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This park has Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, the scenic McKittrick Canyon full of Bigtooth Maples, part of the Chihuahuan Desert, and a fossilized reef from the Permian.

Definitely a hard hike, not for kids under 13, make sure you bring plenty of water and food. About 2.5 hours to the peak, and one hour fifty min out. We hustled and were tired. Well worth it though! There is a couple windy areas at this time, gusts up to 35, but press on.

Great Hike, starts out hard, levels out, and finishes hard. GREAT hike for the state of Texas. I've done this one twice, once in the summer and once in the winter. Both were great

Fun hike, our group got to the peak for sunrise. Pretty unrelenting elevation changes, but that is to be expected with a gain of 2857 feet. Well maintained trail with some exposed sections. I did not feel unsafe, however I would be wary of bringing children up there. We also lucked out with the weather, as when we went there were no icy patches.

well maintaned campsite and trail. excellent views with a pretty tough trail and amazing view at the end. would do again

Ran (mostly fast walked actually - very rocky) 1:20 up and 1:00 down. Great views, lots of interesting terrain & several ecosystems.

While the hike itself was strenuous at the end, it was not as difficult as others have reported. I had a fabulous weather day. 6 hours round trip.

Have driven this beautiful highway several times. It is always a pleasure to see these mountains again. The scenery is always different depending of the time of the year.

Monica’s review is spot on. It’s an incline the whole way but absolutely worth it. Bring plenty of water, snacks and layers. The weather was 65 at the base when we started at 8:20 am. When we reached the peak it was much much colder and the wind was around 40+ mph. Definitely worth the work. Stay safe and enjoy!

This is really a very easy trial through some nice vegetation and good views of the surrounding mountains

26 days ago

Great long hike. The Tejas Trail is gorgeous and the switchbacks are exposed on the mountainside. Got slightly lost: when you take the Bush Trail, you want to veer towards the Pine-something campground, if you don’t, then you’ll end up somewhere back on the Tejas Trail. You do hike four little peaks before Bush, but the incline is not intense. Great long hike.

Great hike. Well marked and very scenic. The December winds were intense, but we made it through.

Started hike around 1015am. Slightly less than 2 hours up, about 1:35 down (Would rate this more of a moderate hike than strenuous). A bit slick in some areas closer to the peak that don't receive much sunshine, but other than that, smooth travels on the trail. Very windy at points during the hike, and especially at the peak. Strong enough to push you around if you don't have your footing!

Just beautiful and so well maintained

30 days ago

Great hike!! Went up via Bear Canyon steep climb but well worth the effort!!! Saw a herd of Bighorns. The view at the peak is breathtaking. The views coming down were just as beautiful coming down via the Tejas trail. I have done Guadalupe Peak as well and I’d have to say that Hunter was just as challenging and the views were better!! We went in December and just be prepared for cold weather towards the top

Nice hike to the springs. Many wildflowers in the summer and nice views of the surrounding mountains.

Very nice trail with many wildflowers in season and good views of the mountains.

1 month ago

Really like that trail, it is easy to walk, has very good views of the mountains and during the summer has an abundance of wildflowers. Have hiked this trail several times

Great hike. View and terrain varies quite allot which is great.

Took my family (wife and two kids, ages 9 and 14) on this hike. The first 1.5 miles were tough but certainly bearable. The weather in mid December was great until that 1.5 mile spot. At that point, you make a sharp turn and the wind hit like a hurricane. It was hard enough to knock my 9 year old over. The rest of the way up there was intermittent heavy, heavy winds and occasional snow and ice on the trail.

The hike is probably a little too difficult for a 9 year old. He made it to within about 200 feet of the summit, but just couldn’t go any more. My wife stayed behind with him while my older son and I hiked the last 20 minutes or so to the top. Incredibly rewarding to get there, with spectacular views, but it took everything we had to get there.

The hike down was far more treacherous than we anticipated. With more shade and falling temperatures, the snow and ice had become much more slippery. We all fell more than once on the way down. We were fortunate to make it down without anybody getting injured. We were prepared for the cold, but I don’t know what we could have done about the snow and ice. Even with hiking boots, we had to go very slow to stay on our feet in some places. Because of the slower pace, we made it down just as it got dark. All in all, this was an incredibly rewarding experience. If we had to do it over again, we would probably do it in the spring or earlier in the fall to avoid that bitterly cold wind.

This is a strenuous and rewarding hike. The views are amazing especially once you reach the summit. You are rewarded all along the way with beauty. Bring plenty of water and you might want a snack as well because this hike will take you at least 6 hours to complete. Bring a camera too :)

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