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Bow Valley Provincial Park is a mosaic of open meadows and forest. As you explore the park, you'll see examples of both mountain and prairie plants and animals.

tough hike up but worth it. best to do early before it get a busy. real windy up top.

This hike has gotten busier within the past 2 years.
This used to be a traditional hike we would do every year, but the scree run and scramble have changed a lot because of the high traffic.
I probably won't come back.

The hike is really great no cliffs or narrow spots. It does feel like it's all uphill with no breaks but the incline isn't too steep. Beautiful at the top!

It's a pretty intense hike if you don't hike all the time. This was the first one of the summer and dang it was a work out! Would recommend taking poles to go up this and there are some steep sketchy parts! But it's awesome ! Worth the view at the top! But make sure you go early we went at 730 and we were back down before lunch ! Sat for a bit at the top.

So I did this hike with some other savvy hikers and we got lost TWICE along with another 5 sets of hikers. The trail is very poorly marked. You are suppose to start by going past the sign that says closed for maintenance...do not go up the creek bed. Then there is a single marker next to a 5 foot "cliff" after you have gained some elevation a bit and that is where you start the more major scramble. We missed that marker going up and went up a very wrong way so unless you see that don't go further. Stay to the middle for the free climb. Then if you're wondering when you drop back down if you're doing the loop...you walk all the ridges and "peaks" then circle back towards the highway when there is literally know where to go but down. It will take you down through the trees all the way down to flat where you come to a T intersection when left takes you back to heart creek parking lot. If we didn't get lost twice it would have been more enjoyable. But it is GORGEOUS! I would say not a moderate hike...more difficult. Not recommended for a first time hiker in my opinion. The view of the K valley on the south ridges is really beautiful! I would do this again

Awesome trail, didn't realize this would be my first hike of the year.

Needs way better trail markings. Definitely do your homework before you go and a map would help. Had beautiful views.

3 days ago

My first hike in The Canmore area. Very very dusty gravelly road to trail head for about 10 km that was the only downfall. The hike starts at a trailhead across the road from parking and is a woodsy path with many tree roots acting as 'stairs'. Much steep sections but doable as several other hikers had their babies in backpacks

Awesome trail. Relentless uphill but worth the summit view.