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Named for the Bend of the Rio Grande along the USA Mexico, this park has part of the Chihuahuan Desert, ancient fossils, and cultural artifacts of Native Americans.

5 hours ago

Amazing views, hard on out of shape legs, but definitely worth it.

Really tough hike for me, but well worth it! A picture can’t do justice to the views. Recommend staying in SE 4 campsite.

Beautiful and easy trail.

This short easy hike is worth it, parking is limited but there is a bathroom near. The hike is easy, nice view of the rio Grande and it was cool to see the Mexican ranchers and horses across the river. Shade is limited until you get closer to the river. Great for kids. The canyon is beautiful, when we went there was a Mexican vendor singing beautiful songs into the echo of the canyon as well as selling handmade souvenirs. I don’t understand the low ratings, it’s short and worth the view inside the canyon.

*we went In January (lovely in the daytime) but I can imagine it gets hot in the summer*

This trail is amazing, we did this with our toddler in the carrier. The trail is shaded and steep in some places but worth is. Many places to rest and enjoy the view, is totally worth the time and effort.

Loved every minute of it! I camped at SE1 and to say I was a happy camper is putting it lightly! The views were incredible. A saw enough people, but had plenty of alone time as well. It was perfect.

Great hike! It’s a workout and requires some bouldering at the end. Loved it!

Nice short hike with some serious pay off! Great views!

Awesome views and very challenging! Loved every minute! My new favorite trail. Going down just a scenic.

best hike so far in all my hikes! The scramble to get to the peak was a little much for me but totally worth it!

9 days ago

Down hill the whole way out, but was pretty gradual on the way up. I completed this no problem 3 months post pregnancy.

10 days ago

We hiked this trail in evening, with the setting sun behind us, it made for some incredible views. However, it’s gets dark very fast as a lot of the Trail is covered by foliage. I preferred this trail over The Window, it was great!

Wonderful view from the top! Just beautiful

12 days ago

Ran it in 2:20 excluding ~20 minutes of picture taking. Nice trail with a variety of scenery & terrain. Really loved the Boot Canyon. The view is a big payoff

A tough hike with outstanding views lots of snow on the mountains which was refreshing to see. Took almost 6 hours to do 12 miles, stopped for snacks and views of amazing landscape a couple of times. Would highly recommend comfortable boots that you have trust in. Loved the Hike and the park.

Beautuful trail hard but it’s worth it

Great views, campsites.

13 days ago

The trail is a slog, near continuous upward climb to the base of Emery Peak. It is pretty much a stepping stone to several great hikes in the Chisos. Yet, by itself, it is rewarding offering great views of the area.

13 days ago

Nice desert hike with canyon at the end. Simple but fun.

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