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A place of awe and wonder. These are the western slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Towering rockwalls, spectacular waterfalls and soaring peaks earn the park its name; Yoho is a Cree expression of awe and wonder. Here in the shadow of the Great Divide are the secrets of ancient ocean life, the power of ice and water, and the stories of plants and animals that continue to evolve today. Yoho, named for a Cree word expressing awe, is a park of rock walls, waterfalls and glacial lakes. It's a park with snow-topped mountain peaks, roaring rivers and silent forests. It's a park whose history is bound up with a railroad: spiral tunnels inside mountains and stories of runaway trains. Established in 1886, the park currently spans 1,310 square kilometres (507 square miles) on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, and borders Banff National Park to the east and Kootenay National Park to the south.

23 hours ago

This by far the best walk I have done in a while! We did the 5.6km loop ( not up to Togo) and would recommend that, it was perfection this loop!

Views in every direction!

Easy walk and mostly flat, a bit of mud at the end.

Not too many people but enough you weren't worried about bears.

Dragonflies by the lake and beautiful colours of the water from different angels. Gorgeous reflections at some points too.

Loved it and highly recommend!!

This was a really nice starter jaunt to the day. Quite interesting and easy. We did the trail across the Kicking Horse river and then crossed the road to start this hike just to add a bit more time.

The walk is easy & the falls spectacular. Also great mountain vistas.

The walk is easy & the falls spectacular. Also great mountain vistas.

The first half of the trail through the forest is pretty flat & easy, except for paying attention to not trip on roots. Then the trail gets steeper as we climbed to the falls, which were outstanding. We stopped at the falls Lookout but the trail seemed to continue down to the base where we saw people on the rocks below.

4 days ago

5 days ago

An easy walk capped by a fantastic waterfall. The meeting of the two waters is also worth stopping at on the way.

Smoke is gone, not too busy, raining last 1/3rd and 6C at Mitchell Stanley hut. Scenery changes every 15 mins. Amazing hike.

Amazing hike, amazing views. Starts off steep but levels out, some areas were trickier than others due to the small/loose rocks. Overall, worth the hike for the nice views!

Took for a bit during our hike to the Iceline. Good place to stop for some lunch and photos.

10 days ago

Beautiful falls

A nice leisurely stroll on paved paths to take in an amazing sight. Listen carefully as you approach the Falls - much more of a roar before you cross the bridge over the river.