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Jasper is the gentle giant of the Rockies. Offering visitors a more laid-back mountain experience - with equal options for adventure, discovery and relaxation.

One of my favorite spots in Jasper

Interesting hike. Pretty lake views.

Good hike and very pretty. Not as hard as stated. As someone else mentioned the further you walk the less people you will see - we walked further than most :)

Very easy! Great swimming hole and cliff jumping!

This hike is BEAUTIFUL.
We did it 2 years ago in September.
Took us 6 hours round trip with a 20 minute stop at the lake and a 40 minute stop at the summit. If you do not intend to do the summit hike, then I'd rate this as easy to moderate. It's decently busy until the treeline. Once past the tree line, I think we saw 4 sets of people the entire remainder of the hike. Pack layers!!!! Once you reach the switch backs it gets quite chilly. There's a false summit. You won't see the true summit until you're past the first peak. PLEASE PRESS ON! So worth the extra time and effort to reach the true summit. The view is incomparable. The majority of the hike after the tree line is loose rock/scree. We accomplished it in hiking shoes but I highly suggest boots. I personally hate poles, but if you use them, this would be a good hike to bring them on. I don't suggest this hike for children unless they're experienced climbers due to the slight scramble right at the summit and loose stones at the very top. GREAT hike for begginer hikers as long as they have endurance and are looking for a challenge. Perfect hike for experienced hikers looking for the ultimate view. I 100% recommend this summit hike to everyone. So, so rewarding.

we just did it today, it was great.
go early to avoid traffic.
once on the top, you can keep going north direction 800 meters to the top, like hiking on the back of the dragon, trust me, you will recognize that part.

2 days ago

One of my faves.

Great day out. Nice combination of bike and hike!

Beautiful views of the Angel Glacier. There are steep sections (especially as you approach the highest lookout point) and trekking poles might come in handy. Probably my favourite hike so far!

nice easy walk lovely views

nice great area for hot day to swim

Absolutely correct to bear left so you end up going down stairs. Your finish should be on trail 7h returning to the main parking lot. Unbelievable chasm. We liked the walk down with the river on our left.

Nice hike up, but no real views in the forest until you get to a clearing, or until you reach the tree line. Some parts are pretty steep. Poles are highly recommended (as is bug spray!!!). Once you clear the tree line there are lots of options for scrambling, the summit is to climbers right. I saw multiple marmots up on the summit ridge. I found the descent a bit slippery on the way down in a couple of spots once you are back in the forest but that is mostly due to the grade. Amazing views from the top!

Absolutely do this hike if you're in the Jasper area! When you arrive at the parking lot, I would recommend going up the left trail, up a set of stairs. That way it's a very gentle slope up, with gorgeous views all around. 10/10 hike!

This hike was quite spectacular. You ascend though the trees for quite a while. When you get past the tree line you hit the first rest area with a pretty nice view of Maligne Lake. Highly recommend continuing up to the summit though. If you take the trail to the left it gets a tad steep but is well worth it. Some of the trail is poorly marked near the top and you get to make your own trail. There are actually a few places to summit in this area. The farthest one seems to be where the faint trail takes you. There is some snow in patches but very doable with hiking shoes/boots. The views from the summit are breathtaking. Very cool.

Great trail! parked at bridge 5 then went towards bridge 2 (busy) then took 7H back its beautiful and not as busy.

8 days ago

We just did this hike on June 7, 2018, it was a travel day for us from Jasper to Banff. We made a lunch and ate it on the memorial bench at the lower falls. We were left alone for over an hour as we ate and midterms to the falls. If you stop here, I advise you to go to the less busy lower falls.

Trail is rated as moderate, however the vast majority of it is relatively easy. If wet the trail can be muddy and the rocks can be slippery. There are a few different trails you can take to the same area. Heading from the 5th bridge back to the 1/2 bridge via trail 7H is very steep, however cuts the route down by approx. 400-600 meters. My wife and I always do this when we come to Jasper. Always a recommendation when in Jasper

9 days ago

Great hike with expansive views. The first 30 minutes or so are well trafficked. Majority of the hike is very exposed so prepare for that. Still a fair amount of snow at the top and not totally dry but relatively easy scrambling for the most part. The views can’t be beat!! Prepare to take a lot of gorgeous pictures.

9 days ago

Excellent hike for anyone; amazing and
worthwhile views at the top! The false summit/plateau is a nice little place to have a quick hydration and refueling break before heading up to the true summit. Good luck!

9 days ago

Easy scenic trail in one of the most beautiful parts of Alberta

12 days ago

We did the loop this morning and it was a wonderful way to start the day. The water was very calm and made for beautiful photos. The trail is paved the entire way so it's very accessible. Keep an eye out for elk, we saw one on our drive in!

on Sulphur Skyline Trail

12 days ago

Went up today windy. Post holed and scrambled my way to the summit in ice and hip deep snow. What a rush. What an incredibly beautiful view.

Awesome little hike! 4 Km up, 4 KM down. 700 m elevation gain. Not impossible, but a good workout. We did it June 9 with no trouble and no snow. Windy at the top with friendly chipmunks and strong winds.

This was a fantastic trail with a great payoff, epic view from the top. The trail is a consistent moderate incline the whole way up. The last bit above the trees is a bit steep, not dangerous at all, but I took quite a few stops to make it to the top. So worth it though! I’d budget around 4 hours for this hike. But make sure you’re done in time to enjoy the hot springs at the end, such a great way to end your hike.

13 days ago

Amazing views.

Family friendly, great view and short. Definitely a go with kids!

Incredible views making 3~ hour round trip seem nominal. Take a thermos of coffee and soak in the grandeur up top, you won’t be disappointed. Final thought: based on the rise over run, we figure this to be a bit more strenuous than ‘moderate.’ The last scree portion is a bit of a slog, but the view is worth 3x the effort.

What a hike! It is definitely one pf the best hikes around area. It is well hiden and not that popular, and once you start you understand why. It is pretty difficult hike, which took 5 hours to complete it. Some parts are really steep, suggest to use poles. Also better to choose sunny day, cause once you are the top it gets really windy and cold. The trail is easy to follow and really fun to get down. All in all amazing hike for tjose who looking fun and challenging hike!

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