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1 day ago

awesome trail..2walk, walk,walk forever!

10.7 miles total. Chose to take Laguna Meadows trail to Southwest rim to Boot canyon tr/1.5 mile to Emory Peak, (the trail steps helped) woohoo!! adrenaline rush.

2 days ago

Beautiful views all the way up as the sun rises through the early morning. The views from the top offer long distance vistas as well as much closer interesting geological shapes. The volume of trees growing in the shaded canyon to the east of the very top trail was an interesting surprise.

off road driving
2 days ago

Great day in the Jeep. Nothing too hard but beautiful views

3 days ago

Went up and back Tejas Trail. Not too hard I would say moderate on hiking level. Some some mule and a small lizard. Great hike. 4-14-18.

on Lost Mine Trail

4 days ago

Beautiful trail with open, unobstructed views. Trail well maintained even with heavy foot traffic .

5 days ago

Start before sunrise for amazing views.

5 days ago

More of a walk than a hike, but beautiful views particularly at sunset.

This is a great trail, but the information listed is inaccurate. It is an extremely easy trail: completely flat, level and gravel (it used to be a railroad bed). Dogs are allowed on a leash, but mountain biking is absolutely not allowed. Stop by the Refuge Visitor Center to borrow some binoculars and enjoy!

12 days ago

Kristen and I were first on the trail after gates opened at 8 am. Lots of scat. When you get to canyon the trees are amazing. Some water although looks like this may have been more in the past. Loved the Pratt cabin and the hunter cabin. Magic place.

Kristen and I went to top and back in under 4 hours. I agree it is more like a 9 mike hike. Trail is perfectly marked. Saw deer on hillside above us. One super windy section near the Guadalupe campground. Great hike. Great view.

12 days ago

started hike at 7.30 p.m. reached the chimney just as sun went behind the mountain . cactus was blooming and scenery lovely with the sun low on horizon. trail easy to follow by starlight. did not need headlamps until last .5 mile.

13 days ago

Beautiful but strenuous trail.
The last 500 feet is rocky with a fair amount of scree. I fell at the top when my boot caught the edge of a rock. Five miles of hiking, 3000 ft of elevation and sixty mile trip to Carlsbad ER who, I might add, were very caring and did a great job stitching me up.
Everyone at the summit agreed and compared GPS’s, this is a 10 mile hike not 8.8, 9.2... that trail signs and books claim.

13 days ago

The view is spectacular!

Amazing views. My favorite part of the hike was the nice beach in the shade. Cool boulders along the way too.

The trail was a bit more intimidating that I anticipated, what with all the cacti near the trail. We found a cave up near the top of the ridge that had a bunch of old and fresh lion scat. The actual den at the trail's conclusion is a great stop to hydrate and fuel up on snacks.

We hiked this trail right after completing Devil's Den and the canyon walls were worth it.

Hiked with a couple friends and we enjoyed being alongside the river.

Bumpy, but great shortcut to Santa Elena. Nice sighting of a primitive structure along the way.

The road was a lot of fun to drive in the Jeep, and the views comprised of vast expanses of desert. Really cool.

Really well designed building at the fossil exhibit.

The road was smooth, the scenery great, and I got way too excited driving through the tunnel.

Beautiful drive to make when you first enter the park.

Starts at the hot springs and leads to rio grand “village” which is actually just a picnic area. Can also be done in reverse but we wanted to finish and take a dip in the hot spring which was a treat. Be sure to bring a lot of water! There is no shade on this trail whatsoever. Great views of the river and canyon and across the river to Mexico!

Hot/exposed at first but leads into a wooded area with lots of shade!

This was a difficult hike but worth the view at the top! It is up hill most of the way there, with some flat breaks. Don’t be fooled by all the false peaks, we kept thinking we were close to the top and then we would see a higher peak.

16 days ago

Amazing trail, stunning views, superb camping spots. Hiked desert part in one day, mountain part in one long day, so did Junniper - Wilson - Rim - Junniper. Initial plan was to do 3 days but the rangers ruined that (see below).

Expect some serious shade from the scare-mongering rangers if you tell them you want to do this trail. They told us :
- the desert part has no trail markers you'll get lost.
- it's going to be 105F tomorrow you're going to suffer and give up
- there is absolutely no shade in the desert part (Dodson trail)
- you saw that trail on the internet you have no idea what you're doing
- 1.5 gallons of water per person per day
- go do the South rim hike instead, you can make it the same length

The truth was :
- there are cairns everywhere on the desert part, you cannot get lost.
- the next day was cloudy and temperatures were around 80F. I was cold, always backpack with a sweat-shirt.
- there is indeed very little shade on Dodson trail
- 1.5 gal pp per day was accurate for us
- South Rim hike is way shorter. We hiked that one in a day and a half then grabbed our permit to do the OML in two days rather than 3.

The advice I would have liked :
- hike it in March, flower season for cactii
- avoiding Chisos is a good idea, keeps all the nice views and makes it a 2 long days hike.
- the road to Junniper canyon trailhead is really shit, even with a 4 wheel drive (SUV not a jeep) it took me 90 minutes to do it one way.
- consider carrying more water and not caching at Junniper to avoid that drive
- get a hiking umbrella, weights very little and provides great shade on desert part.

I was able to pull it off took all day literally like 10 hrs but I wanted to enjoy it and I’m disabled. So if I’m able to do it surly most can

Grueling hike and the last 30 foot scramble isn’t for the faint of heart, especially on the way down. That said, my dad (72-years old) and I completed this hike in about 6 hours with many rest stops. The 360-degree views afforded from the very top of Emory Peak are only rivaled by the views from the South Rim.

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