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Situated on the Olympic Peninsula, this park ranges from Pacific shoreline with tide pools to temperate rainforests to Mount Olympus. The glaciated Olympic Mountains overlook the Hoh Rain Forest and Quinault Rain Forest, the wettest area of the continental United States.

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Beautiful Views!

10 days ago

Such a great hike and awesome view! Took us 1.5 hours to get up and 30 minutes down. The trail is very clear so no confusion.

After an easy hike you have to scale down a bluff, which could be difficult for some. There are roots and trees to grab on to. Be careful. Arriving at the beach is amazing. Try and catch it where you can be there for both low and high tide. But if you can only choose one, try for low tide. We found starfish and anenome. Beautiful and peaceful place. We ended up walking down to the point to the south. Looks can be deceiving!!! It's far!!! But I highly recommend this hike.

Awesome little trail. A little icy in January, but still made it with a 3 and 7 year old. The falls were beautiful.

easy, even in the snow. love it

Great hike. Recommend micro spikes for the top half. The snow is packed with ice spots underneath.

Fairly strenuous, saw two other people near the beginning of the trail but after that never saw another human. Beautiful day, no wind.

Take the north-south route. Great hike.

Amazing hike! Beautiful views in fall of mountain peaks across the valley close to the lake. Mountain blueberries too! I'm very glad I wore my proper hiking shoes and packed a lunch. A personal achievement for sure!

21 days ago

Beautiful short hike with some good elevation changes. Hiking trail and bridges are lovely, and the two views of the falls were stunning. Lake Crescent is great any time of year, but this is a doable hike even if you're just passing through, or a quick drive from Sequim or Port Angeles.

Good for the family as our almost 3 year old was able to walk the whole thing with our 1 year old on my back, even with snow.