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The park conducts tours open to the general public. These ranger-led tours are conducted on the first and third weekends of the month. Reservations are preferred, with tours limited to ten persons. If attendance allows, others will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. For reservations, call the park office. Tours depart from the park's front entrance at 8 a.m. during the summer months and 9 a.m. during the winter months. Special arrangements for clubs, scout groups, school groups, or any group of more than 8 persons is available, depending upon staffing. Please call the park office for more information. The park reserves the right to limit the number of hikers in a tour group or to cancel trips due to weather conditions. For all tours/general hiking in the Franklin Mountains, wear good shoes, preferably hiking boots, weather-appropriate clothing, and travel in pairs. Always bring plenty of water and snacks. Cell phones are advised if available.

A fun climb and some beautiful views

It is difficult as you get closer to the caves. Bring plenty of water. I would consider it more moderate than easy.

This is the hardest "easy" trail I've done. I visit regularly to workout. It's a super short hike but it's steep and really gets your heart pumping. It is slippery coming down especially towards the top, I fall (very minor slips) every single time. I recommend hiking shoes or something with good grip. The caves are really cool and the view from the top is great! This is one of my favorite trails, I always bring my friends here when they want to hike in the city. Dog friendly!!!

This hike is not for the faint or weak-hearted. If you are an intermediate or advanced hiker and confident in yourself, then this is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed this hike from start to finish. It is a long hike that takes anywhere from 5-7 hours depending on how many breaks you take. Took me 5:17min. If you plan to do this hike, DO NOT take your dog and go with a buddy. There is some difficult terrain on the trail (if you can see the trail) that require hardcore negotiating. Started from Transmountain pass and finished at the south end. Best advice I can give anyone, besides bringing plenty of water and starting early in the morning, is make sure you stay on the ridgeline. You will be tempted to take the lower parts but there is not trail there, just a lot of yucca and cacti that don't feel great. The ridge, and in some parts (especially after McKelligon Canyon) knife-ridge, is the trail. If you look ahead there will be a semblance of a trail but it's easy to lose like most trails in the Franklins. This hike was very rewarding, especially if you do the entire thing!

14 days ago

This was a great short hike to take my two small dogs on. Even with how steep it gets towards the top, they made it just fine and I got a slight leg work out out of it. A positive is there is a covered picnic table to stop at for shade half way up, a huge boulder for another break in the shade (at least for my dogs), and finally at the top the caves made for a great place for pictures and a water break before heading back down. I'd do this trail again for my dogs or when my daughter gets old enough to take out to some trails.

My son and I hiked this trail in 2016 when he was 15. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia so I hike at a pretty slow pace. I started using trekking poles while hiking in Colorado on snow-covered trails in April of 2016. The poles were such a huge help for my knees that I have continued using them. They really saved my knees coming down-hill on this trail. It's worth the climb, awesome views, but a bit of a challenge for short folks whose knees don't work very well.

24 days ago

Had some difficulty finding the trail head (it's behind the restrooms), and we wandered off course once or twice, but overall a great hike. Used the app to stay on course after the first detour. No shade and several steep slopes to climb.

25 days ago

Great trail. Done it a couple times. About 1800 feet of climb. View is worth it and you can rest and get snacks at the ranger station at the top.

27 days ago

Challenging trail. This map app definitely did the difference. Beware of snakes! Went with my dog, he caught some thorns and had to pick him up a couple times due the challenging of the trail. You're gonna feel lost most of the time, but if you follow the live map on this app, you'll be fine. The start of the trail doesn't look like a path at all, I missed 2 times. Very challenging, but worth it to finished. Took me 3hrs in total. Almost fell into cactus a couple of times due extenuation. Choose carefully at what time of the day you go, that makes a huge difference.