacles on Black Friday and parked in front of this trail in the early morning Saturday. Beat the crowds, it was a fun easy trail. Went through Bear Gulch Cave to the reservoir and headed back on the Rim trail for a total of two miles. Lots of people out rock climbing. Definitely do this trail before 10 am as after 10 or so all the tourists will swamp the trail.

One of my favorite hikes! Went on Thanksgiving weekend with my sisters. Had no clue how cool the pinnacles were. We started on the condor gulch trail side which was an uphill workout all the way to the high peaks. We had lunch on one of the rocks at the steep and narrows section overlook and saw 3 California condors flying together. Awesome day and great exercise.

Amazing views and actual condors loitering over the Gulch. The "high and narrow" section lives up to the name, with some near-vertical stone steps. The actual trail surface is pretty smooth though, and easy to traverse. Lots of switchbacks help with the elevation.

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