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Mount Revelstoke National Park is a place of contrasts. Take a drive along the Meadows in the Sky parkway through a variety of geographical zones. From dense old-growth rainforest of giant cedar and pine, travel up through subalpine forest, and finally alpine meadows and tundra. Marvel at the spectacular view of the ice-clad peaks of the Monashee Mountains and, to the east, the Selkirk Mountains. The Giant Cedars hiking trail takes you through a stand of ancient Western Red Cedars, and the Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk trail introduces you to jungle-like wetland, a birder's paradise. Experience the range and variety of the Columbia Mountains Natural Region while exploring Mount Revelstoke National Park. Travel from valley bottom old-growth interior rainforest on the Giant Cedars Nature Trail, or lush wetland along the Skunk Cabbage Nature Trail, up the Meadows-in-the-Sky Parkway to the mountaintop experience of the summit of Mount Revelstoke. Winter is the dominant season and lingers on the summit until July or even August. During the brief summer, the mountaintop explodes into colour when its wildflower meadows bloom in mid-August. In winter, a profound silence envelopes the mountain as snow accumulates to depths of four or five metres and more. May 16 - June 12 9:00 am

Beautiful boardwalk experience.

12 days ago

I loved this hike, hands down my new FAVOURITE trail! The trail was full of beautiful scenery. When I went last week (sept 2018) if it had been a warmer day Miller Lake would have been the perfect place for a picnic! I will definitely be doing this hike again.

Following the trail you teach a division/sign for the 3 lakes about 5km in. Miller Lake is .4 km from the sign, Eva Lake 0.8 and Jade lake another 3 km. Eva Lake is a nice stroll and definitely worth the short trip. Jade lake is a bit tougher with a steep climb. If your already tired this is a rough climb uphill and may not be worth it depending on your fitness level, remember, you have to walk back to your vehicle! If your up to it, it gives you a higher view of Miller Lake and when you reach the peak area you have a view of Jade Lake where you can then turn around or choose to go down to the lake (I turned around as the weather was turning)

All in all took me approximately 7 hours (all 3 lakes - 21km), with a few short stops to enjoy the view and parking in the lower area.

A nice easy hike, a easy slope uphill for the most part going in, downhill back out! Everything was still beautiful and green when I was there last week, and the bridge makes for a wicked picture!

too short to experience the giant cedar forest.

A beautiful hike!! Love the name

23 days ago

A fantastic hike filled with BC wildflowers (best time for them is the first week of August) and amazing views. Not too hard and a swim in the glacial lakes makes it all worth it.

Very easy, but I’d say not as fun as some

Kids had a blast! Super easy

on Skunk Cabbage Trail

1 month ago

good for leg stretching on long trips. should be classified as easy trail.

1 month ago

good for stretching or walking your dog on a long trip.

Perfect for kids of any age.

Beautiful hike on well maintained trail. It was a little smoky today because of the fire so the views were a bit restricted but the farther out we got the better it was. The lake itself was clear and cold and perfect to jump into after a hard hike.
Beware the horse flies!
We did this hike with a 1 year old in a carrier and 2 adults to take turns carrying her.

Definitely and easy not moderate walk. The loop is still closed so an out and back.

nice easy hike up a well maintained trail. good overlook view of town of Revelstoke.

Good little stop to stretch your legs. Easy access and walking on the platforms. No runners needed.

1 month ago

Great views while hiking the trail and it’s so peaceful. The lake at the end is beautiful and I did it in September so the colours where amazing seeing the trees change colours. Highly recommend.

2 months ago

This trail should not be rated as moderate. It is a very easy trail. Part of the loop is currently closed for construction so we had to do it as an out and back. Good walk for kids.

Honestly if you are a regular hiker, this will be okay but not that memorable. But I always love nature so no complaints

2 months ago

Hard and steep, a lot through the trees, but once your through that and at the top it’s worth it!

Beautiful trail with dense forest..!! Beware of wildlife especially Bear.!! Grizzly was here couple of hours ago.

Beautiful trail for family’s with kids. Make sure do not forget to grab mosquito repellents.

Petite trail
roadtrip 30 min environ
interessant de voir la variété des plantes et des oiseaux

Petite trail, se fait en 20 minutes

Interessant de voir les grands cèdres et de lire sur les affiches l'histoire de ceux-ci


Super short but kids love to be around such big trees! Very pretty and well maintained stroll :)

Easy peasy but beautiful.

Monday, September 18, 2017

We did this short hike and a few others to break up a drive.

Enjoyed spotting birds and frogs!

I don't know why this is rated moderate, it was a really easy walk. Its not like we are incredibly fit people either!

It was a nice hike. If you are looking for something easy to stretch your legs. The let down is hearing the traffic near by :(

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Super balade sans dénivelé (ou presque). Poursuivre jusqu'à Eva lake est indispensable

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

very grueling and steep. If you can manage the hike up the rewards start at about the 5k mark with a detour to the left to see a beautiful waterfall. then at the 6k mark there is a campsite with beautiful meadows and a small lake with another waterfall behind. absolutely stunning! another 1.5k and we finally reached the glacier which was really interesting. a long day but well worth the sore legs. took us 7 hours total but we stopped a lot to take pics and just take it all in.

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