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Bryce Canyon National Park in southwestern Utah is one of the strangest, weirdest, most beautiful National Parks in the Southwest. Bryce Canyon is a giant natural amphitheater along the Paunsaugunt Plateau created from millions of years of erosion. The unique area has hundreds of tall hoodoos (tall, thin spires of rocks). The region was originally settled by Native Americans and later by Mormon pioneers.

Really cool short hike with nice views.

Beautiful! Great must do short hike!

It is an easy walk, a great half day trip choice. But if you've got more time, definitely do the peekaboo loop.

2 days ago

I started from Bryce Point and walked the west half of the loop. Then I continued onto Queens Garden Trail and then got to sunrise point. I saw the shuttle bus sign saying the bus runs to Nov 13. But there was no bus at all. A very nice couple offered me a drive back to my car.
The trail is rewarding with amazing views and unique features. But it can get very steep a lot of times. I am happy that I did this trail. It is a must go in Bryce Canyon.

So cool, very different than Zion and worth a day trip. Not a hard hike but takes some time b/c you're constantly looking up and taking pictures. Also interesting because you start from the top and hike down into the canyon then back out. Sunrise and sunset are really cool to see (light playing over the hoodoos in the canyon) at both lookout points on the rim trail.

In my opinion Tower Bridge itself isn't really worth the hike. However the Chinese Wall, which is about halfway on this out and back, definitely is. So if I did it again I'd go to the Chinese Wall and turn back there, saving the time and energy for a second hike.

6 days ago

Unbelievable views all along the trail! Don't miss it not very hard, we did it in 1h45 at the sunset, it was amazing!

Nice trail. Got us to the Peekaboo.

11 days ago

We hiked from Inspiration Point to Sunset Point. Very easy, mostly downhill. Beautiful views.

Great views for a short distance hike. Well worth the short time invested.

Challenging in places, because of the "ups and downs" but well worth the effort. A must see !!

We were just going to do the Navaho Loop but turns out Wall Street was closed due to a rock fall overnight. Ranger talked us into taking the trail to Queens Garden rather than go back up the Two Bridges side of NL. Well worth the walk.

What a beautiful place couldn't have had better weather. We went Navajo to sunset and it was a really easy and awe inspiring experience. I definitely recommend this hike. It is everything in one that Bryce has to offer if you only have limited time to spend there.

This hike is like being on another planet or something. Quite easy with amazing views and very cool rock formations. Lotsa people too as it is a National Park. Enjoy!

trail running
21 days ago

Absolute beauty. A great workout, gobsmackingly beautiful views, and breathtaking photo ops. I started this trail at Sunset Point and took it counter-clockwise as advised by a park volunteer. The other option is to start at Bryce Point. I combined hiking/trail running with many stops for photos. The trail has good footing for running and a lot of ups, downs, and curves to keep it interesting.

Tips: Take the quick detour to Tower Bridge. It's worth a look and isn't 200 yards in. Don't be fooled by the social trail that continues on past it.
If you want to shorten it by 1.5 miles, do it between Sunset Point and Bryce Point and get the shuttle to return you to the start.