Beacon Rock State Park is a 5,100-acre year-round camping park with historic significance dating back hundreds of years. The park includes 9,500 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Columbia River.

3 days ago

Went on a cool, breezy Sunday morning so the traffic was light. Very beautiful views at several spots on the way up. The trail and rails are were in pretty good shape.

14 days ago

Pool of Winds - incredible. View from the top worth the vert.

Loved it! Hard end of moderate.

Better than dog. Even with the rain, a great hike but views can be sketchy with cloud coverage. Nice to complete the hike with a climb of Beacon.

18 days ago

Moderate trail with lots of vertical switches covering gravel, wooden walkways and dirt. Lots of kids and groups. The top gets crowded easily and does not offer a panoramic view but there are some great ones of the Colombia River on the way up. $10 to park. The climbing trails were all closed but I'm not a climber. Must do!

the trail is harder than I thought and it is very tiring

great views on a short hike..well worth it

27 days ago

Amazing views! Easy hike. No bathrooms.

If you have some free time and don't mind spending about two to four hours hiking to beautiful lookout points of the Columbia Gorge; I would have to recommend this hike! The trail is moderate to a novice hiker like myself, there is some steep parts to the trail, but nothing too challenging. The Pool of the Winds was pretty amazing and fun spot to cool off before you trek up the mountain to more look out points. I decided to hike the whole loop on a weekday and there wasn't any foot traffic. The views are totally worth the 6.9 miles, trust me!

29 days ago

Hiked this after hiking the Hamilton Mountain Loop trail- made paying $10 to park worth it!

Fun hike- combined it with hiking Beacon Rock trail for a fun morning. I went early and was alone on the trail for most of my hike!

This was a great trail with tons of scenic vistas. I highly recommend. The views of the gorge were phenomenal. It was very clear and I could see so many snow capped mountains. Just make sure to have a discovery pass or 10 dollars.

1 month ago

on Beacon Rock Trail

1 month ago

Great hike for beginners, easy very well maintained trail and beautiful scenery, makes this hike a must if you are looking for a short hike while in the area. After the hike you can soak in the mineral waters of Bonneville Spa just a few miles away.

Great hike, steep in places. But Pool Of The Winds .... Magnificent! Want to do it again.

1 month ago

Talk about stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge, I would hike this trail anytime. My buddy and I did this hike during on a Tuesday and there wasn't much foot traffic up and down the trek. The hike was semi-paved and really easy to hike up and down Beacon Rock and would recommend anyone of any age to adventure up to Beacon rock. Once you reach the top of Beacon Rock, you will see the impressive views of the Columbia River Gorge.

Very hard, tiring trail. But completely worth it if you make it to the top.

2 months ago

Short and fun. Great for kids. Excellent views of the Gorge!

I went on this hike after hiking beacon rock and finding it too short and not very challenging. The views on this hike are stunning, although when I was on the summit the views were partially blocked with bushes.
I would rate this hike as moderate. After reaching the summit I completed the loop instead of going down the same way I went up even though it added an additional 1 1/2 miles to the hike and I was rewarded by additional stunning views at the saddle. On this section of the loop I didn't see any other person.
The pool of the winds and the water fall are beautiful, but the lower view point isn't worth the climb down the hill because you can"t see anything. Take the higher path to the pool of the winds and you'll be rewarded.