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trail locations for Utah
7 hours ago

Quick beautiful trail! Vibrant fall colors this time of year and peaceful waterfall.

Start at top and ran out roughly 3 miles and came back. Handful of cyclists but great trail nonetheless.

Beautiful trail, but get there early. It's not very serene after 9am.

Easy gravel path. Great for walks with company, dogs, or running. It's a stretch to call this trail 7 miles though--more like 4 out and back between green canyon and Logan canyon.

Nice hike--up in 40mins, down in 35. Great for beginners with many rewarding views. Caves are cool and the grade can feel rather steep at parts. Only giving this 4 stars because the brevity of the hike attracts a lot of people and the trail is rather narrow in places making bottlenecks and cramped passing.

This trail is super easy until you get to the falls at the end. You have to climb up a rock wall to get to the cave at the top where the "donut" is. It's very slippery and cold, but if you manage to get all the way to the top it is really awesome. I wouldn't recommend this for small children. It would be to dangerous for them to climb the rocks.

The map shows the trail head on the road. Go to the restroom the trail pick up is immediately across the road. Beautiful hike.

9 hours ago

This is a must for SLC residents. Few locations, if any, offer a better vantage point for this beautiful city.

This was a relatively easy trail. It's rocky the whole way up. I was expecting to see a flag at the end of the trail based on the name of the trail, but there was no flag. The trail basically comes to an end. Beautiful views of the valley and of new construction in Herriman Cove. Great place to take your dog for a nice walk off leash.

10 hours ago

This hike was awesome, but it was really hard. Like really hard. Be prepared for climbing up rocks a good portion of it. And with the snow right now you have to be careful.

mountain biking
13 hours ago

Great intermediate bike trail! No climbing, not too steep and not too technical!

Easy hike, we did this one in the evening which is perfect because there's no shade. The bridge is so pretty if you continue behind and look back over the canyon and the bridge.

16 hours ago

Beautiful Arches

Great views, lots of people. Water has changed some features recently and we had to detour around a pool of water.

off road driving
22 hours ago

Great trail. Takes about 3 hours. Boulder section at beginning is the toughest part, but pretty easy to get through. Beautiful views and a lot of fun. There is a crap ton of ATVs on the trail though, so in a Jeep or truck, it gets annoying.

This was a hard one for me as I don't hike much the snow and was difficult and slippery coming down and going up but this hike was worth it and was one amazing view.