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Fairly easy hike with some moderately steep areas mostly in the beginning. Weather during hike was overcast during hike to the lake then steady rain the last third on our return. We had some views of the mountains occasionally but much of it was obscured by clouds. The heather meadows were lovely with the different fall colours. We saw a black bear from a distance in the meadow then another black bear about 15 feet away from the trail eating berries on our way back to the trailhead.
The approximately 10 km of gravel road to trailhead not too bad except for last 1-2 Km which was quite rough and bumpy.

Nice one through the woods. Quite easy as well, the trail is well maintained.

Gorgeous trail and lakes, but SO CROWDED. Even on a Tuesday in mid September.

trail running
3 days ago

What a beautiful trek ! Steep all the long way with some relaxing meters flat.
The view at the top is amazing !
I made it running and walking in 3h30.
Good memories

4 days ago

A great hike! Definitely not an easy hike. Did with a friend as an overnight camp, so had our packs which added a little difficulty. Took us 3.25hrs up and 2.75hrs down. Was the 2nd week of September and the lake was clouded in and it snowed, temp was hovering around 0 degrees so layers were helpful s when you stopped it got cold quick.

Hike itself is a near constant uphill at most points and a steady pace ensures no burn out (i.e. don't rush it at the easy points as the steeper points will take more out of you.) Take your time on the last 500m or so as it is an open, steep climb along large rocks and slippery gravel.

awesome alpine terrains, numerous day hikes using Elfin Lakes as a base.

a coastal classic. Challenging hike with some tough sections. Can be done in pieces or as a backpacking trip. best as a one or even two night trip.

Nice short, flat trail that begins at the ski lodge and runs right along the lake. Take the bear warning signs seriously as we did see a black bear just off the trail.

The bridge was washed out and the only way across was atop a giant wet fallen tree (it was raining too) with fast cascading water underneath. Decided to turn back, although someone went across straddling the log on their bum. Still a pretty hike.

Sept.2,2018. Started hike around 11am. Arrived back in parking lot around 9pm. Took us about 6hrs before we got up at the ridge but the view is soooo rewarding! Bring lots of food and water. Trail isn’t hard, it is well maintained but it is a long hike.

my first time i scared for my life when i climb that last part but i had so much fun

Warning: the west side is currently closed to repair a bridge, so you’re detoured to the lake view trail. Which is gorgeous (including an epic waterfall view), but definitely heed the warnings of how steep it is.

very difficult but unforgettably scenic.

Took me and a little dog 2 hrs to the top and then 1.5 hrs back to the bottom. Only saw one stream on the way up so bring your own water for the dog. Lots of roots for the second half of the hike so bring good footwear. Not too much room at the top to enjoy the view as compared to say, Quarry Rock. No bugs right now but was windy and chilly.

Awesome trail. Even on a cloudy day the trail was great. Took me two hours to go up, without any stop and three hours to go down, taking my time picking up mushrooms and berries. A bit hard to find the Howe Sound Crest trail at first but once you've find it, it's very easy to find your way to the top. (Tip: Follow Howe sound EAST trail). I highly recommend this one !

10 days ago

Amazing trail!

Wonderful hike. My wife and I did out and back to Elfin in one day, finishing in about 5 or 6 hours. It was mid September and we went through many rainy patches along the way. Thankfully Elfin Lakes were in sun and we were able to enjoy the views (and a sip of fresh lake water). We mostly had the trail to ourselves, and it was wonderful to stand along the high alpine meadows and enjoy the peaceful silence. One word of caution, the trail head is somewhat difficult to find and is at the end of a rough gravel road. Keep pushing ahead past the mountain bikers until the very end of the road.

10 days ago

The most beautiful hike!

10 days ago

A Very nice walk along the water.

Beautiful scenic ocean views, gorgeous huge trees and mossy forest. I loved it here and look forward to going back! Well behaved dogs are allowed to be off leash which is fantastic. It's steep in some parts but really well maintained.

11 days ago

This is a mountain biking trail, but it’s pretty enough for a hike if you’re just looking for a little bit of exercise. There are some hills, and a loose rocky patch where it connects to the Centennial Trail, but generally a nice walkable surface.


Too foggy to see anything, can't wait to try again

A decent walk. It’s completely flat so if you choose to rent a bike its very doable. However you do have to watch out for yourself as most people are really respectful on the bikes but some people use it as a race track.

Visiting the area everybody told me I had to do this trail. Walking the trail I chose to turn around just after the long tressle (6km). The views was relatively similar the entire way and without elevation gain it makes for a enjoyable but duller hike depending on what your looking for. While I’m glad I went, I wouldn’t do this walk again.

A few good photos ops of the tressles and tunnels along with the view.

i really really really really like the waterfall

13 days ago

A beautifully maintained trail around a lake. Some people were fishing, others were on canoes. The trail is flat and easy for everyone. The trail loop itself takes about 40+ minutes to complete.

14 days ago

This was my first “real” hike.. newbie here.. it was hard but so worth it! We got lucky with the fog lifting just as we reached Eagles Bluff. It gets busy quickly so I suggest going before 9 am.

good walk and also has a park for the kids at the end of the walk ...can be kind of confusing with so many ways to go

the hike was great !! great views ! just pre prepared..even with 2 diff maps we almost got off track and ran into fellow lost hikers . doable just can be tricky!

not really exciting, the birds are beautiful though

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