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Mid May and there still was a lot of snow in the trail. It's doable, I would recommend to have waterproof pants. We couldn't reach the summit because of the snow, but the views were amazing.

4 days ago

Amazing hike, but lots of mosquitoes, i would 110% recommend bringing a full body bug suit if you're tackling this one.

I have done this trail 3 times now in different seasons and weather !! Winter, spring and in the high heat of summer and it’s been beautiful every time.
It’s very icy in the winter and you can walk the ice along the falls and in the summer it’s a beautiful teal water and a nice hot hike to get your sweating as the trail is up and down hills the whole time. Easily about 1 hr 45 to 2 hrs.
Fave hike and a must do !!

We did this hike in early May and it was COVERED in snow. The first 2/3 were manageable but it was waist-deep for the last 1/3 with no other tracks to follow. It made for a lot of falling and funny moments but was very slow going (about 6 hours hike time - at least double what it would normally take).

Everyone ahead of us turned around when the snow got too deep but I’m glad we pushed through it. The views were worth it! I’m looking forward to trying it again in the summer or fall.

If you’re doing this hike in spring, bring snowshoes!

Amazing hike, great conditions, not to busy on may 6th. Warm 24 degrees. Took our time stopped lots for a lot of amazing photos. Worth the hike 100% would do over and over again.

Amazing views!!!

21 days ago

Hiked April 23rd 2018. Not recommended at this time of year by many locals without proper equipment for avalanche preparation and knowledge of the trail. We didn’t know that until after. After the fork in the road all signage was still buried under the snow meaning the trail wasn’t obvious. We managed to climb through knee deep sometimes hip deep snow assumedly almost to the peak in approximately 2:30-3:00 hours considering the trail conditions. We were unable to complete the loop as we could no longer find trail indicators. That being said the views from the top were fantastic!

One of my favourite hikes in Jasper National Park. Great short hike (we spent somewhere around 3 or 4 hours round trip with plenty of time just sitting at the summit) with the most fantastic 360 degree viewpoint at the summit, and a hot spring waiting for you at the base when you finish.

We do this hike a couple times each winter and summer - one of the smaller loops in the winter. When there is a good covering we take the kids in a sled but have to carry them and the sled for lots of the sections - good workout. Beautiful and always a hit with our kids (3 & 6)

24 days ago

This was a beautiful trail and offered plenty of access to water sources. Overnighting at Amethyst is a must if you’re doing this trail! If I were to do it again I would make a longer trip out of it by overnighting a few nights using Amethyst as a base camp and doing some exploring in the area.

Enjoyed this trail as a kid and again as an adult. Views are fantastic at the top. I prefer to hike this trail when it is on the cooler side. Hot summer days can be brutal.

Nice hike that was doable in the winter conditions early April. Some deep patches of snow, Wabasso lake was still totally frozen April 8, walked out to the island.

1 month ago

Did this hike as a part of 4 day backpacking trip last Aug. Could not do the full loop as we had only one car. But the trail from portal creek via Maccarib pass is absolutely stunning. Sunrise in Amethyst lake with the reflections of Ramparts on the lake.....that is a scene not to be forgotten ever.

1 month ago

Redid this trail for second time. Used Astoria trailhead again. Went beginning of August, bugs were bad, but worth it. Nicest area we felt was at surprise point. Bugs weren’t bad, gentle breeze and a view that photos could not do justice. Would I go for a third time, no doubt about it. On the trail this time we did have a mountain lion jump out at us, it was a younger one but did it ever move fast

Nice hike mostly through woods with a lake every so often.

Great views at the top.

favorite hike so far! Absoloutley beautiful

Loved this. my brother pushed us to get up in only 90 minutes and down in 35. That's probably just about the fastest you can expect to do it. More likely will take 2-6 hours at a leisurely pace. The view was amazing and absolutely worth the long hike. Very step trail at the end.

Very beautiful in the winter, will be back in the summer when the falls are thawed! Nice hike, trail was narrow when I was there due to snow all but still walkable. Be carful not to get to close to the edge!

Beautiful in the winter and will be visiting again in the summer
Great quicl hike to hit.

I have done this little hike several times in the last few years. A favorite place to take friends! Well marked trail, lots of amazing waterfalls, and my dog really enjoys it as well

Good packed snow trail with moderate elevation shifts. Recommend cleats/crampons in the packed snow. Also good for snowshoeing.

4 months ago

I did this hike solo in October. It made for a rather heavy pack as I had to pack for winter camping. The first campground is portal to my recollection. Be wary of the sign that tells you it’s 8kms to the campground. I am quite fit and light on my feet and it felt that me like it was more like 15. I didn’t hitch hike back, I redid the route and upon close inspection of the sign on my return, someone had actually carved in to the sign ‘more like 16’. I will be returning to do it again in July with warmer weather and intend to wear a gps watch this time. The first night I got about a foot of snow in the elevation. It was a lovely morning and although the trail was covered in snow, the route was still obvious. I did not encounter any wild life while awake, however I had a trail of prints in the snow around my tent. Not bear or cougar though! The sights are lovely and the trail is super easy (at least I thought so!) In the summertime this is known as one of the most buggy trails in Alberta so I would highly recommend that you go to Mountain hardware at the cross iron mills mall and pick up a head bug net, as they sell them for only five dollars - it will save you from going insane with all of the bugs. The trail can also be quite muddy in some spots... whatever. It’s nature!!

5 months ago

One of my fave backpacks this summer. A repeater for sure.

Great easy hike.

Touristy & underwhelming.


Beautiful clear lakes, took a swim in the ice cold water

This is a great walk. Would rate as easy. Lots of birds. Nice scenery.

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