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Texas Map

Great trail

It a good 10 miles total. No one else on the trail on a beautiful March day. There is no lake, just a few creeks. There is no parking lot on either end, but plenty of street parking. In the middle there is a short walk along a road with a home that has a pack of unleashed dogs that were eager to greet us.

Parking is pretty good, some signs on the dirt paths, fun trails to explore.

Paved trail that connects to other paved trails through Carrollton, good for biking.

1 day ago

Nice little walk by the creek, pretty quiet during the weekday when I've gone. It was nice to relax and sit by the waterfall for a while.

Varied landscape through the park and a choice of concrete trail when it's just rained or dirt paths when the weather is good. You don't really have to know where you're going when you go down the natural trails as you will eventually find your way to the big concrete trail.

road biking
1 day ago

No shade, but connects to other trails

Fun trails to explore! I usually took the Renner trail that went under 75 and connected to these trails, so parking was not an issue for me

road biking
1 day ago

No shade, but connects to other trails

1 day ago

I really enjoyed this trail. It had a number of interesting views, before you get to the spectacular Devils Hall. Note: many of the rocks along the trail, particularly in the wash, are rather new rocks that afford you good traction. But be very careful getting overly confident with your foot placement, because a large number of the rocks have been there a long time and are as smooth as polished rock. This is especially true when you get to the ledge section of the river bed, before getting to the Devils Hall. There are lots of good hand holds and footholds at that section, but the rock surface has been worn smooth from all the times water has rushed down through it.

I really enjoyed hiking to the top of Texas' highest peak. Thank you very much to the people responsible for building and maintaining this well-maintained trail. Thank you also to whoever was responsible for putting the shiny metal monument marker at the top of the mountain. It was very cool having such a prominent marker at the top of the mountain. Note: near the top of the trail, well above the camping area, there's a section of the trail where you can take it to the left or the right, and both places and up back on the trail, but you should take the left way that has you go over bed rock to the opposite side of the ridge, rather than the right side (muddy) which takes you needlessly over a short but steep "up and down" back to the trail. Both ways work, but you can save yourself a bit of needless aggravation by taking the correct trail path that goes left at the spot,

Ignore the power lines, and get a third of a mile into the trail and you will be rewarded with a heavily wooded lightly traveled trail area. Weekdays on the late afternoon offer an eerie low light secluded experience that has a bit of a Blair Witch feel to it...just not disappointing as the movie.

1 day ago

Beautiful hike, however watch out for the African honey bees who have made the arroyos their home! There were so many buzzing above us that we couldn’t go to the end of the trail. Better safe than sorry with those aggressive bees!

Nice and relaxing hike. Trail is wide open and clear. Would be perfect for mountain bike riding.

My favorite

This is a private property and trail not open to public

Fun easy trail and dogs can be off leash

I hiked the blue loop (7.2 miles) and the red loop (12 miles) this week. There are large sections of the trail that are thick with bluebonnets right now. I also saw a bobcat and a large rattlesnake.

2 days ago

Great urban hike! Can be modified to be up to 10ish miles.

This place was so nice to walk! There is a nice children’s park , restrooms (which did have a code lock but we guessed one and used it just fine), a nice sized lake ... it’s only a mile long but there are a few different route options so it never felt crowded. My favorite part was definitely a little bridge you could cross over. I would definitely come back :)

I went on a Tuesday morning and it was mildly crowded, but still lovely. There are many areas where the trail splits with no trail markers, however these all lead back to the same trail for the most part. The falls are small, though beautiful, and make a great little swimming hole.

Great for a quick jaunt in the outdoors. The trail is pretty short and not challenging, really ideal for a short walk in nature. The trail follows the river pretty well so there are some good views. Not much terrain/elevation, so its an easy trail.

I couldn’t find it, I think they put the tennis center where it used to be.

The Haynes overview trail is more of a rocks scramble up the Mesa. It is fun and not too difficult and plenty of built rock steps along the way to help out and prevent erosion. Beautiful views on the upper rim and a fun descent into the canyon floor. The hike out of the north prong canyon floor is fairly flat and easy hiking. Some awesome almost slot canyons and riverbeds to explore too.

Trails were clean and fun! Met lots of nice people.

3 days ago

awesome trail..2walk, walk,walk forever!

lots of glass in some areas. steep onclines. mind some of the trash if you have dogs or young kids overall really good trail

Beautiful trail. Not many people out during the week.

Amazing little gem! Easy to hike and follow trails. The spring sights and smells made this stop well worth it. A small part of the Brewery Lane Trail is temporary closed due to bee activity.

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