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16 hours ago

20 hours ago

its a good quick hike, with an awesome view at the top. kinda wish the old look out was still there

21 hours ago

I did this on a frosty day in December. I was recovering from the flu, so I was planning on doing a couple of miles, and quitting, but it was so lovely, I went all of the way in and out. One of the things I like about this hike is the fact that you don't need to drive for three hours on a rocky track to get there. It's paved road most of the way. The trail is easy to find, and easy to follow. It loops around the shore of the lake, so you almost always have a nice view. Even with snow on the trail, it was easy going most of the way. There are a couple of camp sites along the route. It looks like a pleasant place to have an overnight camp in better weather.

22 hours ago

The snow amplified the beauty for this hike. It was serene and incredible. Could not see much while at the peak due to heavy cloud coverage but there is rewarding scenery buried in the trees. Great hike.

Please add paved as a tag and in the description. Goes through some suburban backyards.

Beautiful beyond my expectations

Great for kids and dogs. Not to far from Olympia. Need parking pass.

Great views

As a Twin Peaks fan, it was incredibly exciting to walk here and take pictures of the falls. The actual trek is just an easy walk, but the views are amazing. A few people were walking their dogs when I was there in mid-May. I was absolutely freezing because I underestimated the temperatures outside, it started raining, and I hadn't layered my clothing correctly, but the beautiful scenery made everything worth it. They also have a nice gift shop, so check it out!

Awesome hike even in winters

Awesome trail.

We did this about 3 years ago. It is a beautiful and exciting place. Ask a native what a gooyduck is. Not sure how to spell it but it is a large, clam-like shellfish that can be found here.

Another one of my favorites