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trail locations for Utah
1 day ago

Yes, this was one of the hardest hikes I've been on. Yes, it was difficult, steep, long, with drop off cliffs at the end of steep scrambling over giant boulders. It was also one of the most spectacular hikes I've done! I highly recommend it. If you have a fear of heights (like I do), take a friend who can talk you through it. Tell yourself you can make it to the top.

The waterfall was beautiful and the dogs loved it!

Great trail for running!! Beautiful views and a lot of ups and downs to get you sweating!

Great for both the journey and the destination. Mostly through the trees. This map does not show quite right as you turn left onto the Ogden Canyon Overlook trail when you summit (there is a sign). It is worth the extra bit of hiking to do the last leg of the trail through the pine trees with a great (somewhat shear drop off) view of the Ogden Valley and Canyon (12th Street)

Lots of differing trails that are unmarked, making it difficult to find the right path up to the view at the top. My pup pulled up me most of the way up :) There's some incline, which can be tough for new hikers. Great view overlooking Salt Lake City. Bonus if you can catch the sun setting on your way down.

We went in the winter, when there was a lot of snow on the ground...not a good idea. We couldn't get very far as it was too slippery.

ABSOLUTELY loved the Narrows. Such a nice relaxing hike in comparison to doing Angels Landing the day before. The first part of the trail is pretty sunny, but eventually, once you have to walk through the water, it gets pretty cool. Make sure you wear water shoes and shorts so that you can trek through the water. It's totally worth it. Beautiful views! If we had more time, we would've went farther in!

Been on this hike twice. The first time, we got lost and wounded up on a super sketchy rocky incline that we couldn't get over. We had to throw in the towel because it got dark and the sun set before we made it all the way back down.

The second time, we had a friend that showed us a hidden side path that we literally had to CLIMB up to get to. The climb itself was pretty steep and my big Labrador needed my help at one point to get all the way up. But nonetheless, the view from that lookout point was beautiful.

I'm not sure what the end of this trailhead actually looks like. But maybe a third time in the future will be a charm. This also looks like a good spot for rock climbers. We passed a wall where we saw some people roping up.

We made the mistake of going on this hike during Memorial Day weekend. The parking lot and roads were crowded, as well as the hiking trail. Once we arrived, our group of 10 people decided not to go into the hot springs because it was just too crowded. The people there also don't have any regards for nature and the water felt slimy from all the trash. There were people smoking and drinking who just threw their buds and bottles into the hot springs. Always stupid people who have to ruin it for the rest of us.

BUT...the top of the trail was still a great place to hangout and picnic with friends. We sat on one of the big rocks at the top, which had a nice view overlooking the hot springs. The dogs enjoyed splashing around and it was still enjoyable dipping our feet in once the weather got cooler.

First part of the hike is the sunniest as there's not much shady. The hike also doesn't get very exciting until later on in the trail. We went earlier in the morning and it wasn't that busy. The waterfall is gorgeous with lots of shaded areas and there's certain places you can find to picnic. However, by the time we came down (around noon), the heat was at its peak and my dog's paws started to burn so we put on his shoes to help with the hot pavement.

1 day ago

Dog Lake is such a cool surprise to reach at the end of this trail! There's plenty of room for everyone on days when there are more people. We enjoyed picnicking and gawking at the beautiful scenery while watching our doggies splash around in the water.

Running shoes are probably not the best choice for this hike. The huge rocks that you have to walk up on can get slippery because they're so smooth. Granted, it's doable with running shoes but it's better to have something with more grip. The hike gets pretty hot when the sun is fully out so bring water. Plan time to take breaks in the shaded areas. Once you reach the top, it's like a breath of fresh air. The view is gorgeous! There's a reason the Delicate Arch is on one of Utah's license plates!

Definitely the hardest hike I've ever done in my life! Part of that is that my group was on a time crunch because we were trying to catch the last shuttle heading back to the parking lot so we were rushing. There are both pros and cons to doing this hike later in the day.

The pro is that the weather is cooler so you're not profusely sweating or getting easily exhausted by the sun. Also, there's less people so you can go at your own pace without worrying about holding up the line.

The con is that if you go too late and you miss the last shuttle, you'll have to hike 8 miles back to the parking lot. Luckily, sometimes there's an extra bus that comes around and picks up the stragglers...like my group. So we got lucky! Haha.

Be super careful and don't goof around as there are many narrow sections where you could easily fall off. There have been people who have died from this hike before! But don't let that scare you off. As long as you are responsible and alert, you will be fine. Hold onto the chains installed and consider sitting out if you are deathly afraid of heights.

I actually thought the scenery going up to the top was prettier that the peak. The texture of the rocks is so beautiful! Plan extra time if you're not an advanced hiker so that you can take breaks and not feel miserable on the way up. Take lots of water and snacks. And of course, a camera for the once-in-a-life views!

Very steep. I had expected some incline, but not like what it was. For the frequent hiker, it won't be an issue, but may be more difficult for others. I would not recommend for little ones. Overall tough, gorgeous hike, and I will go again.