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Beautiful! We did the trail counterclockwise from the rocky bridge trail and the first part, up to the waterfall was definitely the most interesting. After the waterfall, you're mostly hiking in the trees. Some people saw a bear on the trail, despite it being fairly heavily trafficked, some be prepared. It took us about 4 hours and 15 minutes to do the full loop at a moderate pace with two dogs. Will definitely do this one again.

7 hours ago

Good hike, lots of uphill on the trail to the lake. Lots of alpine flowers. I'd like to go back when it's sunny to get views of the surrounding mountains and the lake.

1 day ago

Awesome day! Easy but long hike.

This was day 2 of our loop.

We started at Mount shark, stayed overnight at Burstall Campground (US18) then climbed over the pass the next day to reach the Burstall Pass parking area.

Burstall is a nice campground and easy to find, It is well signed when coming via Palisser Pass.
At this time of the year (late august) it is quite dry and very cold at night (possibly around 0° C)

I downloaded a GPX of the trail from All trails and BEWARE it was not accurate.
This must have been an old trail on the map. At some point we thought for sure we were going in the wrong direction as we were gaining elevation. But we kept following the trail and reached the top as we were supposed to.

The climb from Burstall is a strenuous one but quite rewarding with great views of the valley below.
I highly recommend.

Great views at top

Fairly easy hike, get there early to avoid crowds.
Lots of wildlife (squirrels, chipmunks, big horn sheep) with nice small waterfalls and great scenery.

Awesome trail! One of the best I have ever been in Alberta.

We took Ribbon Creek Trail to Ribbon Falls and onward to Ribbon Lake. This was a fantastic day. The hike to Ribbon Falls is long, but not too challenging. The trail climbs gradually, though the path is rocky and uneven much of the way. I'm glad I didn't bring my dog as the very rocky terrain would have been hard on her paws. The Falls are beautiful and make for a full-sensory stop along the trail for photos or lunch.

Beyond the falls, the trail to Ribbon Lake is steeper and more challenging. The chains to scale the cliff hazard are manageable for a novice hiker, but not for the faint of heart. We managed alright with our daypacks, but would be hesitant to try the chains with overnight packs. However, we did see others on the trail who were planning to backpack to the lake. We saw children on the trail around 10 years old manage the chains alright too. We definitely wouldn't want to climb down in the rain, however. A slip could be very dangerous with the cliff below. Also, trying to get a dog up/down the chains is NOT something I recommend. Nevertheless, Ribbon Lake is beautiful and worth the trek! The views up there are amazing! It was much chillier up there, however, so dress appropriately.

It took us about 3 hours to get to the Falls. The entire day to the lake and back was 8.5 hours including lunch, snack and photo stops.

2 days ago