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This park has Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, the scenic McKittrick Canyon full of Bigtooth Maples, part of the Chihuahuan Desert, and a fossilized reef from the Permian.

My time at Guadalupe Mountains National park was very limited, so I chose this trail instead of the Peak hike. Sadly, I probably would have been better just taking a pass. The trail just wasn't that interesting and the views were kinda meh. I chalked it up as a chance to stretch my legs after a long car ride.

12 days ago

Best trail ever!

We were here in March. Started about 7am and had almost no traffic on the way up. 38 degrees and super windy on the summit. We actually felt the decent back was the tougher part of the hike. Be sure your toenails are clipped for this one. Highly recommended hike. One of our favorites.

I did the trek by myself. Stayed Friday night at the campsite. The sunrise Sat morning was spectacular. The clouds were in the valley below. The trek to the summit was about an hour. I stayed at the campsite again Saturday night. It was around 40 degrees at night so I needed my warmer sleeping bag. The trail was strenuous but if you are in shape there is no problem making the trip in a day.

Terrific trail. Strenuous for sure but smooth with lots of switchbacks. First third of the hike a lot of elevation. Trail meanders around mountains and valleys providing stunning views. No water on trail, so take what you need. No trees for hanging a hammock at the campground but there are some up at the backcountry site. Really fun. Campsite area is nice too.

We attempted this on an unseasonably warm November weekend a year or 2 ago. It will test you. If you are in shape you will do well as long as you bring layers! Can't say that enough. We got about a mile from the peak before giving up partly from 40+ mph winds and wind chills (didn't bring our beanies or better jackets up) The other thing that got us was the time change. We were using our phones and they were still reading Dallas time so we thought we needed to haul ass down thinking sunset was coming sooner than we thought.
All and all it was amazing and should be on every Texans to do list. It is our Everest for now and will definitely be back to conquer it!

This trail is very beautiful, but hard too. We didn't see anybody for 24 hours or more and the trail is poorly marked.

The trail is okay. Definitely easy for those with limited mobility. What made the outing awesome is the ranch buildings and the incredibly knowledgeable park ranger. I took my son this spring, right after he turned 16, and we made a day of it at the park. Touring the buildings and talking with the park ranger made our day. We learned so much and I'm just sorry that I cannot remember the ranger's name.

I am not in shape and round trip took me about 7 hours. It was really nice to have my trekking poles on the way down. Switchbacks can be steep and a lot of exposed cliff. There were swarms of lady bugs and flies at the peak!

another mile and half and you'll be there! bahahaha great hike very trying and rewarding.

27 days ago

Make sure to look for the rock cairns when hiking through the wash, as there is no marked trail.

Challenging hike. If you're in shape, an hour and a half goal to the summit will put you to the test. The peak offers stunning views of west Texas.

It's challenging but rewarding work getting to the top. Every switch back offers a new stunning view.