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Bow Valley Provincial Park is a mosaic of open meadows and forest. As you explore the park, you'll see examples of both mountain and prairie plants and animals.

Good hike but if you're following the trail map off the All Trails app it is not the trail for the mountain lookout - icy in some areas, very muddy in others

This was the hardest hike I have ever attempted and may well have been one of the most miserable experiences of my life. Ha Ling trail starts out gently enough; soft underfoot, green and lush and stunning. Then it heads up and basically you want to die.

This trail is immensely steep the elevation gain is incredible and it's fast. There are sections where you literally have to climb rock or tree fall. We ran into snow as we got closer to the top which made the going slippery and dangerous and then it started to rain.

The view from the top, I've heard because this girl didn't get there, is outstanding and worth the pain in its triumph but I wasn't getting there.

If you attempt this trail bring food, bring water and pace yourself. Do not take this hike lightly, it's marked as hard, it is hard.

One of my favourite hikes and a perfect choice for a hiker making the move from beginner to intermediate.

Views from both the prarieview and yates lookouts are phenomenal.

Trail quality does degrade somewhat once you depart from the official Prarieview trail, including a steep section that can be slippery when conditions are wet.

We were able to complete this with kids aged 4, 7 and 11.

Always love this hike in the winter as it is a pretty simple hike but the snow adds a challenge. If you are going in the winter Id say cleats are not needed at all unless you plan to go to the peak of Yates mountain instead of just the reflector point before the switchback to jewel pass. We decided to go the extra mile to Yates Mountain without cleats which took up a ton of time that could've been better used but the view from the helicopter pad will never dissapoint.

1 month ago

Nice walk along the lake and not too busy most of the time. Perfect for a leisurely outing in the mountains with a nice lunch along the beach or at the camp site.

Ha Ling is a great hike but definitely a challenging one. I completed it in the middle of April as a sunrise hike and it was great! It's very steep and was still covered in snow most of the way so I highly recommend good shoes/poles. Take lots of water and snacks because it is a workout! I would highly recommend as a sunrise hike as the view of Calgary and Canmore is incredible from the top. It's about a 4hr round trip in winter without cleats or poles (and stopping to enjoy the view). Highly recommend sunrise but make sure to be prepared and go with an experienced hiker.

Wasn't sure I had the right shoes. Had a little time after business trip so decided to just CanDOmore and see how it went.

Some spots with a couple feet of snow but others had already paved a nice trail so my feet didn't get too wet.

Towards the top, the grade was steep and you have the challenge of the wind and loose rocks but oh was the view so worth it!!!

1 month ago

Spent my entire day hiking up and around the mountain today, for the first time. The view is worth it forsure! I recommend!

Great hike great views of Canmore!

We did this late fall last year. It was a great hike with little trail finding which adding the excitement.
The slab scrambles are excellent. A good place to train your scrambling skills.

I did this mountain for the first time last year in spring. It gave me thought of doing it again in winter. That's why I came back today. This mountain is even more incredible in winter.

2 months ago

My boyfriend and I have done this hike twice now. Once in the summer and again last week (January) on a beautiful sunny day. It took us 3 hours round trip including a nice little sit up top to enjoy the views. This hike is great, not technical, and more pleasant than many. I would absolutely recommend this trail to anyone I know. Very accessible and even in the winter, the trail is very easy to follow. Windy as heck up top but that's to be expected. Bundle up once you get out from the trees! The short stretch up to the summit is a chilly one! I recommend yaktrax or micro spikes for the winter, they really helped with grip on the slippery snow trails :)

Wonderfull view !!!