Park activities include camping, horseback riding, hiking, nature study, bird watching, mountain biking, and scenic drives. While in the park, stop by and enjoy our Visitor Center located on the Canyon Rim. This rustic native stone building was constructed by the CCC in 1934 and houses a Museum and Museum Store. The store is located in the Visitor Center and features books, potter, jewelry, and educational items pertaining to the Canyon.

22 hours ago

I'm a beginner hiker. This trail about killed me. But it really was amazing. Great views! There is some shade, but the heat of the day will definitely get you if you're not careful. We took our time and hiked for a couple of hours, and it was great. Very few people. Lots of lizards. Amazing views.

22 hours ago

Great hike! My husband and I took this hike on our honeymoon. It's a great trail - challenging in the heat I would imagine. There is very little shade. But we had a really nice day.

Some people turned around at the picnic table just under the lighthouse formation. But the trail actually takes you onto the formation itsefl - so don't stop!

Really fun trail, good payoff

Beautiful trail, hike up to lighthouse is a bit challenging, but worth it.

There are a bunch of trails here for all types of hikers (not the super advanced). I've already reviewed Lighthouse. The easy trails like Sunflower are pleasant but not boring (for the most part). Make sure you bring water, even on shorter or easier trails. A walking stick is helpful. Sunscreen. Bug spray (advisable). These are "active" trails without too many benches, scenic overlooks and such. I wanted to try the difficult trails but after two days of hiking the lovely wife said "enough!" We'll be going back in the fall or early spring.

Lovely hike! We went for Memorial Day weekend. Definitely worth heading out as early as possible. By the time we were heading back around noon the sun was brutal. They're not joking when they suggest a gallon of water per person on this hike. I'm glad we packed extra water. The trail length is just to the bottom of where the lighthouse is. There's an option to climb up to the top. It's the most strenuous part of the hike but children and adults of all ages made it up when we were there. The view is worth it. Great hike! Can't wait to go back to Palo Duro and check out the other trails.

25 days ago

26 days ago

Loved this trail. I would recommend skipping going to the top of the rim and doing the trail up there. There are better views throughout this trail than you get from the top.

A really nice trail. Not too demanding but not easy either. It makes you work. At the end, go to the left, there's some gnarly climbing to get to the actual Lighthouse. Bring water, bug spray, even a walking stick helps. It's a fun, delightful trail that rewards at the end.

Easy until you get to the actual lighthouse monument and have to climb up a little cliff. Took me 3 hours from start to finish. Make sure you take at least a gallon of water per person & equal per dog.

Easy and beautiful, gorgeous views. Took less than a hour when we hopped on from the GSL trail to head back to our car. Missed the actual lighthouse but we could see it from our trail. Definitely a good trail worth coming back to.

Very easy, good for kids. Crosses a small river which was icy cold and extremely shallow. Felt good on the feet and ankles after our 6 mile hike!

2 months ago

Mountain Bike enthusiasts will enjoy this trail, but bikers that are new to the sport or are unsure of their performance level might be hesitant early on in the trail as it gets a bit steep. There are back to back 1 ft drop offs like a staircase, sections for speed, and usually quite a few hikers, so be mindful and careful around blind turns. Fun trail with great views of part of the 2nd largest canyon in the U.S.!

nice easy trail along the road and creek.