Sulphur Skyline Trail

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Sulphur Skyline Trail is a 7.7 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Improvement District No. 12 , Alberta, Canada that features hot springs and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

7.7 km
649 m
Out & Back

dogs on leash

kid friendly



nature trips



hot springs


wild flowers


old growth


You'll find the Sulpher Skyline trailhead by driving highway 16 to Pocahontas. Turn onto the Miette Hot Springs Road(Pocahontas as well), and proceed 16.9 km to the Miette Hot Springs parking area. The hiking trail starts above and right of the pool complex.

5 days ago

Excellent hike for anyone; amazing and
worthwhile views at the top! The false summit/plateau is a nice little place to have a quick hydration and refueling break before heading up to the true summit. Good luck!

7 days ago

Went up today windy. Post holed and scrambled my way to the summit in ice and hip deep snow. What a rush. What an incredibly beautiful view.

8 days ago

Awesome little hike! 4 Km up, 4 KM down. 700 m elevation gain. Not impossible, but a good workout. We did it June 9 with no trouble and no snow. Windy at the top with friendly chipmunks and strong winds.

8 days ago

This was a fantastic trail with a great payoff, epic view from the top. The trail is a consistent moderate incline the whole way up. The last bit above the trees is a bit steep, not dangerous at all, but I took quite a few stops to make it to the top. So worth it though! I’d budget around 4 hours for this hike. But make sure you’re done in time to enjoy the hot springs at the end, such a great way to end your hike.

10 days ago

Incredible views making 3~ hour round trip seem nominal. Take a thermos of coffee and soak in the grandeur up top, you won’t be disappointed. Final thought: based on the rise over run, we figure this to be a bit more strenuous than ‘moderate.’ The last scree portion is a bit of a slog, but the view is worth 3x the effort.

12 days ago

The view is excellent, you can touch the ice on the top of the montain!!

14 days ago

The views are incredible. I'm not fit and I made it up and back in 3 hours (including lunch at the top and lots of photo stops). The beginning is right next to the hot springs entrance (don't go the other trail near the hot spring hole because you'll literally walk forever and never get anywhere, I'm silly and did that for 2 hours before realising I was definitely on the wrong trail).

the last top bit is all scree so pretty slippery but the 360 degree views are just breathtaking. all uphill but a nice well worn trail, lots of people hiking from all ages and fitness levels, lots of rest stops on the way if you need.

one of the best days of my life to be honest. (take a windbreaker because the top is actually freezing! and a bathe in the hotsprings after is cheap and totally worth it to relax the muscles)

20 days ago

Great hike and amazing 360 degrees views at the summit. Definitely bring warm clothing as it's windy and cold on top.

20 days ago

The view at the top was worth the long hike even with the mud, snow and loose gravel. The climb on the dome to the summit was steep and windy, but going down was actually a bit harder because of the loose gravel. But the experience was great!

21 days ago

Well mapped out hike with a lot of great vantage points on the way up. The summit is worth the effort and is still possible with dogs.

22 days ago

Beautiful views! Bring a sweater for the top! Always windy!

The view from the top is 360 degrees of amazing. The snow is mostly gone now, so getting to the top isn't tough at all.

24 days ago

A steady hike up though the trees. Beautiful at the top! It was quite windy when we went around the cliff face and summited the very top! Brought both my dogs and it was a perfect hike for us and them.

25 days ago

Easy to navigate. The elevation gain definitely dusted off the cobwebs from last season. Great views.

26 days ago

Tough for an out of shape oldie like me but I almost made it to the summit. Got above the tree line and had to watch my buddy hike the rest of the way up. Took me about 5 hours round trip. I was happy to soak in the hot springs that evening. Lots of goats and even a black bear in camp with her cub.

27 days ago

Very scenic trail. Had to stop many times on the way up to take in the views. Snow areas started about 3/4 of the way up. Doable with just hiking boots but bring the poles. The snow disappears at the last scramble to the top. Highly recommend going all the way up!

28 days ago

Loved it! We just did it this last may long weekend and it was awesome! Very easy trail to follow and an amazing view. Only downside was when we went, some snow was starting to melt so we were stomping through some mud and it was quite slippery! But over all, it was a lot of fun!

29 days ago

Great hike. Beautiful views.

1 month ago

We did this hike in early May and it was COVERED in snow. The first 2/3 were manageable but it was waist-deep for the last 1/3 with no other tracks to follow. It made for a lot of falling and funny moments but was very slow going (about 6 hours hike time - at least double what it would normally take).

Everyone ahead of us turned around when the snow got too deep but I’m glad we pushed through it. The views were worth it! I’m looking forward to trying it again in the summer or fall.

If you’re doing this hike in spring, bring snowshoes!

1 month ago

1 month ago

One of my favourite hikes in Jasper National Park. Great short hike (we spent somewhere around 3 or 4 hours round trip with plenty of time just sitting at the summit) with the most fantastic 360 degree viewpoint at the summit, and a hot spring waiting for you at the base when you finish.

1 month ago

Enjoyed this trail as a kid and again as an adult. Views are fantastic at the top. I prefer to hike this trail when it is on the cooler side. Hot summer days can be brutal.

7 months ago

8 months ago

Great RC trail!

8 months ago

Not a bad hike it was all snow when we did it so that made it harder, the last steep bit to the top hasn't had much traffic so no real defined trail through the snow. Pretty good view from the summit, we did it up and down in 2.5hrs.

8 months ago

Great hike! Hiking poles are essential because on the day we went there was snow all the way up so it was pretty slippery! The hiking starts near the entrance to the hot tubs which are a great way to relax afterwards

8 months ago

Took just under 4 hours for the round trip yesterday including spending time to enjoy the view at the top and taking photos. The trail was covered with snow and slush, which probably made it a lot more difficult than it actually is. I found the hike pretty hard as I was slipping and sliding the whole way up and back down. But the view was amazing and well worth it, even in the slippery condition. Definitely my favourite part of Jasper!

8 months ago

Did this trail today and like that guy said, it was covered in snow. Although probably the first third of the trail has melted and become slushy, it made the beginning of the hike much more difficult. The entire hike was beautiful though with all the yellowing leaves and snow, as well as the views along the way! Top is quite steep, but only for a short part! Definitely a must do!

8 months ago

it was covered in snow when we were there, which can make it far more difficult than I think it actually is, and I didn't have proper footwear. in spite of that the trail is beautiful, sporting some incredible vistas on the way up. Even though the peak is a challenge to reach, the view is breathtaking and absolutely worth the challenge.

8 months ago

really enjoyed this hike. had to break trail to push to the summit but we'll worth it. also any hike that has a hot pool at the base of it is all that much better

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