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trail locations for Washington
11 hours ago

So you should know, I got surprised with a 5 dollar park fee. I am going back to walk all of it.

13 hours ago

Worth it.

beautiful and quiet in October. not too many people to populate the trail. careful of aggressive bikers though, got ran over for having my headphones in while walking.

trail is super lumpy. Lots of boulders under some dust. hard on the feet and ankles but still a decent trail. slight elevation gain but nothing a healthy person couldn't handle. expect more motorized traffic than actual foot traffic.

easy short trail right near downtown Olympia. like to hike this one early in the morning. if you wait too long it will be too busy and crowded. Lots of little children as well so be aware if you are a dog walker. no bikers on this one since it is too short.

Really fun and beautiful!

Confusing once you cross the river. Just keep walking straight ahead even after you are the logs. Then follow the sound of water, to your right.

Difficult if you are not in shape, but a great hike!

Easy hike. Don't miss the second falls. There isn't much to see beyond the second falls.

Beautiful hike with good views at the end. Good workout. Stay on the trail, look for the ribbons tied to the trees for directions.

trail running
1 day ago

This is another trail in that area geared more towards mountain biking but otherwise a nice short hike.

trail running
1 day ago

I did a trail run here and I'd agree that it's more of a mountain biking trail. We encountered so much mountain bike traffic that it became difficult to enjoy the run, due to having to get out of the way for them. Nothing against mountain biking, because I enjoy that activity as well, but this trail shouldn't be considered multi-use on some of the trail sections. However, there are so many trails on Beacon Hill, if you could determine which trails had less bike traffic, it's beautiful terrain and gorgeous views.

Could be described as more of a trashed city park near the Appleway trailhead than a nature hike. The times that I've hiked around have been on the loops to the east of the nature area, where it connects with the 8th Street trailhead. This seems to be where there are usually transients and a lot of trash. I haven't taken the trail through the lodge that seems to venture more south.

Some parts of the trails are easy to make out but it's not a well groomed trail for, what I would consider, to be casual walking. I'm more of a "make my own trail" person, so the lack of groomed pathways doesn't bother me. It's not so bad that you couldn't find your way out again, especially being near a busy arterial.

Did Old Trail on the way up and New Trail on the way down today. I got to the parking lot at 10am and the trailhead or parking wasn't overly crowded.

The Old Trail is certainly a beast! It's basically a 2+ hour forested staircase. The trail was easy to follow until about 3000ft where it gets covered by falling pines and leaves. Luckily the white diamond trail markers are well placed and easy to follow. Once the Old Trail meets the New Trail it's pretty straight forward from there although still very steep and challenging. The boulder field is quite a sight! I was able to beat the weather by hiking in the morning but once you arrive at the boulder field the rest of the trail is quite exposed so dress accordingly and be prepared.

I had a horrible experience on the New Trail on the way down. Going up had me pretty cooked so I thought I would try the New Trail down to give my legs and knees a bit of a rest. I was exhausted and found the New Trail to be horrendously long! Honestly it's way longer than it needs to be. The switchbacks are extremely long and sometimes even head back uphill. My GPS had died so I didn't know how far I had to go and was tormented by the length of that trail! It IS however a beautiful, well-built trail. Kudos to the forest service. It's just longer than it needs to be.

We hike and trail run here all the time. One of my favorite trails in the area.

1 day ago

The trail was a little slippery and loose at the end, but we have had a bit of rain. The entire hike was gorgeous.