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Bow Valley Provincial Park is a mosaic of open meadows and forest. As you explore the park, you'll see examples of both mountain and prairie plants and animals.

Very steep with few flat spots going up. Mostly going up rock. One spot where you climb about 10’ (give or take) straight up a rock ledge. Somewhat difficult, but I wouldn’t say it was dangerous. Used my hands in a fair amount of places. Was also very thankful I had poles.

The ridge walk was a nice break. It was snowy and extremely windy when we went, so take layers. Once you are on the ridge the uphills to the other peaks are pretty gentle.

Going down was pretty straight forward. Lots of it is through forest. When you get to the bottom, you follow a flat trail parallel to the highway for about 2km back to the main trailhead.

We clocked 13.4km back to the trailhead. It took us 5 hours 10 minutes. Definitely will want to go counterclockwise, as coming down going clockwise would be somewhat sketchy!

Really cool hike. There is a small scramble but easy enough to pass. The sights are amazing all the way up. Chains

It was windy and snowy on top; the views were amazing once it cleared up a bit; a lot of fallen trees on the trail.

I did this hike today by myself and it was really nice! I didn't come across any snow but that could change really soon! I had trekking poles with me and it was nice having them for the last stretch up to the lookout station. There's also a couple picnic tables around the helipad and cabin which was perfect to sit down and eat lunch.

The views were really awesome in every direction from the lookout station, also being able to see YMCA's Camp Chief Hector just below was pretty cool as I spent many summers there when I was younger. (stand by the chain link fence and look below for the horse paddocks and riding arena, and the green roof of Hector Lodge)

Combined with Bow River and Moraine Trail, all together a scenic 3 hour hike.

3 days ago

Awesome hike. Beautiful day for it too. About 4 degrees. Getting wet on the bottom and light snow up top but still dry enough. My dog refused to do the chain section

Easy end of moderate. The trail is wide and super easy to follow. It would be a great trail for bikes or runners. Dogs and kids (depending on mileage capacity) would also do well. Many of the switchbacks have shortcuts if you want to ascend/descend faster. There's already some snow on it so it's slick and muddy in places. Well trafficked.

Incredible views across the valley, a bit of snow on the peaks makes the mountains texture stand out. Tough hike but with the views it's not a slog.

7 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike! Steady incline. Great views! Through forest for about an hour to the pass, then it opens up. At the pass, go left rather than right. Minimal scrambling up to a couple of peaks.

amazing hike! Pretty much had the trail to ourselves all day yesterday. Definitely a more "technical" hike once you get to the chimney. The first part of the trail is relatively easy, slight incline moving your way up. The chimney requires some good footing but isn't impossible. Continue on until you reach the chain link which was a lot of fun, just be confident and you'll be fine! The views from the top cannot be beat and the first lookoff also gives you some awesome pics. This took us around 5.5 hours to complete however melting snow and ice made it quite slippery so we took our time. Could do in around 4-4.5 in the summer.

Great trail. I'd put it on the easy side of moderate for difficulty. Trekking poles will help with the final ascent to the fire lookout on Yates Mountain, especially if there is snow. Great views up top. Do the loop, not out and back. It's ~15km to the parking lot.

I think waling along the lake to Jewel Pass and then to Prairie View trail is a much easier route. While you re up there, it is only about another 3km round trip to get to the summit of Yates mountains, to the fire lookout station. I also only recorded about 600m of elevation gain, not the 900+ reported here. Bring micro-spikes in hiking in the winter or shoulder seasons just in case. Most of this recording was snow covered.

4 stars because you are walking in the woods basically the whole time with not much for views during that time. The Prairie view trail on the front side gets fairly busy. The views at the top are night though.

Awesome hike, definitely a go to every year. This trail can be a bit busy as it is a popular route. It also requires a bit of scrambling. Running down the scree slope is super fun.

5 stars for the above reasons.

5 star, great trail with some awesome views. If you head all the way to Yates fire station there is great views of the foothiils and the mountains and Yamnuska.

Definitely more tricky than I was expecting, it was a pretty slick up top despite having good traction footwear, but the scree running on the way down was a blast. The panoramic views on this hike are stunning.

Love it!!! Peak after Peak after Peak! couple kids, couple dogs! The a couple scrambles/climbs were a little struggling especially if your new. So would rate this as hard, not moderate, and we tracked it to 13.5 km from heart creek parking lot!