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1 month ago

Nihahi was my third hike and it was a tough one but boy was the view worth It! I recall it taking us 2.5 hrs give or take. mind you it was a really hot day. I definitely want to do it again only this time go more prepared as we ran out of water going up

2 months ago

About the final chance to get up here before the winter gates shut. Higher you get, the deeper the snow, just up to the high point and flag. Looking forward to developing this one in the summer to make a big loop. Completely on our own all day, so feels pretty wild.

Not very hard at all. A little bit of a grind off the start, but no biggie. Not very technically challenging either. I'm thinking who ever decided this would be rated difficult may have had one leg. Nice views up top. Moose Mountain, Prairie Mountain, Forgetmenot Ridge, Nihahi Ridge are all clearly seen from here. Any of which would have been a better choice. This may be good for trail runners, if that's your thing.

I found that the squirrels were quite loud and seemed to be quite angry. I don't speak squirrel, but I would assume what they were saying was less than polite. My dog understands squirrel contextually at best, and was quite offended. I would recommend going elsewhere for this reason if you have small children or have a sensitivity to vulgarity.

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4 months ago

4 months ago

A great trail that really doesnt have an end. You can hike down this ridgeline quite far.

4 stars because this trail can be busy but the views are still excellent. Once you get to the ridge, it also doesnt really matter how far you go.

4 months ago

Absolutely stunning views! The trail isn’t too hard to get up, and while it is steep the elevation gain is spread out and I found it manageable. The views from the top of the ridge let you see all the way down the valley and it was definitely worth it!

Best done in dry conditions I couldn’t reach the top cause it was pretty slick from melting snow but will go back for the great views. Didn’t seem as long and steep as listed either. Would be nice if the day use area was on the other side of the campground though

a lot of exploring to do up top, check it out, take a look around.

5 months ago

I didn't much like this trail. It's a long walk through the campground to even get to the trail head and it's all up hill from there with tons of scrambling with some actual climbing. Was exhausted when reached the top which took away a little from the beauty of where I was.

5 months ago

I found this hike very difficult, but manageable. There are some very steep parts. But the views are amazing. Going down I really had to watch my footing and really didn't get to enjoy the view. Make sure you stop every once in a while and look around!


Satisfying hike. Did this trail before I downloaded the app.

Nice day hike, not difficult and not too overcrowded. Was surprised at number of people who bike this trail! Continue on from Prairie Loop to Powderface Ridge for some nice views of the surrounding area in all directions!

Long hiked, very windy on the top but super amazing view. Some part is steep but everyone can do it. Highly recommended!

Beautiful view

Great hike, would do it again. Lots of small
Trails so it was kind of difficult to find our way but it still took us up to the top. Saw a bear eating berries on our way down.

Tricky to find trail around the river crossing. Bring crossing shoes. Nice steady climb.

on Nihahi Ridge Trail

7 months ago

This was my very first hike. Loved the views from the top of the ridge. Worth the 2 hours it took to hike up.

7 months ago

Great short hike, around 2hrs going up. I wouldn't personally do this hike in runners. You do not need to scramble up on to the ridge to get nice views, and I'd say the scrambling at the top was the most difficult part if you're one to be scared of heights.

Diverse trail with a river crossing early on, so prepare accordingly. You'll also find some steep sections towards the end to make this a bit more challenging than advertised. We had trouble figuring out where the actual trail ended, so keep an eye on the map! Great views once you're up there, though, and lots of nice spots to stop for lunch.

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