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Sixty-seven monolithic stone spires called sedimentary pipes accentuate multi-hued sandstone layers revealing 180 million years of geologic time. The color and beauty found here prompted a 1948 National Geographic Society expedition to name the area Kodachrome after the popular color film.

Go counter clockwise it you want to see the arch first. But finish the whole trial there is lots more to see. There was a little snow on the ground this time of year.

Enjoyed the trail with our German Shepherd Dog. Nothing to technical for us beginners. Not much shade once the sun rises higher but our early start gave us some as needed to rest our dog. Much of the trail has a center rut from bikes and horses but it is quite manageable. Really enjoyed the lack of people to work around. We saw just a few and that was pleasant.

What a great hike. Bring shoes you don't mind getting wet and walk up stream from where the trail puts you in the riverbed and you can get to the 'very' narrows where the water drops into the slot canyon.

3 months ago

Nice easy walk. Probably get your feet wet. Would be great with kids, not too long.

Straight to my top 3 most amazing hikes ! I would recommend to keep going after the slot canyons, you'll be walking alone on a dry river path, and it will be completely surreal.

Outstanding, Beautful Slot Canyon Experience in a safe, easy hike. Off the Beaten Path, not crowded, stunning beauty, water, slots, everything - awesome!!!!

Super easy path, paved, some cool rock structures & interesting dead trees to take pictures of

First slot canyon in a while and first for young adventure partners. Love it and had a great time playing in the water, despite a little sign of horses.

I loved it, and now I want to do more slot canyons!

Amazing gorge.

Beautiful slot canyons.

The road to this hike was interesting. All dirt road off Main St. South of Cannonville, Utah. I used the following website to get directions to the hike: http://www.yourhikeguide.com/willis-creek-narrows/. This website was very accurate for guiding us to the trailhead. Although they recommend high clearance vehicles to access this hike, we saw plenty of cars at the parking lot. Even though it's a dirt road, there are really only 2 bad spots on here. At the very beginning and somewhere around 4.5-5.5 miles in.

The hike itself was easy and you get into the slots only after a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. Horse poop on the trail, so I wouldn't let the kiddos play in the water. Lots of creek crossings but I didn't get my feet wet. Only 1.5 -2 feet wide, so very easy to cross back and forth. The creek itself is maybe only 12 inches deep? At least during a dry day like on 07/09/15. I can imagine this place can be dangerous during a flash flood.

Loved this hike. Will go further next time. Only hiked about 1.5 miles in before we decided to turn around due to time.

A fun loop, nice views. We did go the wrong way at one point which became an adventure, but fun making memories. We went on a beautiful spring day and it was perfect.

8 months ago

we hiked this in mid March and it was dry on the way in muddy on the way out but worth the views from the rock formations.. great side hike..

Located in a corner of Kodachrome Basin State Park, the Shakespeare Arch trail is reached via an unpaved road (be sure to get a map from the Park Visitor Center). Once there, you’ll encounter a short (1/2 mile up and back) trail to the only natural arch in the Park.

NOTE: Even though the trail is short, it is almost completely exposed, so you should wear a hat and sunscreen. The trail itself is rocky in several areas, so proper shoes are strongly recommended.

The hike to the viewing area for the arch is not terribly tough and you’ll get an interesting view. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can scramble up the side of the hill next to the arch and continue along behind the arch on the Sentinel Trail, which by contrast is rated strenuous.