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13 hours ago

will come.back with pics I'm heading this way on the 26.

Fantastic! Picked this hike because we got an Airbnb at Mount Washington and it was close by. Got really lucky because this was beautiful! Not too challenging though and absolutely breathtaking. Got to come back and see the area around it someday. The ridge above Moat Lake is beckoning.

Would love to do this hike with someone !

Great trail - but I would say it’s a difficult climb - due to distance and variation in terrain- nice glaciar cold lake at the top. Pretty busy on the weekend.

Very well maintained trail. Felt like a steady incline for most of the hike. Had very cloudy and rainy weather for most of the trip.

Awesome trail and well worth the cost of the water taxi. The hike up to Love Lake is pretty strenuous but offer some amazing views of Della Falls and the lake feeding it. Highly recommend jumping in Love Lake for a swim after the challenging hike up.

Pleasantly surprised with how nice this trail was. Half of the trail is boardwalks and the other half is a regular well maintained trail. Was a 3 hour loop for us with a couple of small stops at the lakes. Had a couple birds come up to us and eat right from our hands. I will be doing this one again for sure

Made it to landslide lake however couldn’t make it to iceberg lake due to the vertical gravel climb at the end, people before us tried to get up and slipped, one guy hurt his leg pretty bad, ouch! There is a lot of uphill along the trail and it reminds me of a harder version ripple rock (tree roots, loose rocks etc). We made a day trip out of it, took almost 11 hours. The views were not that great until the last hour or so as there is a lot of trees blocking anything. View at the top was amazing but I would say not worth 5 hours of grueling hiking. I would also go so far to rate this as difficult and not moderate due to the length and difficulty (canyon view and ripple rock are rated as moderate and are by far much easier). Glad I made it to the end, but won’t do this one again.

Great trail- very beautiful, mostly shaded, well maintained. so many waterfalls and massive trees, the trail is nothing short of amazing. the last 1km was definitely the most difficult. there were lots of bugs so bug spray/nets are recommended. unfortunately we weren't able to make it up to berg lake due to aggressive wasps nests. we heard multiple stories of people and dogs being stung and didnt think it was worth the risk. highly recommend this hike overall!

16 days ago

This was my first hike ever. Since it's a hard hike, it took me longer than half of my group but the trail is well kept. The views are amazing (better than that)!!! We camped overnight and there are fantastic camp spots. Lake at top was warm. The creek at the beginning was icy! Nice on the way down to refresh yourself. There were A LOT of bugs and insects right from the get go, be prepared.

18 days ago

Highly recommended !!!

Great hike! Pass many lakes that are so active with fish! A fishermans dream! Trail is pretty basic till after Kwai lake! It becomes somewhat harder as trails narrow and mostly loose rocks! The perfect place to set up base camp for hiking Mount Albert Edward! Only one thing that was a bit of a
Pain was the mosquitoes! So many !

1 month ago

Well-marked and very beautiful at the top, with a gorgeous view of the Comox Glacier. Definitely worth the uphill climb to get to it.

1 month ago

Great hike during the summer months, still quite a bit of snow when I went (mid June) so that's something to be mindful of. I imagine once the weather is hot for longer the snow will melt.

Well marked, difficult and easy portions, beautiful scenery.

Nice easy trail, can be busy at times though.

Great trail! Definitely not for kids, can be quite technical in a lot of parts but pretty well maintained trail. Single file as well. Recommended for sure!

Has anyone does this hike recently ? How are the conditions ?! ☺️

2 months ago

great trip. recommend a side trip to love lake, best views of the hike. check out trail reports before leaving, heavy snow damage to stairs.

2 months ago

great hike to the lake, awesome base camp for multiple mountain hikes

2 months ago

lovely lakes and beautiful views

big day hike up a deep valley, while you're there, hike a little further up the valley to iceberg lake

I did this a few years ago. Easy access, well maintained trail. Saw kids on the trail so it wasn’t to difficult. There are also camping spots along the way. Beautiful views and well worth it!

on Circlet Lake Trail

3 months ago

Great hike to do in a day, base camp, explore local mountains, camp and hike back. Moderate,great views, great swim.

5 months ago

My wife and I only got about halfway in then turned back. Very still, not another person on trail. Got a little freaked out about bears. Forgot our bear spray that day. Ha ha.

5 months ago

Great way to spend the day hiking and soaking up the scenery.

Nice views but a bit crowded in September when we went.

great place for moderate hikes and snowshoeing in winter

Easy loop, Great Lake to take a cold dip in during the summer. Dogs loved it!

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