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Jasper is the gentle giant of the Rockies. Offering visitors a more laid-back mountain experience - with equal options for adventure, discovery and relaxation.

Fun route with some good scrambling spots along the way. Was nice and clear and calm (aside from the smoky haze from the BC wildfires) so the views were excellent. Decended the large scree slope rather than down climbing some of the scrambles. met up with the river/Creek on the way back down and met up with the trail at the log bridge. Definitely recommend this route.

Beautiful waterfalls - the hike to the lower falls is well worth the additional 4km trip.

Beautiful hike with exceptional views of the canyon from the various bridges. The hike to bridge 3 or 4 is an easy, doable hike. We didn't see the fourth bridge somehow but did the loop to the 5th bridge, then all the way to the 6th and looped back. The 6th bridge was overrated, least favourite view. But if you parked at the 6th bridge and walked up and counted down from the bridges it would be enjoyable. Overall, amazing hike - would recommend and hope to come back again!

amazing vievs

2 days ago

Beautiful place. My parents took me on this hike when I was quite little. I had a chance to come to Jasper. No knowing I had done it before, I had chosen that hike. So now I have gotten to hike it once more with my Dad! Definitely worth it

Maligne Canyon is an hike with many views of the river, and of course the waterfall. The trails are well used, and they can be quite busy. Regardless the hike is 100% worth it

Pretty easy hike, no one there in late June and the views were really amazing! Really worth it.

Easy hike for a great view ! Totally worth it and you can relax at the miette hot springs after your hike.

Did the full loop with a group aged 11 to 43 with no backpacking experience. Perfect three-day hike for us. Lakes were a little mucky, so swimming wasn't an option. Lots of mosquitos. Some really nice views in places of lakes and mountains.

5 days ago

5 days ago

5 days ago

Short, easy. Beautiful sight to see - probably one of my favorites in Jasper overall.