Great hike. Gorgeous sequoias everywhere. Amazing views at the top of baldy ridge. GPS was acting and recorded more miles. Actually only did about 7

Beautiful. Keep going back!

Quick n easy.

nice hike , awesome trails and scenery

Absolutely stunning trail, but it is hard sometimes because of the sequoia’s cones - they are very sturdy to step on, you can hurt your ankle or slip. And we did not see the Fallen Goliath :(

Excellent trail, reminded me of yosemite national park but less crowded :). I recorded the hike in 4k, you can find it on my channel:

Road down is pretty rough unless you have a serious 4wd truck. The road is 2miles each way and has great views and sequoias, so a nice 4mile option. The trails have about a foot and a half of snow and I was the first one to make tracks.

Super easy loop to walk through and see some stunning trees. Crazy to walk through a fallen sequoia. Definitely something to see

Amazing view of some incredible redwood trees. Informative signs throughout the cute loop around it. Plenty of snow today off the trail (March 18) but trail was clean and easy. Quick and worth stop

I’m planning to do this in mid to late August 2020 as a one-day slog. Is anyone interested in joining me? We’d bag Tyndall while on the way to Williamson. If so, please text me at (626)-684-2074

Nice secluded trail and lake at Lake Hume. Can walk around to Christian camp and get ice cream.

A few friends and I hiked the 11 mile loop on 2/29/2020. Although the road to the trail head is open, we were not able to access the parking area due to fallen trees. Lots of debris and fallen trees on the trail but still usable. Didn't see anyone else on the entire trail and only a few patches of snow to cross. I have done this hike many times and always enjoy the view.

As of 2/22/20 the snow is really starting to melt. The road to the panoramic ridge is still closed. But able to hike without snowshoes. But if you want to continue to the fire outlook you will need snowshoes.

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3 months ago

very nice, a few people, ice patch, little slippery. wasn't too cold kid friendly.

Beautiful hike!! The access road to trailhead was not something I I would try in a golf (adding 4 total miles to hike). The access road was very icy for the first 1/4 of the mile after that it is drivable. Anyways back to the hike! Enter though a stand of sequoias that follows through to the top of the mountain. The trees are amazing, but we did have to hike around some blow down trees on the trail. The hike has great Mountain View and finishes off following the creek at the bottom of the mountain. Be on the lookout for bears! We saw lots of bear poop.

3 months ago

This isn’t my favorite hike style. This is a loop that descends before it ascends. It was very pretty on a warming winter day. Some ice and snow on the trail but snowshoes or crampons were not necessary. And definitely not enough snow to ski. Very similar to Tuolumne Grove Trail in Yosemite. But with less people!

3 months ago

Oh my! No people at all mid week in February! Paved trail with some snow and ice patches. Very kid friendly. We also saw does.

January 31 - this trail starts at the grant grove visitor center, the road is closed right now due to snow. We hiked up the road, then used snowshoes from panoramic point to the fire lookout. Making it a 10 mile round trip. Beautiful view from panoramic point, along the ride and fire lookout.

3/5 stars just because this trail felt like the same, but less magnificent than an average hike in Sequoia Ntl Park (that we hiked in the same morning). The trail was REALLY well maintained by previous snowshoers & skiers. Kings Canyon Ntl Park’s official “winter hiking trails” map ($1.99) was 100% useless in that it didn’t accurately represent -!) of the winter trails - this was supposed to be the winter version of the “General Grant Trail”. Ask a Ranger in the Azalea campground/General Grant parking lot & they’ll give you an excellent breakdown of signage to follow to stay on the trail in the winter conditions. We needed to use our snowshoes for this hike, our crampons didn’t provide enough flotation!

The trail was nice, complete with a couple of beautiful mountain range views and tons of giant sequoia. The only major negative was the bugs. They were non-stop the entire time. With bug spray it would have been fine — come prepared and you’ll love it.

6 months ago

Beautiful view, gorgeous sunset. Keep walking until there no where else to go

washed out
6 months ago

Beautiful short trail for the family. Due to wash out from the King’s River, the meadow is closed to hikers.

Everyone should see the giant sequoias!

Nice and peaceful trail. Not many people this time of the year. Really enjoyed it.

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