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Did the Joe Johnston trail with my husband and also a small part of the overlook trail - April 9 (or 10th??) 2018. I just brought tennies and the rocks were a little hard to walk on toward the end - my feet were tired and my ankles a little sore. We were jet lagged though with two hours of sleep. Dinosaur tracks were fun to see! I’m from the PNW so fun to see something a little different. Good little hike.

A hard hike is an understatement. We started from Trans Mountain and went up to the “Elephant” and then skirted the the top rim to come down. There is no definitive trail to go up or down so we just sort of made our own. Very loose rock and dirt and I was so glad when we got to the top. Beautiful views once at the top bit today was extremely windy. Didn’t make it to the chain section as we were not sure which direction to go so maybe for another day.

We took our dog and she had a lot of fun. There are a lot of bikes to watch out for if you are going to be walking but other than that, it's a really beautiful trail.

The rock garden is a great trail. A lot of steep uphill downhill. Beautiful views everywhere. trail is marked well every 0.1 mi. This is a very challenging trail run since it has many twists and turns, and it is 1400 feet from bottom to top I believe. Bring plenty of water as it is hot, dry, and shade coverage is very scarce.

The trail itself is one of my all-time favorite trails. I like to start on the GSL, then connect to the Light House. Once you get to the light house, climbing the formation isn't too difficult. But it does have a couple of places that are physically demanding to get to the top. I wouldn't advise the climb for the very young, very old, or if you aren't comfortable lifting your body weight. Otherwise, just the trail it self is awesome, please bring several liters of water. It's hot, dry, and no real shade coverage. Enjoy

on Buffalo Bayou Loop

trail running
2 days ago

it is still a little chaotic from harvey, but otherwise its fine. great for small children, elders, PT, and leashed/not leashed dogs. i havent gone kayaking yet, but people who are seem quite pleased. the 5ish-mile run is fun and challenging with the wind and hills. apart from the damge from harvey, this trail is great.
note: if you have small children, keep them away from the silt piles! rats and who knows what lives in those!!!

3 days ago

The alligators freaked me out a bit but other than that was a nice hike on a pretty day! We somehow ended up doing 10 miles, I think because we started at prairie branch trail.

Nice 3 mike loop, meadows/wild flowers, tricky rocky areas fun on a good MTB, some uphills, few downhills, easy-moderate.

For a great hike take the horse trail (entrance on the right hand side of the parking lot) from the FM428 entrance. Great low water crossings and lots of tree covered dirt trails.

A quick uphill to the ridge top then an easy flat walk or run to the end. Trail dead ends at a road and is above a set of train tracks and a golf course. A partial and full view of the Dallas skyline are nice rewards.

Beautiful Park. I wish we could have spent more time there, we only spent half a day. The hike to the summit of Old Baldy was amazing and the view was breathtaking. The park has a gift shop, food truck and little grocery store. From what we were told the park gets very busy in the summer. Cant wait to spend more time in the park

Love it.

Sidewalks have a few places to watch for cracks if you are riding skates or a board. Side walks are small. Water is available. Pets are around and parking is plentiful. There is shade.

Sidewalk is huge. The area is flat and there are only two big hills. Wind is pretty rough in the winter.

mountain biking
4 days ago

Gnarly and fun

trail running
4 days ago

Great trail, can be difficult at times to find the path.

I love this trail! It has some great views and beautiful trees! There are a few inclines here and there which aren’t too bad!!

This is the hike to do when you go to Pedernales Falls State Park. It’s a really quick hike and then you can explore more up or down the river. I explored down the river and it was beautiful! Loved this area!

Most of the pictures attached to this hike are of the falls at the north end of the park. The twin falls is a trickle of water and not a waterfall. There’s an overlook, and you aren’t supposed to walk down to the twin falls. I didn’t think this hike was worth it even with it being a super short hike. Go to the main falls!

5 days ago

Great hike into the Canyon with some challenging deep holes in the canyon. It would take some serious climbing, perhaps with climbing gear, to get all the way to the river.

5 days ago

Loved this trail! We went later in the day while it was still cool and beat a thunderstorm coming back in. Didn’t see many others and at one point had to stop and admire the beauty and the great silence of such a vast place with no sound. Awesome!

5 days ago

Nice place. Was very quiet and not many people. Concrete paths. But, found some “off road” paths. Enjoyable. Nice ponds and creek.

This is a great very enjoyable walk/hike/backpack, whatever you are interested in. I have been several different time now with my son and with my wife as well. It is so well maintained and everyone is super friendly and helpful. There is an observation center where you can go inside and someone is usually there to show and let you touch a small baby alligator. There are snakes behind glass observation windows also. Along the trail there is also an old “Homestead House” setup, an old “Blacksmith shop”, old glass front gas pump, an old windmill, and many other old time set ups to look at. There are some Buffalo that you can see and a look out deck where you can watch them. I can’t say enough about this place. It’s so worth the trip. We go at least twice a year.

Parking is pretty good, some signs on the dirt paths, fun trails to explore.

Paved trail that connects to other paved trails through Carrollton, good for biking.

road biking
7 days ago

No shade, but connects to other trails

Nice and relaxing hike. Trail is wide open and clear. Would be perfect for mountain bike riding.

My favorite

I hiked the blue loop (7.2 miles) and the red loop (12 miles) this week. There are large sections of the trail that are thick with bluebonnets right now. I also saw a bobcat and a large rattlesnake.

I went on a Tuesday morning and it was mildly crowded, but still lovely. There are many areas where the trail splits with no trail markers, however these all lead back to the same trail for the most part. The falls are small, though beautiful, and make a great little swimming hole.

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