Olallie State Park is a day-use park in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It features dramatic Twin Falls, cliff formations, riverbanks and living old-growth trees up to 14 feet in diameter.

closed down access road, dnr land.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. It gained about 3200 feet in elevation, and it was around 8.5 miles round trip. We hiked it on a clear day, so we were able to see Mt. Rainer in the distance, and lakes at the bottom. However, we heard that most of the time summit is above the clouds.

The trail is not well marked. Suggest to follow the AllTrails tracker at least at the start. You can easily miss it.

My apple phone registered ~10.5 miles out and back.

A lot of loose rock on the trail requires caution and proper shoes.

Discovery pass for parking.

I did this trail this weekend with my dog. The trail is very easy to walk and there are some great views in certain parts. The trail is heavily used by bicyclist so you need to be aware to move aside for them as protocol calls. The trail is mostly gravel so wear quality shoes or your feel will feel the impact. I actually wouldn't consider this a "hike" but more of a path to walk on for exercise. It was cool to see the groups of people out doing rock climbing and there are some great options for side trails if you want more of a hike (Cedar Butte and Twin Falls for example).

the trail is not marked but when you get to the fork go right (towards twin falls) and you'll see a little gravel trail for Mt Washington on your left. Once you get to another clearing after about 2.8 miles, go left and the trail continues on your right. The views are magnificent and it was steep and then smooth in all of the right places.

Great views at the top! Would say the first and last miles are the hardest. The first mile is full of very slippery rocks making it a good work out, so patience and caution is needed.

This is a great hike. Similar to Si but way better, less switchbacks, better scenery, and I preferred the view at the top. Same distance and difficulty level though. Went with my dog, and he loved it. The views of Rainier were spectacular today. Also, there was barely anybody else hiking, we felt like we had the mountain to ourselves! Highly recommend.

4 months ago

Awesome hike and great place to escape the north bend crowds... Very similar to Mt Si in difficulty, minus the switchbacks. This is a fairly difficult hike, we made it up in about two and a half hours at a moderate pace. Beautiful views at the top , was very cloudy so we couldn't see Mount Rainer like some reviewers mentioned but was pretty none the less. Some bugs at too but nothing crazy, I made it out with just one small mosquito bite after about a 45 minute lunch break. What I loved most about this hike was the lack of crowds! We saw maybe 15 other groups and for a Saturday and a hike near Seattle, can't really ask for better. He trail is a little sneaky to find... When you reach the John Wayne trail you'll go right like your heading for twin falls but the trail head is before that. Some reviews mentioned a pink ribbon, I didn't see that. From the John Wayne trail there is a small rock stack marking the start, hard to spot but if you keep your eyes open for it you will see it-it's the first trail that leads up hill :) Overall, good day hike for a satisfying workout, great way to avoid the crowds and enjoy nature as its intended :)

A bit confusing to find the hike but we eventually did. My friend and I decided to go on a rainy day to avoid to many people and it worked- sort of. The hike is definitely strenuous, vertical most of the time. Some pretty views while going up though to keep you working towards the goal of the top

Just hiked this today. When you get to the top the views are amazing and there a few nice spots along the way to rest a bit and take in your surroundings. But let me tell ya.... you will need to work for that view. Almost the whole trail is uphill and is pretty vertical at times. I remember looking up while we were hiking up and thinking to myself, "I have to go up that...." All I could see is steep never ending hill. Very challenging if you do not regularly hike, like ourselves. But how challenging it was I am proud to say we made it to the top. Even if we will not be able to walk tomorrow. If you are up for the challenge I recommend this hike.:)

6 months ago

Hiked 6/4/16. We started our hike on a clear morning at about 3:20am (with headlamps), found the cairn and "MT WA" tree carving as the trail markers. The trail is in good condition with a few wet areas and small streams and fallen trees to cross over. We carried a map and confirmed as we went that we stuck to the Mt WA trail, as it intersects with the Great Wall trail a few times. This trail does not utilize very many switch backs, so the uphill often feels relentless, though there are a few nice spots to stop and rest and enjoy the views along the way. We paused close to the top at an east and north facing viewpoint to watch the sunrise over the Cascades, the view here is incredible. We then continued up to the top to rest, make coffee, and eat some breakfast. On this clear day, we had a perfect view of Mount Rainier and could just make out Tacoma in the distance. The actual summit is just a bit further up the trail where the tower is, but the views are mostly blocked by trees. The only bad thing about our trip is that it was very buggy at the top. The trip down was nice as well, since we had hiked most of the trail up in the dark. We didn't see any other people until almost 7am, as we were making our way down the trail, and by 8am it was starting to get crowded. We got back to the parking lot by 8:30-8:45am, and the lot was almost full. I would definitely recommend this hike, either during the day or as a sunrise/sunset hike, especially on a clear day, because the views were spectacular!

5/30/2016 (Monday, Memorial Day) - Group 8:50 - 12:30, sunny, 55-65F. Start from Homestead trailhead. First go to Twin Falls (4 miles, 2 hours), then to Change Creek and Hull Creek bridges, or Deception Crags, seeing a lot of rock climbers practicing there. Moderate traffic on a holiday. Parking lot gets full at 8:45. At noon, cars park all along the road. Trail to Twin Falls is wet, muddy, and partly covered by undergrowths. Raspberry gets ripe.

6 months ago

Hiked yesterday. The trail was difficult to find. Fortunately, I used GPS to check the trail route. Much less people than mount si. Good view from the false summit that was very close to the summit.

6 months ago

No snow, great hike to start on for the coming season.
Medium traffic trail but a wider trail.

Make sure you read instructions on wa trails as there are a few signs down and it does connect with John Wayne trail and a trucker road.

Was a wonderful hike! Would recommend to

I love this trail… I am not sure that I would consider it easy though… This mountain throw curveballs at any moment…

Hiked yesterday it's great hike. Long but not hard.
Great view.

Absolutely incredible! Challenging but totally worth it!