13 hours ago

Steady (and much steeper than Troll Falls) incline up; but with a few planned breaks, lots of water and a few snacks, my 5 and 7 year olds were able to make the trip! Logged a geocache at the lakes, saw some brown trout, climbed into a cave and explored some beautiful spongey moss trails. Definitely worth the trip up, even just for the amazing water colour!! Very busy trails... we had to park on the main road and hike down to the parking lot. Lots of people meant not much wildlife around. Make sure to look up at the rock face for climbers; seeing them do their thing in real life was pretty awesome for my littles!

Great kid friendly trail. My son's were amazed at the giant rock that looks like a head. And seeing people rock climbing in real life rather than on YouTube.
I highly recommend this hike.
It saddens me to see so much litter.

Nice quick hike. Beautiful water at the top. Great view of Canmore.

Great views and a very easy hike. It was very busy but the paths are very easy to see and hike and more resemble gravel roads than hiking trails.

Good hike, steady climb with good views at the top. Can get busy depending on day/time.

on Grassi Lakes Trail

8 days ago

The scenic route was closed due to ice so we need to go again to see this path. We also want to search for more pictographs when it is a bit warmer!

Beauty of a hike! Great for kids, easy and difficult route options, we chose difficult with the kids and it was spectacular. Beautiful views of the lower lakes, and the view and glacier pond at the top are worth it!

16 days ago

Really easy hike with great views at top this is crazy busy on wknds so be prepared!

Breath taking.

22 days ago