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Great hike, the deep snow and ice made it a bit more challenging than it is in the summer.

2 months ago

Tried this one out yesterday (jan20) with my boyfriend! West wind pass is totally accessible and most of it is is packed in. Once you reach the base and start uphill to the long switchback to the summit, it's completely snowed in in lots of spots (waist deep). Lots of careful footing required! Definitely could have used an ice axe. We got most of the way but it took so long and the sun was on its way down so we headed back. Will try this one in the summer!! Insanely beautiful views! Not technical and very fun.

Loved loved loved this one! Quite easy, long and wonderful. We didnt make it all the way up to the lake because it was icy and we were with my mother in law, but i would definitely finish it in the summer and climb all the way up!

great lake scenery at the end. 3+ hours total with break for lunch. Currently snow packed trail, snow shoes needed if you want to go further than the lake.

really enjoyed this hike

4 months ago

June 23/16 - Great hike. We hiked on a rainy day so there were no other people on the trail. Still beautiful at the lake and a great spot to stop for lunch.

Great work out! Interesting trail with many bridge crossings, mostly forested and shaded from the sun. Steady ascend with several steep sections. Beautiful view at Lilian Lake.

Also continued hiking up to the first Galatea Lake. It was steep and rocky. We could see the lake behind the trees, the color was amazing. Due to lack of time, we didn't try hard to find a way down to the shore, but returned instead.

Really enjoyed this hike a couple of years ago, nice hike, good day out.

trail was snowy and icy towards the top.

This is a good family hike. But the first 1/2 of the hike is relatively "boring" as someone immaturely scratched on the signs. It is a wide, grass covered, well travelled path. But the rocky mountain range from all angles is truly breath taking.
We went on an overcast day thanksgiving weekend. I feel like end of May or beginning of June there would be more to look at with wild flowers.
Just past the 1/2 way mark the scenery changes to tall evergreens and the incline picks up a tad.
Once you reach the lake there is a boardwalk. My kids loved it and that is where things started to get fun for them and the complaining stopped!
The moss was a vibrant green. The path takes you upside the creek. Lots of opportunities for pictures.
We sat at the top and had lunch while a light sprinkle of snow fell on us. It was amazing!

5 months ago

Great hike! Not very difficult, beautiful views everywhere you look. Bring warm clothes it can be chilly with the amount of wind at the peak!

5 months ago

Great hike! Really gorgeous! A lot more beautiful and interesting than the few photos posted indicated, so I added a few more. We didn't go to the very very top at the Glacier as the clouds and a big storm were rolling in, but we went as high as we could, which gave amazing views. Mossy trails, rocks, roots, a creek, two waterfalls, and some scrambling bits. This hike has it all.

5 months ago

Very rewarding views at the summit. The hike was not that difficult but very doable. You are treated with amazing views all the way to the summit.