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incredible hike, beautiful view and the people on the trail were very friendly. it is great for beginners

very nice trail yes would recommend it.

Amazing amazing view! Very hard and steep. Still well worth it though.

Very nice hike along the forest. The trail is not very popular, so we stumbled upon a bear just a feet away. The bear just left looking at us. Please have a bear bell and a bear spray just in case. The lake is very nice. There is canoe rental place to enjoy the lake.

17 days ago

It was a absolutely incredible hike, the view was spectacular and the path was well maintained. Definitely hiking this trail again

20 days ago

26 days ago

Hiked yesterday, there is still a lot of snow at the top. Past the last viewpoint you walk on snow for majority of the way, crampons would help but not required. Lots of bugs.

1 month ago

Great trail to hike, with many switch backs. Would recommend anyone with not so good cardio to take the trail slow. Amazing views at the top and halfway through.

1 month ago

Great beginning trail for all ages. The falls are beautiful, and there is a beach area along the river that is great to hang out at. When you reach the waterfall, DO NOT cross the barrier/fence. The rocks are slippery and it is extremely difficult to climb back out if you fall in. A man was washed over the falls in April and was missing/presumed dead.