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The park conducts tours open to the general public. These ranger-led tours are conducted on the first and third weekends of the month. Reservations are preferred, with tours limited to ten persons. If attendance allows, others will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. For reservations, call the park office. Tours depart from the park's front entrance at 8 a.m. during the summer months and 9 a.m. during the winter months. Special arrangements for clubs, scout groups, school groups, or any group of more than 8 persons is available, depending upon staffing. Please call the park office for more information. The park reserves the right to limit the number of hikers in a tour group or to cancel trips due to weather conditions. For all tours/general hiking in the Franklin Mountains, wear good shoes, preferably hiking boots, weather-appropriate clothing, and travel in pairs. Always bring plenty of water and snacks. Cell phones are advised if available.

7 hours ago

My fiancé and I took this hike because it said it was easy. But once we got to the mountain it was very steep. I was fine but my fiancé just had finished a big lunch( which I didn't recommend) so half way through the trail he wanted to throw up. It is a perfect leg work out. Take some water because we hiked in 95 degree weather. The cave is breathtaking and specially the view! They have benches so you can sit down and look at the view. They are great just to sit and admire the nature.

Amazing views! Easy, fun starter trail.

Shouldn't be labeled as Easy! Lol Maybe it's because I'm out of shape! Great Trail! Had los of fun with my Son!

2 days ago

hiked to the mines, the trail is a little rocky in spots but still a nice hike. remember sun screen!

3 days ago

4 days ago

Good trail! It's easy to get off the correct path, especially if your goal is to find the cave. Now the cave isn't your typical entrance of a cave. It's literally a hole in the ground at the top left side and can be easily missed. Once we found the hole we were a little discouraged and didn't think we'd be able to get out but we made it down and out with no problems, just focus on your foot placement and you will be fine, I do recommend bringing flashlights and even a change of clothes such as extra shirt because there is a point in the cave where you will have to crawl but It's really a great experience and definitely encourage anyone to at least attempt this and you will be so proud and accomplished. I would do it again for sure.

8 days ago

11 days ago