Just a classic! Perfect for any level hiker. Keep left at the fork for the more "difficult" path but it's nothing, just more scenic! Gorgeous once you reach the ponds, water colour is stunning. Usually a busy trail as it's very popular. I've done the hike twice now. 1-2hr return depending on how long you admire the ponds!

rock climbing
4 days ago

Great spot to send the day. To my rockclimbing shoes and spent some time bouldering. This is a great beginner hike with mutiple routes to take to and from, as I know some are more inclined to hikes where you dont have to take the same path to and from. J.

Did easy trail. I'm out of shape so the incline was a bit a tad challenging but it was worth it. Will do again!

Hiked on June 6, 2017. Lots of variation in sights and terrain. Some short steep sections that include stairs that could be difficult for some people. Once completing the first ascend, you are greeted with the first colourful Grassi Lake that features a boardwalk. Continue past the first lake and up to the second. The second lake is a popular rock climbing area with massive cliff walls on either side. Continue ahead to complete the second ascend and reach Whitemans Pond. Return, and go the way you came past the Grassi Lakes. Once at the first Grassi Lake, you'll see a sign directing you to either the easy decent or the hard decent. The easy way down is a service road, and it isn't very interesting. If you have the option to take the hard way down, you should. However, if there are too many people you should take the road due to some narrow sections on the hard trail. There were a ton of people on the trail when we went, including a bus load of middle schoolers. Parking wasn't an issue even with the large amount of people. Bathrooms and garbage disposal are in the parking lot.

14 days ago

on Grassi Lakes Trail

15 days ago

Very crowded but the lake view worths it. Go very early or late to avoid big crowds!

on Grassi Lakes Trail

19 days ago

Great trail--you can go up the easy trail and loop back down on the harder one.

great hike but unfortunately it can get very busy on the trail. also the toilets were disgusting.. made me want to vomit.

on Grassi Lakes Trail

20 days ago

21 days ago

Great short little hike, for all skill levels.