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22 hours ago

One of the best hikes for diversity along the way. River crossings, waterfalls, meadows, and ridge views from the top! Lots of fossils near the falls before the final ridge ascent.

1 day ago

3 days ago

Awesome day hike, took us about 5 1/2 hours including a lunch break at the top. Pretty windy at the top so I'd recommend a good raincoat. We took a dip in the little waterfall on the way down, beautiful views.

You have to be at least half mountain goat for this hike. Defiantly not for beginners or those with poor balance.
Little to no tree coverage, check the weather.
Many ways up and down... stay left on your way down.
Bring poles for the way down.

6 days ago

Very rewarding to be 10,000ft+ above sea level. My hiking buddy and I were completely mesmerised by the huge fossil deposit this area has. If you want to see fossilized creatures that used to live in this area millions of years ago, stop and take a look at your feet while your scrambling! You won't be disappointed.

Did this hike with my girlfriend on July 8 on a sunny day. Difficult hike for beginners and intermediate level but worth it. At about half of the total length of the hike, we stopped. The view was fantastic.

Worth the view but tough to find the best approach to the summit that was safest...easy to get turned around.

Beautiful hike