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Arches National Park in eastern Utah, is a highlight of any trip to the Southwest. The bright red rock against the deep blue sky will help even the most amateur photographer take stunning photographs. This site features more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, including the Delicate Arch. In a desert climate millions of years of erosion have led to these structures, while the ground has life-sustaining soil crust and potholes. Other geologic formations are stone columns, spires, fins, and towers. Located near Moab, Utah, it is also a haven for adventure travel and adrenaline junkies. Compared to other National Parks in the region, the highlights can be seen within a day or two. If you are short on time, you can drive past many scenic points to snap a quick picture. With more time, make sure to hike to Delecate Arch (the iconic arch on the Utah license plates), and if you are feeling adventurous (and energetic), try a hike through Devil's Garden. Along this hike you will see such wonders as Tunnel Arch, Pine Tree Arch, Landscape Arch, Partition Arch, Navajo Arch, Wall Arch (which recently fell), Double O Arch, and Dark Angel.


This is a very easy trail to get out to this arch that is very clearly marked. I hiked out for sunset and it's an amazing arch

on Tower Arch Trail

7 days ago

If you like solitude and tranquility, this may be for you. Not overly strenuous and reasonablly well marked trail leads you to a small hill and then a small valley surrounded by sandstone pillars and walls. After climbing a small sandy slope, you become surrounded by fins and well eroded rocks. You are then almost at the front of a big theater stage. Spend some time exploring the formations and enjoy some well deserved snacks. You are ready to turn back. More likely than not, you will be only few there.

9 days ago

Fun hike with kids.

on Negro Bill Canyon Trail

9 days ago

Did not plan for the whole thing, but ended up going to the end. Really enjoyed going back and forth along the creek and sandy areas. There are shades and plants along the way, which made the trail cooler and all the more interesting. Reasonably well marked. A lot of people. It would be hard to get lost.

Great hike. About 2 hours rounds trip with time for photos. Would rate this moderate to easy. Only one real uphill area. The rest was flat. Saw lots of little kids chaperoned by parents. The Arch is worth the hike. People were very conscientious, lining up to get a picture beneath the Arch. The last part is a little scary if you don't like heights. They have carved a ramp 10-5ft width in the rock. One side is open, so hold hands on the way up:-)

10 days ago

Amazing view breathe taking, literally and figuratively. It was a tough climb up but doable if you take breaks and go at your own pace.

on Fiery Furnace

11 days ago

Super fun sights and views in sweeping canyons! My group even found an arch that's not on the given path - on the section between the out-and-back paths to Skull Arch and the other, smaller arch nearer to the start of the trail, look for a slot canyon offshoot to the east (easiest to spot when approaching from the south) that leads to a big rock wash basin that we dubbed "the toilet bowl", which is partly made up of a medium-sized arch. There's a big boulder of a completely different rock type than its surroundings in the wash basin, too. My only complaint for this hike is that the going can be a little slow sometimes when you inevitably get lost, but other that that, this is an awesome place to roam around.

IMPORTANT: It's not obvious in the description here, but you do either have to get a backcountry permit one day in advance from the visitors center or buy a ticket for a ranger-led hike in order to go into the Furnace.

Happy exploring!

Loved it. Great scenery, interesting climb and a perfect distance. Good for all ages. One short section of steep climbing, with cable to assist.

Did this trail several years ago with friends. It makes for a great memory and photo ops! Beautiful hike from beginning to end. Very crowded though, go early.

Super easy. My toddler had a blast

15 days ago

I completed this hike carrying my 35 lb two year old. I took 4 liters of water and we finished every drop. The last 100-200 feet of the hike traverses along a drop off, so keep your young ones in their backpack or by your side. I was anxious when we arrived at Delicate Arch because it's foundation is not a flat surface. It would have be easy for my 2 year old to slip. If you don't have young children, this hike will bring you no worries

Great Trail, right off the highway!

This place is beholding! All the rock formations and how they pile on top of each other (and stay where they're at) is beyond me. Also, be careful where you walk because there are growing plants and organisms on the rocks that your eye can't easily notice. Natural wonder, indeed! I'll go back someday.

29 days ago

Short diversion off the Devil's Garden Loop that was worth the time & energy.

Beautiful hike! The weather was great this weekend. However, the entire hike is exposed. Wear sunscreen and layers; the wind picks up toward the arch.