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A short boardwalk through the coastal marsh, the trail is easy and great for kids. I visited in winter, the mosquitos were not a problem and no gators. Kids loved seeing the blue crabs cruising along the clear waters of the lagoon. Great for birdwatching.

This was a really well, maintained trail with plenty of shade along the way.
We are beginners but enjoyed the challenge. Elevation was nice, not too hard with roots and turns along the way.

We didn’t bring enough water, lesson learned. It was a great way to connect with nature and found great respect for the peace and beauty of it all.

Towards the very end of the trail we got turned around and took a trail that led to a dead end. We called the park officials and they were kind enough to point us in the right direction. ☺️ We didn’t get a chance to swim but will definitely come back and camp next time.
Very happy trail!! We had the whole place to ourselves. ✌

1 day ago

Quiet and peaceful!

Would be more fun for bikers! The trail was initially more peaceful and captivating but after a mile in, the scenic views were not that appealing. I would go back to River Legacy to walk if you need to go to a place nearby.

Beautiful find in the middle of suburbia. Not a fan of suburbia, so this is a gem to me.

Always a fun climb up this unusual rock. Even fun for small kids. Just keep a hand-hold on them.

2 days ago

This trail is probably my least favorite I’ve ever been on at PDC. The first part of it has some great views, then it turned into a view of the road, and everything else touristy. It was a switchback trail down the side of the canyon and the trail was narrow and rocky. I took my two dogs with me and they struggled with how rocky and jagged everything was. There were signs saying that the trail is closed from 5pm-12am. Remember water, not much shade and hot as a firecracker.

Great short hike. Could use new signs.

2 days ago

It was moderate for 3/4 of the trail but the end near the caves is extremely steep. I could not make it to the top. My anxiety and vertigo became severe and after several panic attacks I sat on a boulder while my husband explored the caves. With the hazardous rock laden trail and its steepness, and my panic induced stops, it took a total of three hours.

This trail is moderate for experienced hikers and thrill seekers.

We love this trail. It's the closest to our home and offers a great place exercise and be with nature. Clean and not difficult.

3 days ago

One of my favorite tralis to Ruck so far! lots of great scenery, very well marked and maintained. Great space to clear your head, and next to no trail traffic on a quiet monday.

Good first hike!

Great directions and trail ratings!

good change of pace on views on trail.

one of the nicer trails. Hard to find the start point because road signs are not good. Once on trail, it is well marked. It is in and out, not a loop with very nice views, close ups of rock formations that make up the Canyon . one of my favourites

on CCC Trail

3 days ago

would not rate it easy. it is easy to get to. close to entrance. Park at viewpoint to the right, hike down about 1.5 miles for part 1. Then it is another 1.5 to 2 miles to the amphitheater. There are nicer hikes in the Canyon , nevertheless this is a good one, not to be missed

3 days ago

nice hike, measured 7.5 on app. quiet and in sync with the birds and nature.

trail running
3 days ago

Great trail for a long run. This is a fully paved/concrete trail, so not exactly “trail running”. No cars, not too much foot traffic, occasional obnoxious cyclist who thinks he’s in the Tour de France, etc. It’s a great time, and lots of different access points.

There was so much trash. Very sad

Took in the Tom Mays trail and the Upper Sunset Loop Trail and it was awesome. Getting in some quality exercise and the big plus is taking in nature. Wow.!

The park is really pretty and it wasn’t super crowded so that was nice. This trail is nice and moderate but you gotta make sure you look for the signs Bc they are weirdly placed. Bring lots of water!

Of course it's a great trail, but watch out for rattlesnakes. We passed 2 rattlesnakes on our hike. One was in the middle of the trail and one was toward the side of the trail in the shade. It had just bit a hiker and she was waiting for medical help to arrive. Hike in center of trail (about5-6 feet wide) and be very aware of surroundings.

mountain biking
5 days ago

Beautiful views!

Feel like this is more of an easy, than moderate. All paved which isn’t ideal to me but would be good with bikes.

my kids loved it, short but gets you pumped. My 2 year old never left trail, very nice guided.
definitely be back and take advantage of museums

Great challenging hike !!

This was a nice walk with my dog buddy . Several bikers, walkers etc. I Felt safe on this Saturday morning. There was water when I went. The trail was paved n clean and there were areas to sit an relax.

Nice for a short getaway in North Denton County. "Beware of Snakes" signs are for real. Crossed a copperhead this morning on our second visit this month.

A nice maybe 15-20 minute walk to the water fall, if that. I took my 3 year old here today to do a little hike and swimming. The grass was a bit overgrown and there were a few flying critters around, but overall not bad because it was a short trail. The water was 1 ft maybe 1.5 in areas but mostly just a few inches so it was the perfect height for my 3 year old to walk and splash around as he pleases and me not be too worried. He was wearing his KEENs which I would recommend for children; he did not slip once.

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