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This park has Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, the scenic McKittrick Canyon full of Bigtooth Maples, part of the Chihuahuan Desert, and a fossilized reef from the Permian.

This is a strenuous and rewarding hike. The views are amazing especially once you reach the summit. You are rewarded all along the way with beauty. Bring plenty of water and you might want a snack as well because this hike will take you at least 6 hours to complete. Bring a camera too :)

5 days ago

SO BEAUTIFUL, people said the trail was very over grown, they haven't been to slaughter canyon or the back end of guadalupe ridge trail, those are hard trails. This trail if you're in shape and hike an average of once every 4-6 weeks this trail is moderate and we managed to finish in 7 hours and that was with breaks and taking a lunch. So many great views and pics, if you're worried about safety we actually had some cell reception most of this hike which is unusual for this area. We saw lots of deer and we happened to have some really great over cast with slight breeze. We also saw a HUGE road runner, like probably successfully take out a jack russell if given the chance. You can't beat the views, when people were slightly unimpressed with this hike they clearly didn't spend anytime looking around or have no idea how to appreciate desert beauty.

Awesome hike. The views can't be appreciated from pictures. I wore running shoes and by the end my feet were pretty sure from the rocks. would recommend some type of boot.

A good strenuous hike, but beautiful and i felt accomplished. My legs were done at the end, but werent too bad the next morning. Glad i did this!

Great trail and hike with shade. Starts out deserty and then gets more piney as you go on. Was awesome climbing to the highest peak in Texas.

18 days ago

18 days ago

Hiked up with my sister in law on 11/19. We did Carlsbad Caverns in the morning and started up the trail at about 1230. The wind higher up was incredible. On top it must have been over 50 mph and it was cold. We could barely stand for a few photos. The sun set about half way down - thank God for good headlamps. Finally staggered into the parking lot at about 6.

Allow yourself 4-5 hours up and 2 back down. The last 1200 yards are the most difficult but are absolutely worth the view. Breathtaking views all the way up. Will definitely be back.