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This park has Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, the scenic McKittrick Canyon full of Bigtooth Maples, part of the Chihuahuan Desert, and a fossilized reef from the Permian.

Allow yourself 4-5 hours up and 2 back down. The last 1200 yards are the most difficult but are absolutely worth the view. Breathtaking views all the way up. Will definitely be back.

Gorgeous red maples in the fall. First part of trail is really easy. Getting to the grotto a little more work but doable. Nice picnic spot.

Hard for old fat people like me but I did it. Very pretty climax

Trail starts by Frijole Ranch buildings. Nice views of the surrounding flatter areas. Trail covered in loose rock. I met a couple of Javelina on the trail. I went mid November, but would not have enjoyed this in warm weather as the trail is mostly non shaded.

Difficult but doable! I went Nov 12th, the high was like 55 degrees so very pleasant weather. We started at 10am and finished at 4pm. The beginning is very steep so don’t be discouraged if you stop a lot to catch your breath. Definitely recommend proper shoes and enough water. I took a hydration pack with 1.5 liters and I ran out of water going down.

Strenuous hike but very worth the views! Loved being at the highest point in Texas.

Loved everything about this challenging hike! Start early and take plenty of water!! Lots of resting spots that are out of your fellow hikers way and the camping spot (closer to the top) is nice for overnight hikers. Amazing views that are definitely worth it. Trekking poles are not a must however I wouldn’t do it again without them.

Beautiful day and great weather. Scenery is great! Well maintained trail. Took about six hours round-trip including a half hour at the top and several stops along the way.

Amazing hike and final view

Nice Saturday hike!!

15 days ago

Shorter hike with year round pond and stream another gem of the Guadalupes

This time of year (early November) is probably why this is also know as the pretest place in Texas. Some of the best trail in the Guadalupe's

16 days ago