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Visitors can enjoy primitive backpacking, camping, hiking, technical and rock climbing, picnicking, geological study, bird watching, and star gazing (minimal light pollution). Remember, at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, do not disturb plant or animal life, geological features, or Indian or historical artifacts. These park resources are protected by law! Bring your own firewood. Rock climbers must check in at headquarters; route maps and climbing rules available.

Small parts of this trail could be the most difficult within the park for some to get through as your going over and around rocks, small boulders, and flat slabs. For most, this will be no problem as it is easy scrambling. We went during the first part of November and a section of this trail was colorful. We did this trail as part of a loop around Enchanted Rock also using Base Trail and Turkey Pass Trail.

Very unique formation. Be sure to walk around all sides of the upper area to take advantage of the different vistas and views of the park area.

gets your blood pumping but it's pretty short the top makes you think you are on another planet

22 days ago

We loved this trail! It wasn’t crowded with people like some trails are. Most of the activity took place near or on the summit. Took us about 3 hours to complete. Didn’t come across too much water but plenty of bathrooms I think we came across three total on this trail. Pretty great trail once we got to the boulders it became challenging but so so rewarding once we reached part of the summit at the end! Definitely going back soon before it gets too hot.

been here 4 times in 2 years. It never gets old looking out over the land from the top. Exploring all the sides and the rest of the park is still on my list. I will be back!

A must do hike for Texans and visitors. Crazy geological structure! Get there early because they only allow a certain number of people a day.

Very crowded on a Sunday... parking will reach capacity. The hike is short and can be steep, but worth it for the views. Park is very well maintained; the park staff are doing a fantastic job!

Combining Enchanted Rock with Echo Canyon, Base Trail, and Turkey Pass loop makes for a very nice morning hike with interesting views. While this hike is generally easy, there are slightly moderate areas where a little rock scrambling is required. If one has time, going up Little Rock, Freshman Mountain, and Turkey Peak using social trails or your own path can be interesting.

Last weekend I took my 73 young mom on the summit hike then down to echo canyon to get out. Next day we did the loop around the rock. We took the trail counter clockwise. Cutting through the valley between Turkey Peak and Enchanted proved to be a rock scramble for short people and then again crossing between Enchanted and Little rocks was even more challenging, but it was beautiful and we enjoyed both days.

Pretty easy walk. The views are worth it.

Loved it!

Great day spent hours climbing rocks off the beaten path. Really nice trail, you'll have an awesome time if you ever off the trail and find your own way to the top. I took my puppy and he climbed and loved it! Try the slushies at the bottom of the summit definitely visiting again

One of my favorite views in Texas.

Quick little hike with amazing views. You wont be disappointed.

Rather than following the hordes up the rock, consider doing the base hike. Much quieter and more peaceful. Greater chance of seeing wildlife too.

Very steep and awesome!

Fantastic trail, great view as a reward!

Hot, humid, sunny, steep....but worth it! Bring lots of water and sunblock.

rock climbing
7 months ago

This allows access to some of the best crack climbs in Texas at the Triple Crack area just below the main dome. Fun for just a hike, as well.

Like every great hike, bring your rope to really experience the area.

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