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Named for the Bend of the Rio Grande along the USA Mexico, this park has part of the Chihuahuan Desert, ancient fossils, and cultural artifacts of Native Americans.

1 day ago

Tough strenuous but breathtaking

3 days ago

The views at the top of the hike are worth the switchbacks.

Hike is easy, provided you do not scramble down to the upper pool. The Falcon Guide describes a primitive trail beyond the pool down to the cottonwood trees. There is no trail. You can scramble up the other side of the rock pool, turn left and work your way down to cottonwood trees the out by a wash, but it's a moderate scramble. All unmarked

4 days ago

5 days ago

Best hike in the park. I saw a black bear on the trail at the top Saturday, November 12, 2017.

6 days ago

Not the easiest hike but the views were worth it.

6 days ago

Great hike! However, we started from Sam Nalls Ranch parking area. We walked up the road to the old parking area which was about a mile. Then walked to the intersection of this trail to Cattails spring trail. It’s a strenuous walk from there to the best view of the Window. It’s beautiful, but after 2 hrs up we turned around to return to the car as weather was coming in The distance needs to be updated on this AP since the road is now closed at Ross road. We had a great 4 + hourlong hike !! Well over 1,000 elevation change in 2 hrs!!

Great trail. One water crossing near the end due to recent rains. About 1/2 of the people got a leg wet and it was worth it. Lots of bear and coyote skat on the trail Ate lunch at the window. 1st mike is steep going down. This can be avoided by starting at the campground instead of the visitors center.

8 days ago

9 days ago

This was tough one for me with the increase in elevation and rocks to climb around towards the end. However, it is all well worth it at the top. Fantastic view of the park and birds eye view (with the birds or crows).

This is absolutely gorgeous trail and offers so many breathtaking views of the south side of the park. Surreal at sunrise and moon rise. WOW!!!!

Great day trail!! It is well marked and you have plenty of traffic for reassurance. It is a MUST when visiting Big Bend. BEAUTIFUL.

9 days ago

My brother and i hiked this on the 8th of November and spent the night on the southeast rim! Absolutely incredible view from near our campsite.

We hiked clockwise and did the entire rim, emory Peak, and had planned on going back up Laguna meadows but due to some other advice we ended up going back Colima to pinnacles. We got a lot of fog throughout in the beginning. It seemed to clear off by the afternoon. But it did cloud our view on emory Peak and most of the first half of the hike. One of the reasons we went back on pinnacles to get the full experience.

We packed 2 gallons of water a piece and it was a very good amount for hydration and the luxury of coffee while watching the sunset on the rim. We took 2 days. Started at 9 the first day and got to camp around 4. The second day we also started at 9 and got back to the basin around 2. We clocked 17.8 mi total the route we went.

Incredible hike with some difficult sections if you are carrying water and overnight gear but completely worth it!! I would absolutely recommend taking the extra mileage to travel the full rim trail!