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Great track, pretty quiet and lots of fun little spots to explore.

I hike/run at Pedernales State Park regularly to stay in backpacking shape and for overall conditioning. I noticed some people giving one star for the Wolf Mountain Trail because it is basically a dirt road without much shade. I intentionally stay off this trail as much as possible for the same reason. However, one star is too harsh for Wolf Mountain Trail in my opinion. Use the paper map or this app and try out the other trails like Juniper Ridge and Madrone if you want woods and shade. It’s not difficult to make your own loop using the map and avoid wolf mountain. These trails are more technical and beautiful at the same time.

I love this trail. You depend a lot on the weather though. The scenery is beautiful and the trails are in very good shape.

3 days ago

We loved this hike and highly recommend it. Beautiful sights!! Know your limits and turn around once the drop offs get too much to handle unless you have proper repelling/climbing gear.

3 days ago

An amazing number of ecosystems within a small area.
Don’t miss the Crystal, West Main, and Dome trails.

4 days ago

I love this trail. Its some great exercise and about 6 miles. You get a pretty good 15 minute climb at the end and get to stand up on the lighthouse rock structure at the end which is really rewarding. Ive hiked it a few times and mountain biked it as well. Great hike to take visitors.

Great trail with kids. Beautiful views and when you get about a mile and half out you can start climbing as high as you want to your climbing level. Took us about 3 hours to go up to the ridge and back.

Great workout. Super rocky. Overall incredibly gorgeous. Make sure to stop at the Country Kitchen afterwards!

trail running
5 days ago

Best trail system around, hands down.

4 mile hike. was steep in some areas. has to stop and rest. had to cross a few creeks. one climb was tough and the decent was steep. definitely worth it. the view was beautiful

great trail! some steep areas and long upward climb but a beautiful view. definitely worth it .

We tried to go hiking but all of the trails were flooded. It didn't say anything about it on the park website. so if you're driving any sort of distance, I would suggest to call the park if it has been raining a lot. Other wise, the fall colors on that area are gorgeous.

5 days ago

This was our first time at this trail, and I must say that we were impressed. It was a bit confusing at first maneuvering through each of the trails, but overall it’s just a really big circle which is nice. The walkways were wide enough to where we could walk side by side with our dogs. Not overcrowded at all, hardly saw anyone, the staff was friendly as well. There was a bit of trash, but nothing too drastic. The trails were a bit wet as well which was unfortunate, but then again we did go after we just received a lot of rain. Overall, we give it a 9 out of 10 and will most definitely go again!

Great for kids. Paved. Avoid during hot days, there is zero shade. There is a gravel/woodsy trail behind the tennis courts and playground that is worth exploring. That one gets 4 stars, low traffic and shaded.

Went hiking here three weeks ago. The wetlands portion of the trail was impassable, but we slogged along anyway, thinking it would be better around the next corner. Wound up barefoot the mud was so bad. I'm sure it's great when it's not underwater. We had fun anyway! Saw a beaver and flocks of geese settling in as dusk fell.

today, trail was a bit muddy from last night's rain. well worth the time.

I would not call this a hike. It’s a long walk with a disappointing end. The trail is Mostly flat with a few little hills. There are always a lot of people on it. Lots of better hikes in the canyon. Rock garden is way better and the same distance.

Great hike from the base of the canyon to the rim. The first 1.2 miles is through the rocks and the prettiest and steepest part of the trail. The remainder is a steady climb of switchbacks to the rim. Not that difficult. Trail is well maintained and marked well.

Just a paved trail that parallels the river in some spots and the flood plain in others. OK for a leisurely stroll.

First time in Government Canyon Park. Due to the current heavy rain, most of the park was barracaded and not accessible. ..but I did get to hike about 5 miles (including the Discovery Trail) today. Very nice, easy hike. Proper footwear is essential -very rocky terrain. I'm looking forward to hiking every trail in this park! Quite impressed so far. ..will be posting as I go. ..

8 days ago

Awesome scenery, Friendly people! Definitely will go back soon!

I am not a hiker/Walker what so ever. I was worried at first because the park map says challenging. Glad we listened to the tip at the beginning saying to take bridges trail for an easier walk up to crystal cave. The views are beautiful!

Cool place with great views. Main trails are very wide and easy, but there are spots where the trail crosses wide swaths of granite where the trail isn't well marked. Due to recent flooding, we were unable to hike one segment of the loop, and had to take a trail through a canyon. This trail was quite rocky and rough.

Great trail with stunning views and plenty of contour. Three caveats: 1. You will get your feet wet crossing the stream in several places. 2. There are long stretches with no shade, so it can get brutally hot. We baked here in early November. And 3: it is crowded here in the fall, even during the week. That said, we really enjoyed this hike. Took us 3 hours.

Good hike inside the city. Great for swimming when we get enough rain.

We did this hike at a very leisurely pace and stopped to play in the streams and fall foliage so it took us about 3 hours to complete. The leaves had started turning (first weekend of November) and it was pretty but probably in two weeks time more reds will start coming out. It was a good distance and fun walking through streams with some uphill parts which made it slightly more challenging. Try to go early in the morning (I think park opens at 8?) to ensure you’ll get in. We went around noon and the park was completely full so we spent some time at the winery down the road which was also beautiful. On the way back we tried our luck to get in and were lucky enough to get in but if you’re only there for a day I wouldn’t risk it. I would also suggest hiking it in water shoes or teva/Chaco type sandals. A friend of ours went in tennies but another friend and I got to walk through all the streams with our tevas which made for a very refreshing trip. A nice little gem in the Texas hill country!

Great trail, easy enough for a beginner. But as other reviewers said, it’s longer than 6.7 miles. I logged 8 miles.

Eisenhower is a great place to hike. Scenery is very pretty along the way with several lake views along the trail. There are restrooms at multiple points near the trail. Also picnic tables. On 11/4/18, much of the trail was very muddy due to recent rains.

rock climbing
11 days ago

Assess your skill level, read the other reviews below too and have a flexible plan because there are lots of ‘dumb ways to die’ on this ‘trail.’ There is no trail for the entire length of the ridgeline above or below the ridge. This is not hiking, it is free-style rock climbing.

How you will be humbled: One section of the ridgeline is nothing but a single, jagged, ‘knife-edge’ ridge to traverse. Once you are committed to this section, each foot-hold, each hand placement, each direction means life or death. Expect your muscles to feel like jello even before you begin this section because there are other sections like it, but this one is the worst. Once I hit sections like this I stopped taking pictures because I was in survival mode. Your option for not crossing sections like this or high cliff edges: empaling sword cactus, spiky cactus fit for a crown, cactus with tiny splinter barbs and loose rocks of all sizes and shapes on steep inclines, but mostly, the uncertainty of not knowing if there is a way through at all after all your effort and in the end having to turn back. I had cell service the whole way, but watch your battery life. After learning the ways of the sword cactus while going around the ridge at one point, I read a previous review on here and it gave me the confidence to continue to problem solve the ridge-line. Stay on it. Once you stop having fun and you are ready to get down off the mountain, you will learn to pray out loud. Bring a flashlight because you will grossly underestimate the timing. I did it in nine hours for a total of nine miles. I started out at the McKelligon Canyon parking lot at noon and lost the sun on some treacherous terrain just before reaching the kind ‘Thousand Steps Trail.’ I took the ‘Thousand Steps Trail’ safely to the parking lot. Once the sun went down, I had to use a different set of eyes: the lights of the city, the white reflecting trail, my GPS on ‘All Trails’ and ‘seeing’ through a continual prayer for direction. Bring a sweater in case you are forced to wait for morning light.

Rewards: Amazing views on Mount Franklin in all directions, quiet winds at summit and moments of the type of solitary worship that can be had in no other way. The satisfaction of reaching my goal. It’s a rugged, harsh beauty worth seeing! There are delightful swifts that swirl up top, deer and the night sounds of coyotes.

Just be smart about it and stay alive! My best advice is to do the trail in two parts on separate days and watch your time. My temps were 72/49. Bring an ultralight, hands free backpack for extra water. Hiking type running shoes are a must. The terrain on the top ridgeline is sturdy and has natural holds in places.

Pleasant walk. Pretty short, but gorgeous views of the lake. Nice for a quick little scenic stroll.

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