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Hard in winter season but worth for it

Closed for caribou conservation as of Nov 1... check Parks Canada trail reports for update as to when that area has the restrictions lifted! Beautiful views here though

16 days ago

There was snow on the trail from the trailhead up. It was slippery on parts, but not so much that we had to use our icers. Hiking poles are highly recommended and probably necessary at this time of year! The final scramble up was tough with thigh-high snow, but well worth the trek. Gorgeous panoramic view from the top. This is really a beautiful hike. Took us two hours up and just under two hours down.

Long low intensity easy hike. Be cautious of bear activity! We did run it to a mama bear with her almost fully grown cub right on the trail as we pass them with probably 5 meters distance which was heart pumping to say the least ,however they both shown no interest in us ( thank god lol) .

Didn’t get all the way to the top because it started pouring rain on us but it was definitely beautiful!

Easy access and fantastic views .. each lake offers something different and had a very pleasant experience .. recommended

whilst thirds walk is moderately trafficked in early Oct it may bee worth not getting there too early and follow someone else up the trail. We started the trail alone and saw fresh bear prints not far in. The trail was reasonably tiring but well worth the effort. The panoramic views from the top were amazing.

Spectacular views once you get up towards the peak .. the snow caps looked amazing .. lots of ice on the trail now and cleats or poles are almost a must have to get up high enough .. was challenging without being too difficult but was well worth it .. make the trek if you’re in Jasper, it’s worth it!

Easy walk, all 5 lakes are beautiful. It was moderately busy- we saw many people along the way and some mountain bikers. The water is so cold but so refreshing feeling- would love to visit again in the summer and go for a swim!

Very easy, cute and scenic loop. Family friendly. If you ever want to do an hour or less beautiful trail, this is it!

27 days ago

Great hike, majestic view. The last part of the hike was gorgeous, so steep you might have to use your hands to climb but definitely manageable with enough patience and courage. It was chilly at the top so definitely made sure you bring enough clothes. The slide down from the top was fun. Highly recommend if you want to see an overview of the lake.

Not bad, and fairly easy hike. Would skip the longer loop and just go straight to lake 1.

Very easy hike with some very amazing views! We stopped at this hike in the morning and it was so refreshing! Easy hike to use as a warm up before heading to the motel challenging ones!

I loved everything about this little hike! Not overrun with tourists and the views are simply breathtaking. Words and photos don’t do it justice!

it is closed now!

Good hiking course for all ages. Occasional hills but nothing significant. Highly recommend for family hike!!

What a brilliant hike. Even in the snow it was peaceful, beautiful, and calm. We took the shortcut that was harder (turn left about 2.5km in, don't worry there's a sign!) and we survived without spikes on our boots or using our poles. That part was harder, but I wouldn't call it difficult. Stunning surroundings, awesome views, and light traffic. Bliss! We ended up bailing and turning back from the ridge as there wasn't an actual trail in the snow. Folks trudged up the mountain in all different directions in turn ripping up the vegetation, so we decided to go back. We took the fire route down which was longer but oh so pleasant. I'd love to come back and do the full route (we did 11 of the 13.5km in about 3.5 hours with tons of breaks) and it was breathtaking. Absolutely worth stopping to catch your breath on the way up only to lose it again with the views!

I love the 5 Lakes so much, I never do the loop. I do it as an out and back to see the lakes twice!! This is a prefect time to go to beat all the high season crowds!!

Very easy brief walk, tried 3 times to wait for clouds to reveal the mountain peaks. 3rd time was a charm. 2 of the 3 times it was busy with tour buses and many people, however a short enough hike that people come and go quite quickly so you can get your photo and go.

Started out hike heading from the main parking lot towards the 6th bridge and working out way back to the 1st bridge. Mountain views, canyon walls, blue rivers and waterfalls and in between nice shaded trees. Was a bit crowded as we got back to bridge 4, 3, 2 and 1. However still very lovely, many photo ops and worth the trip. Hiked 9.23.2018.

Completed July 2017, counter-clockwise. Amazing hike all around, Jonas Shoulder rewards with some pretty incredible views.

1 month ago

I honestly really enjoyed this hike. It was my first time doing this hike, but my boyfriends 2nd. I was stubborn and thought my runners were fine (as its what I climb most moutains in) but boy was I wrong. We started earlier in the morning, and the trail was fairly snowcovered, over a foot near the top of fresh powder. I couldnt scramble to the summit, because of how icy it was in combination to my footwear but made it to the turn around point. The view was awesome, but fairly clouded over while it started to snow!

Amazing views and moderate intensity trail. Rewarding trip to the summit.

This is a nice hike with numerous waterfalls leading to Stanley Falls. The trailhead sign says that the trail is not maintained by Parks Canada and to be aware of steep cliffs and use caution. I was a bit hesitant after reading the signage, but there was nothing to be nervous about as long as you don’t get too close to the cliffs. Just use common sense. When you head on the trail, you will follow along Beauty Creek initially. There is a paved section of trail that does not indicate whether to go left or right to continue to Stanley Falls. Go right. At the end of the paved section, you will head into a forested area and start to hike along the river leading up to Stanley Falls. The trail is not difficult to follow, but watch where you are walking as there are many roots and objects that you can trip on. At the end is a sign indicating that you have reached Stanley Falls. If you continue past the falls, there is a sign saying wilderness route. I didn’t venture past. Nice, relatively easy hike - good stop if you love waterfalls.

A superb hike up to the gondola, latter half in partial snow end sep, but reasonably easy to follow. From the gondola an additional 3.5km up an easy winding snow path, passed the false summit to the real summit, well traversed by gondola visitors, with a superb 360 deg view.

The 5 lakes are each unique and beautiful. This was a pretty long hike but worth doing. Since it’s a loop, you can go whichever way you prefer, but I think going from the 1st to 5th is best since I think the 1st lake is the less awe-inspiring one. That may be just because you don’t get as good a viewpoint of the 1st as you do the others though. From the parking lot, you will go through some trees, onto a small wooden bridge, and then through a forested area where you will have to do some downhill and uphill hiking. If you go left, you will be going to the 1st lake, the trail that goes along the back edge of the lake (if you continue left) connects to another trail so you probably don’t want to go too far down that path since you will have to back track to continue on to the other lakes. As you continue along the path this time to the right, you will find yourself on the back edge of the 2nd lake, then the 3rd and 4th. Between the 3rd and 4th lakes, you will find a set of the iconic red chairs you can find in various locations in the national parks. It’s a great spot for enjoying the view. The 5th and final lake has a small floating dock that you can walk into and take pictures from.

1 month ago

Hiked at dusk looking for a moose at recommendation of our Maligne lake cruise guide. Hiked on 9.23.2018, very muddy and didn't see a moose. However we did see a few moose as we left the area on the main road!

Nice moderate hike. My mom who does not hike regularly at all managed it just fine. It does get muddy in spots and had a couple steep hills. we did 5th lake to first lake it seemed like the less popular way to go as we were against the flow more than we were with the flow. Some narrow spots so remember to share the trail. I saw two groups heading in with strollers..... that I would not recommend unless carrying a child in one arm and a stroller in another is something you want to do

1 month ago

I have completed this trail twice now in full with multiple one-day trips on segments. On each full trail adventure I did it once in each direction. My personal preference being the start via Signal. Have stayed/spent time at every campground with Signal, Curator and Little Shovel my favourites. Tekarra and Snowbowl are beautiful though the layout of the actual camp is less desirable (particularly if you need to seek the facilities in the middle of the night).

Prefer the Signal start as a relentless uphill when one is fresh is much more favourable to me than a relentless downhill that never... ever... EVER... ends ; )

Trail review: Week of Sept. 10, exactly a year from the last go-round. Weather was insane in ways we could not have anticipated with Mother Nature under promising and over-delivering, but once again - wow. Trail is incredible and we are blessed to experience. Pack smart. Pack for the weather (4 seasons). And ENJOY.

Also... download this app. Ran it off my phone’s GPS which kept us pointed in the right direction for two days during white - out conditions. AllTrails did not pay me to say this, promise.

Short, easy walk around the lake. Lots of lovely views of the lodge and the mountains. Nothing extreme, no need for any special gear/equipment.

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