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Bow Valley Provincial Park is a mosaic of open meadows and forest. As you explore the park, you'll see examples of both mountain and prairie plants and animals.

Windy and smokey day making it a bit more difficult but still fun!

There isn't a distinct trail but it's still manageable to find your way.

Lots of scrambling and rocks so not for rookies.

What a great easy trek, with an amazing view

Enjoyed this trail both up and down. Going to bring our dog back next time. Probably 10 dogs on the trail today.

4 days ago

moderate trail at the beginning with some steep uphill that will slow down even the most in shape hikers. Once at the lookout the view was spectacular, be sure to stay to the left in order to stay on trail. bring lots of water there is no water in the trail.

this was my 2nd mountain hike experience and my first one in the rockies... my phone died where it indicated the end point but we walked back along the lake to our starting point.
i thought the scramble part would be harder but it was great and we had a very informative conversation with the forest ranger at the top. we took jewel pass on the way back which was a beautiful trail

unfortunately we did not experience the spectacular views of the mountains due to smoke from the BC wild fires. I can only imagine what they look like but I did see pictures others had posted and they truly are gorgeous.

5 days ago

Hike up was steady and our legs were burning but nice view from the top. Going down through the pass didn't offer much to see but it was a nice easy walk down through the trees. The final stretch around the lake at the bottom to get back to the parking lot seemed never ending (very little shade on a hot day and the ground was hard) but overall would recommend it!

Great trail; but keep in mind that an average scramble does not equal an average hike. This is much harder than most average hikes.